Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi Everyone, we started tracking this error after it was raised in the [bug megathread]( a few times. As of now we're having trouble reproducing the issue in order to solve so we'd appreciate if you could [send in a ticket]( for our Player Support team to better track the issue. Some players who wrote in were able to resolve the issue for now by [enabling low spec mode in the client](
I've sent in a ticket hopefully a fix will be found. Thanks.
S1inker (NA)
: Restart it and if it's still the same run it as administrator. That's what worked for me.
Does not work unfortunately.
: Could be a bad overlay interaction? If you have anything like discord overlays, shadowplay, basically anything that might pull focus away from the client, try disabling it. Past that I wouldn't know where to start, so I'd recommend submitting a ticket to player support:
I don't have discord or any of those programs running whilst playing league. Also not sure where to start but maybe will send in a ticket it isn't pleasent on the eyes.
: Previous solution: but it only helps for the menu, I still can't read the after game lobby stuff at all
I've tried that but it didn't fix it unfortunately.
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