Seniaz (OCE)
: Team Serenity looking for Mid, Top, Adc, Sup
I was Support for my previous team and still love being a support but I'm actually an ADC main. I think this gives me a edge with synergy and understanding wave management and timing down in the botlaneĆolossus Took a break for a year from my old team and league in general but still came back and got placed mid gold from my previous plat 3 Not a lot of champs i cant play
: Banned
I was in this game and i can confirm that this Darius was INT feeding and running it down mid/bot constantly.
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cow (OCE)
: Adc looking for support
Hey bud.. Not alot of champs i dont play, bot lane main both adc and support feel free to hit me up IGN- Tough
: Hello, my IGN is Da3littlepigs and I am a support main. I can play all roles, but I prefer Support, then Top and struggle in the jungle. I also love shotcalling and developing with my team.
: Hallo friendly Silver 2 player would like to join your team. I main Top, absolutely horrendous at adc and am OK at all the other roles. Im active almost every single day and can play for many hours usually. Would love to join :)
ill add you and give you an invite
: Creating Ranked Team (Any ranks welcome)
Silver 4 this acc. Silver 2 (FOOTBALLHEAD) Bot lane main ADC's = jinx/ sivir/ kalista/ kog Supp's = braum/ leona/ maokai/ shen/ ali im a tnky front liner specialist can play jungle quite well too.. Cheers Mark
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Threzh (OCE)
: Silver+ Ranked 5's
IGN : Ogstarz/kfuntez/krooked (add ogstarz) Role: Support main / Jungle I have TS
: Looking for a duo bot lane for casual ranked team
I'm a Supp Main and have two Adcs I work with a lot one is super aggressive the other not as much feel free to add me and we'll come on board and see if you like us
I'm going to Add you man... we need a top Main! brand new team
leif961 (OCE)
: Ranked Team casual
- summoner name: ogstarz/kfuntez/krooked - rank: silver 2 -preferred positions: Support/jungle -age 25 -favourite champs: Ali/Braum/Moak/rek/morg/hec/malph
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Pizza Sub (OCE)
: Creating Ranked Team for Bronze 3+
Im looking for a team. silver 2 at the moment on my main acc (kfuntez) main tanky frontliners across a support jungle or top role.. hit me up on both kfuntez and ogstarz89


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