Fitzky (OCE)
: Yasuo is sitting at a 49% winrate for mid and 41% winrate for top. Yasuo is not that strong right now, you just don't know how to play against him.
and just because a champ only gets played 49% of the time by 5% of the player base doesn't mean the champ is not strong
Fitzky (OCE)
: Yasuo is sitting at a 49% winrate for mid and 41% winrate for top. Yasuo is not that strong right now, you just don't know how to play against him.
example illaoi is trash aswell right now but her e is the worst designed ability in the game
Fitzky (OCE)
: Yasuo is sitting at a 49% winrate for mid and 41% winrate for top. Yasuo is not that strong right now, you just don't know how to play against him.
knowing how to play against him has no relation to his kit being broken do you not read my post ?
Fitzky (OCE)
: Yasuo really isn't that op at the moment, he's actually a bit underwhelming. But I do agree he is really poorly designed.
"Yasuo really isn't that op at the moment" 10% crit at 3400 gold one shotting adc before they can do anything melting tanks before they cen even get tanky doing 0 cooldowns 0 outplay yep sounds super week to me
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I have no problem with his damage hes a hyper carry its what hes supposed to do
guess you just ignore my post then your problem not mine
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: On point description. Yet there’s still always one Yas main who thinks he’s undertuned and is all about skill
yasuo is fucking broken its as simple as that his kit is what makes him do that much damage and needs to be changed riot buffed him when he needed a massive nerf instead its a joke
: > [{quoted}](name=Örnn Bot,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=g2nuIGww,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-16T20:04:19.497+0000) > >you will not receive end of season honor rewards. No such thing.
i am correct if your honor is locked or its 0 you wont get end of season rewards, end of season rewards are for level 2+ but that's if you honor is not locked
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: Its been a season and i still have level 0 honour
if you're dishonored or level 1 or any level and locked you will not receive end of season honor rewards. that said your games might not be as clean as you think even calling out peoples kda as a bm can stop you from getting your honor back.
ItsKyzen (OCE)
: Dumb placements
Hey it always places you lower then the previous season.
: ***
silver is average in all regions so bronze is not as bad as people say
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Niji (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KH4K1NG,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=F5s2e7En,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-16T11:31:52.651+0000) > > Not sure if trolling? He is new to the game so I'd assume not. My first forum post as a new player was complaining about Yi. Every new player that comes across forums goes through the "muh teams" and "the champ I just lost to is bullshit" phases.
im not new and im not trolling my match history is full of feeders on my team and challenger smerfs on the other its like riot perposly put the bad players on my team im support so if my adc is pure trash i cant do much but its not just the adc its my mid top and jungle as of me writing this i have lost 8 in a row because of such players im just looking for decant players to play with because im fed up with the low level/trash smerfs i queue in with
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vXelzior (OCE)
: OCE Yasuo Club
trashuo needed nerfs but they buffed him instead
: Lethality has been nerfed a few times it is in a pretty bad spot ATM. Idk what you are talking about. Of course if you are squishy you are going to get blown up because that is what its purpose is, it does 0 damage to tanks
llethality is not in a bad spot its the go to thing for most adc and ad damage dealers its fucking brokena nd needs to be guttered
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Örnn Bot (OCE)
: Can i get riots opinion on the newer blitz skins
YO I was going to post the same thing the lancer paragon one the golden crown pieces are flat on the head in game but curved out in the splash art
Yaiamone (OCE)
: Last time I checked doing and saying negative things had consequences. Whether you bad mouth your job/colleagues and end up with a warning or an instant dismissal or you punch some stranger in the head and end up in jail, your actions do have consequences. It is how life works and the game just mimics that. People do not want ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ in their games, its pretty heckin simple. The large majority of people do not want ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ in their game using slurs or encouraging suicide, and this reflects in the punishments.
guess you didnt understand what i meant there is a different between being negative and being abusive and harrasive
Niji (OCE)
: lol
riots balance team are way to incompetent to do their job propperly they go and bufff yasuo when he needs a nerf and a kit chnage more then anything and same with vayne she does way way to much damage and its beyond a joke
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Yaiamone (OCE)
: ##I'll think you'll find that we only see a negligible amount of punishment cases when people come to discuss their bans on the boards. ** Yes**, the majority of them are the escalation bans for using words that the community has deemed unacceptable, **however **there are still the odd cases here and there where people come to the boards complaining after being punished for "nothing", then we learn they are constant low grade ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . [THIS]( is probably the best memorable example of such a case from the past 12 months. We are even given a rare insight to the comment field on the reports, and we are shown that people don't want this type of constant whining/bitching and blaming in their games and that this type of behaviour is getting reported. Since it is getting reported, and pretty constantly, the IFS does pick up on these sorts of things and learns from it. Personally I have had many many friends get banned for this constantly negative, passive aggressive, low key flame. They didn't learn their lessons from being natural escalated through the punishment tiers and ended up losing their accounts which they had sunk some serious time and money in to. They accepted they were ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ , and made new accounts. They didn't come to the boards, hence we never heard their stories. Just because you don't hear about punishments doesn't mean they aren't happening. Of course the system needs some fine tuning and is constantly being worked on and learning to line up with the values of the community that it serves. It's only the beginning.
riots system is flawed yoiu should not be permi removed from the game just because you're negative thats not how life works and thats not how the game should work
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Gehirn (OCE)
: Man, so did I just dream all those times that I banned bots last year? Granted neither I nor the automated systems hit them all, also that bots are likely to level fast before we can detect them given how easy it is to hit 30 now. We've got resources being poured into new methods right now, because whatever we've been doing has, as you've regularly pointed out, not had the desired effect despite the significant time investment thus far. Do note that IP banning is already known to be a non-workable idea. IP's can be changed, as they often are these days with dynamic IPs being preferred, VPNs can be used.
wow ateast a rioter has spoken about the botting issue but my question still stands is it really that hard to not completely wipe out bots but make it so there are alot less of them ?
Doublehit (OCE)
: What's the point of blind pick?
if blind didnt exist yasuo and alot of other champs would never get played thats why they keep it
: And some bad feels. I just played an ARAM where we had bots and the enemy team didn't. At the last seconds of game, where people type"gg", someone on my team said "trash zil" (I was Zilean). Not only did I land every single ult to save someone, but I also had top damage on team. And I still get abused. The state of this game Riot, do you even?
unfortunately they do not give a flying fuck they ban people for stupid things they dont get rid of bots so people buy accounts and buy more rp its all $$$ for riot thats why the game is in this state
Yaiamone (OCE)
: Unfortunately this is a pretty common experience for everyone. I am plat and often get flamed by bronze and silver players because I dont live up to their "high elo expectations". My personal favourite moment was when a bronze 3 player with a 37% winrate over 400 games told me that if I was plat, they should be challenger. Like QAPLA said, at the slighest hint of jerk you should just mute the person. It isn't ideal, but it works. If what they said made your game a negative experience, be sure to report them at the end of the game. You can also avoid jerks completely by playing in premade groups (you can look in our [team recruitment board](, community pages like [Summoners Society]( and large discords like [this one]( Once again, it isn't really an ideal fix but it does work. In the meantime, be the change that you want to see. If someone in your game is struggling, help them out and encourage them instead of turning into a salt lord. Ask to play with friendly summoners after your games and make some new friends at the same time :D
unfortunately reporting someone like you said doesn't work the only other way you can get bans is rare case the player bot gives you one for no reason or you have used a targeted bad word riots punishment system is the most flawed thing since bungie decided to sell halo
: I know the chat bot is broken, and I have said so before, even in the last day or two. I'm just saying that I see so many people posting "why was I banned", and they include exactly why they were banned in their OP (via chat logs). They are so deluded that they don't even understand how toxic they are.
but alot of them are also unfairly given bans but even with proof of their chat logs they ge treated like a toxic player and thrown out by support with little to no help
: LOL, this is true xD. just pay no attention to them or look under a specific heading of boards to avoid seeing these types of disscusions
you need to read the other comments. Yes alot of the things people are posting are of legit banneble offence chat logs but alot of them are just like myself getign banned for nothing with shit all help from player behavior support being treated like filth
: Half The Topics in These forums are About Bans
alot of the bans aswell are very unfair ive been reading ones that have an argument to be revoked because riots retarded punishment system but they basically tell you to go away in support without even reading through the chat log
: It's a general and more often than not true rule, no system is perfect. Cases like yours do unfortunately pop up, though thankfully very rarely, and usually get sorted out pretty quickly, but given the time of year I imagine things are a lot busier than usual (holiday break catch up, new season starting real soon etc etc). Have you had any updates from support?
nope thing they kind of flogged me of and told me that's it had been "investigated" and that's their final answer i doubt they even read my chat log either is there anything you can do to get there attention for the boards side of thing instead of support tickets ?
: Id like to talk about how shit riots banning system and how non dedicated they are to their players
: As per usual, trolling is just not a thing that gets banned regularly, you should submit a ticket to support, but it won't do jack and or shit. Honestly the funny thing is these trolls tend to avoid bans constantly, whereas simply saying the wrong word once, can get you 14 day bans. I know which i'd prefer getting bans, but we all know which gets the bans.
riot have a very very poorly made behavior punishment system i agree with you 100% my mate has been banned for simply saying blabalblabalblabalblabalblabalblabalblabal and there reason was because hes using chat unconventionally
: Reports for nothing do nothing. So long as you didn't flame them back, then you have nothing to worry about.
well thats untrue as you have tried to help me with my ban from nothing a few days ago
KbgMan (NA)
: My suspension time is not going down
because you have a 14day ban that is a not a timer its to show you your ban length read the report card and it tells you when you get you account back
: I'll see if there's anything I can do about support but no promises.
hey thansk i aprreciate it ive done all i can with support tickets as an ordinary player its juts the help i got was not very helpfull even know i meantioned that one of the Emissaries gave me advice and that my ban has a reason to be revoked i just want my honor level back because this is a really un unfair use of there punishment system and the fact that a player can get pmenently banned for my chat log is even worse
AlexDotP (OCE)
: 14 day ban from 1 game
go to my progile and look at my post i got a chat restriction for comunicating with my team but something needs to be chnaged because riot are banning people left right and center for 0 reason at all
: It was only as a clarification for the other guy, personally I don't feel that, but you never really know. I'm trying to see if I can track something down for you but it's slow going. I was going to wait until I had something more worthwhile to tell you before posting, but it kinda just left you high and dry sorry. Simply put, those logs are very tame and probably shouldn't be punishment worthy unless there was a gameplay offence attached, but if there was it should't have been a chat ban. In the meantime I'd recommend submitting a ticket to player support since at the very least with a ticket open they can contact you directly. ___ To address some other comments as well real quick, it's not volume of reports that gets you punished, it's quality (though volume will defs get you noticed for manual reviews). The bot catches context to a degree but there will always be hiccups with any system, and given the tone of your logs it probably thought there was more negativity there than there was. It doesn't show the full log because it's your behaviour that's being reviewed, not everyone else's, and negativity is negativity regardless of who started it, but understandably if a relatively innocent player gets caught up it looks a little weird to just have your logs.
but with the quality thing that was one of the only games pre level 15 ive even talked in othe rgames i just want to end the game win or lose for some xp because the other players are new and the same account level so im not even sure why the system even picked me up for a punishment i have done nothing wrong and have not broken any of there terms of use. making a supoort ticket about the issie didnt help they have basicaly told me theat i got banned for a reason (they wont tell me why) its an automted system the punishment syustem is not perfect and far from it
: Submit a ticket to here; And you can get it reviewed, and possibly get more info as to your chat log for banning, as the client doesn't give nearly enough.
nah they basicaly tell me to go away even if it is unfairly given
Ethvn (OCE)
: Upvoted. I agree, the punishments being dished out lately for small cases is absurd. I've been chat restricted twice within a week, and while It's not the chat restriction that bothers me, it's the fact that I'm close to being perm banned.
if you check out my recant post i will agree with you there go look at what i got my first ever ban for and tell me what you think after that its really really dispionting on riots end as a compmay of the biggest game
LeBIob (OCE)
: Automated system, if you get enough reports you're gone. It's all luck, if you're unlucky everyone will remember to report and you're gone. It's best to stay safe and not rage at all, but of course that's easier said than done.
if you get enough reports for a reason you're gone i have done nothing wrong so i dont see why i got punished ive seen people with chat logs from 3 games with the same punishment as me and they're were much much more toxic this is one chat log from one game when i was under level 14
: His chat is actually benign assuming nothing has been edited and we aren't missing key details. Assuming that is the case he has an argument for his punishment to be revoked. Yours was not, and you do not.
i csn screen shot the chat logs if you want ? might be 2-3 pictures if you feel like im editing it
Ethvn (OCE)
: You did say ziggs was bad at ziggs, and similar case to mine except no swearing at all. A ridiculous reason to be punished and riot will ignore it and say that you're abusing the in-game chat in a non constructive way. They will tell you to mute and move chat off screen and to get over it lol. If this was a 5 game chat restriciton, you're now heading towards level 2 which is 20 game chat restriction. If it was 20 games, you're next penalty is a 2 week ban. You've been penalised for simply talking to your team mates and trying to communicate. Good system imo.
i was defending him and thats what the full chat logs prove but it only showes what i said the people i was trying to explain to were flaming ill try to find the game and link it
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: Ban him.
since draft has come out not one game out of 300+ has had a yas in it 100% ban the pile of unbalanced garbage not to mntion riots monkey balance team buffed him
: Zoe is countered pretty completely by Yasuo. 90% of her damage is blockable by the wind wall, and because her kit requires a lot of setup and her particles are slow moving, even the crappiest Yasuo will be able to get a wall up in time. Even if you do manage to hit Yas with Zoe's E, he waits until the last second, and then wind walls just before he goes to sleep, which makes setting up a paddle star almost impossible. Yes you are hard for him to ult, but you are squishy enough that he just needs to hit you with 1 tornado, and you're gone! Meanwhile Yas's shield protects him from much of your paddle star poke. Veigar is the same, countered by Yasuo. Yas's mobility ensures that he is almost never hit by a stun cage, and can easily dodge Veigar's W. Not to mention that Veigar's ult is blockable by the wind wall. Not to mention that Yas can leave the stun cage by hitting you with a Tornado and ulting to you.
zoe can shoot her q of just as many times as yasuos and plus its like velkoz the only thing yas can windall is her e if you cant hit a q with zoe on yas you're bad

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