: Plat easier than Gold?
(Aware I'm not Plat, but I'm far aware of this). Plat is easier to play/work around with. Why? Because getting into plat means you're playing with people who knows what they're doing being around Plat3- gold 1. Gold is still an achievement but it also means playing with silvers and most new players play around Gold - Silver elo being placed more in silver than it is Gold. Plat on the other hands is more challenging environment as you + team vs the enemy team. At this point, you would have macro-plays equal to a mid-high plat and knowledge superior to gold & below. Its hard to climb to diamond from there on out, but also occasionally there are some plats who knows when it is a loss (diamond is usually where its at, seem some recordings of dialogue where diamonds had admitted their own fault and was acknowledge but never flamed). Plat is similar, you + others would know when to lose or if you have a solid winning chance. Congrats btw
Socon (OCE)
: So you're bronze/hardstuck silver. How do you get out? The answer may shock you! [In depth guide]
If only half of the brain-dead community learnt about this stuff including Gold players. since those reach gold are just s**t talking the rest of ranks below.
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TokSarga (OCE)
: How to claim my arcade corki skin?
Wait what? I was told that they will email you the codes within the next few days after viewing- I'm really confused. can someone clarify on how we are gonna obtain the skin
: > [{quoted}](name=Michi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=F1vtWWoO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-22T10:50:20.656+0000) > > same. I had recently gotten better broadband connection and the ping (using speedtest) shows 52ms while connecting to the server shows 150ms and even 300 to 400+. So im not sure whats happening. Yeah, I have the same issue. I'll give it a few days and see if it clears up. Could just be Telstra, as per usual.
Could you let me know if its the problem lies with the OCE server or the broadband company
Hewikll (OCE)
: I get what your saying but this wasn't early in the placements. this was the 10th match where elo should be fairly settled and not super biased. If i was around bronze level i should not have been anywhere near a gold-plat matchup.
its often people being placed in silver - bronze would mean losing 60% of your placement but I get what you mean it is totally unfair losing to high elo and ruining experience because you wouldnt have had the chance to win lane or game. But it might have been their MMR being low or duo'ing with a low elo partner.
Hewikll (OCE)
: TT placement buggery
your MMR without rank is off the charts and be placed with different ranks. my first placement I was placed with a diamond and still friends with him till now :) so each game you play will determine your MMR as you play more. Usually after 4 games you either snowball in rank or pair'd with low elo. So for now: hang in there, and good luck!
: Is it possible to have stable ping if transferred from NA to OCE
So I heard but never tried before I transferred to oce but theres this link (check tilteralla) I think its Haste, that gives a better connection to NA servers but I havent tried it since before so I hope it helps.
: For the past week, my connection to LoL has been bad.
same. I had recently gotten better broadband connection and the ping (using speedtest) shows 52ms while connecting to the server shows 150ms and even 300 to 400+. So im not sure whats happening.
: When you play league of legends
When you climb on both korean and oce server xD
: I get banned for joking saying 'kys' to some friendly dudes as bant and this shizzle's happening
(speaking in a neutral sense, so correct me if I show some bias statements). This seem rather toxic regardless if its a banter with the "I pray to god you get ***** murdered tonight- this seems to be a very and I mean a very toxic statement to say and because riot's policy does not tolerate this kind of behaviour (which most people usually get away with it) they deem the player toxic to the extent bannable. Most likely the reason why you got banned (and so did my friend which in I.R.L he's actually a kind and cool lad) is that KYS is what my knowledge limits to is encouraging summoners towards a negative atmosphere or encouragement of a serious case (regardless whether it be banter or literal insult) the comments (totally forgotten the word) doesn't show the irony or humor without the explanation or context behind it but when Riot reads over this they would best catergorise this under toxicity. It shouldnt be a perma-ban (if I'm correct) if the other summoner did not take serious consideration about it, however theres been no other information but I don't distrust you in your sense of banter, but given the comments you have given then its seriously looks like insults rather than banter. And to anyone who thinks I don't understand the Kys scenario- reminder that I have dealt and is currently dealign with depresso espresso and dealt with this kind of case whether it be banter or insult by a unreasonable summoner.
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: How does one become a pro player?
once you have obtain the challenger rank and is the best of the best then you will be scouted out by any teams (in this case would be OCE/DW or you could transfer to different region)
binger (OCE)
: Viewing Parties at Hoyts?
There isn't any info on the viewing party so far- it most likely will come up on the site after the quarter finals and into the finals. So best to check in a few days after the quarter finals.
Panthoen (OCE)
: Help me Climb Ranked
Im not in gold but maybe play a solo or flex game and play full try-hard and go look at the replay and write down what you have done well and what need to be work on and go on youtube and search what you can do about the cons. But im not in gold so yeah- don't know if it helps.
dayfalls (OCE)
: Question about pre-made Ranked Games
You will tend to go up against people higher rank than you. Simply because their MMR and your MMR are entirely set on different level for their rank so it will calculate the suitable rank of players to play against between the two of you. E.g Bronze and higher silver- you will end up playing mid silver to low silver, such and such. But the game also tends to do odd stuff and put you against or with different ranks that completely off the charts if your MMR is high
: PLEASE tell me why I was banned
Okay judging by your dialogue and it would also be best if you could gather their comment to yours to make a more reasonable and valid point Thing is that you criticise on their ability to do things constantly- there is a limit and difference: constructive criticism - you tell them why they at bad because of what they just did and give advice on what to do in the situation. Criticism- Complain on one's ability to achieve things without giving advice to improve. If he had a bad game it isn't entirely his fault- Why? Because the fact that a people like you (not saying at all that your the cause) who gives off a negative atmoshphere for people like him who are trying to do better but because of the atmosphere through words you gave him then this would made it harder for them to pick themselves up without be criticised on. It is also partly his fault for understanding and not seeing things through- maybe due to your experience allowing you to make the better shot calling- however he may not like following orders and do his own things which is one bad side League has. League is aiming to create a friendly environment where people co-operate and win together as team and help build each other with constructive criticism- he prob most likely reported you for harassement, toxic, such along the line of being awful to them. You said said and I quote "You want me to be toxic?" this is already one bit to say that your threatening to ruin their experience- that which nobody likes including those who are no directly involved. I am well aware that people don't listen to you because of the experience you have in making the calls to win the game and they don't listen and pay attention and making pings to avoid allies being killed, but then again you may make mistakes and its not really up to you to decide whether it may be that you to say its not fair on you than there it is for them dealing with your toxicity. " iSupport Bot: stfu lux you're not in charge of everyone": But is it right for you to make the judgement to tell the shaco not to get dragon? I won't criticse too much about this but it is fair that they won't listen to you if you don''t understand from their stance- it is better for those who are no involved or tilted to make the all- which a research showed that support tend to make more of the calls and win more likely than those are in other roles. "iSupport Bot: never your own wrong doings" I understand that it is not your fault either and that you want to win for the sake of you and your team and they sometimes never co-operate but personally for me I try and that it is not always that I understand what happen wrong on my side of the fight or whatever it is but I also tend to blame those who made the call and had me killed without gaining much. But overall its being a hypocrite. So far dialogue shows that you are toxic and blame them for your death- but I cannot be entirely sure as I havent read anything on their side .
: Honor level 1
If you got honor level 1 when the honor system were first implemented then it must be a bug because Riot made that everyone starts at level 2 and if you got demoted to level 1 then yes its still possible to get back to level 2 although it may or may not be equilivant to getting honor level 3. So try being more positive (if you are naturally ) then just play friiendly or what not.
: Confirm purchase feature in champ select
Well, it should've said in a textbox that you can now buy skins in champ select so you should've been aware but I also get what you mean and yes it should- to prevent people from first time purchasing instantly.
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Ninox (OCE)
: Permanent! Even if you don't get the skins during the event, you'll still have the border if you get the skins later :)
That is s1cK .
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: SKT T1 2017 Skins Revealed
Can someone tell me? ( although I have been playing league for quite the time) that they have been usually realising the winning team skins like this, meaning that SKT winning 2016 worlds and having the skins released this year in 2017.
: all good points, but, sivir's E requires no mana
Ahh yeah thanks, I don't play much sivir or rarely so I also appreciate your input .
: Strategy versing a kill lane
Break it down. 1) Depends on their play style - Aggro= Play safe-farm/more of a passive style, passive= play a little more aggro. 2) usually tf takes ghost and flash regardless what lane they are in (unless its jg tf) so take that in mind. 3) Always have your E (sivir) up and enough mana to use the ability- time it perfectly and you will be able to stay in lane. 4) If the tf is not smart enough - he will use more mana than he can gain (usually occur from playing too aggro) 5) if the Darius is coming for either you for annie (from a stun) poke whoever does the more damage. 6) Rush a counter item as a support/ adc. ADC would best rush your usual item. 7) Talking about #6. If you can't win at the early lining stage then its your best chance to wait it out til mid/late. 8) Sivir is a strong champ, once you have gotten your first or second item then poke like hell. 9) A support darius- isn't as strong as a top lane darius and will fall behind if the lane is not won. And they will receive less gold regardless if the supp has the support item. 10) Annie Support (if your a duo'ing with him) rush zhonyas. Why? armor+ a zhonyas that will determine your life. 11) A actual adc/supp has literal potential to over-rule the lane so play it safe and request for ganks. (If not- like I said play it safe until mid game). Farming under tower is not a good thing. Since the tower is dealing damage to the minions and timing your AA to secure that gold while being under pressure from the enemy laner (usually when they are fed) Have you heard of the term 'Freezing a lane'. If not then all high elo players does this same thing depending on the situation. The term is self-explanatory but I will explain. It means to hold/freeze a lane in a position where it most benefits you. E.g the minion wave is closer to your tower than theres hence a more beneficial lane and it allows an opportunity for your jg to gank. (what I said about if the jg doesn't rank then read the list above) Yes, CS as much as possible but don't be greedy and putting yourself into a position where your death is secured. Sivir's W is the best choice to deal damage to the enemy being at a safe distance but think mana wise. Don't use an ability if it doesn't guarantee a result. Also about CS, if its a high elo player, they know that you would want the large minion cannon so they position themselves to deal damage on you while you attempt to get that siege minion. So use your Q for that- make sure its at a health where it can be killed without losing it to the your minions. PS Get a amor pen. Tho armor pens such as mortal may have been nerfed in the current patch or the next. I don't quite remember.
: how do you lane as ryze
Oh and Lord Sesshomaru explained everything you should know for ryze. I also think that if your snowballing and have a strong lead against your laner then I would just rush an AP item rather than a counter. (Stupid I know, but dealing so much DMG at the early/mid game)
: With Ryze, you should always get a {{item:3070}} first, and then work towards your {{item:3027}} , however, if the AD laner is giving you grief, you can invest in an early {{item:3191}} to keep some of their damage at bay. {{item:3157}} is always a good item on Ryze after RoA, especially if the ult thing still works _(could someone confirm if its still a thing? I haven't played him in a while)_ where you press R mid fight, then immediately Zhonyas for a guaranteed escape. With Ryze, once you have your Tear, your can use your Q to last hit minions, as it doesn't drain your mana reserves very much. If you want to clear a wave quickly, use your E on a minion that is low HP to kill it, it will spread to nearby minions, you can then Q any of them to kill all of them. _(you can also use this for poke, if a champion is near a low HP minion)_ If a champion jumps on you, use your E then your W, then use your Q, that way the snare is longer and you get a movement speed boost and shield as well, for a good escape. If you can, punish them on your way out with as many abilities as you can land. I like to engage with Ryze in quick bursts, your combo is EWQEQ, then leave! once your snare is down, you are vulnerable. Do as much damage as you can while they are immobile, then get out, rinse and repeat later for a kill. As Ryze, you will have trouble with champions like Azir, Xerath, Lux, anyone that can poke you from decent range. Ryze is a mid-short range fighter, but he can out-sustain most mages, so if you do have to fight a long range champ, go ham on them and do it quickly, don't give them the chance to poke you down. Keep moving while attacking and use your speed boost to dodge what skillshots you can, while keeping them immobile and dishing out your machine gun damage.
Ja the ult zhonyas still works. Surprisingly people are playing less of ryze xD
: Is there a way to reinstall League using the file?
It is possible. I know a cousin of mine who copied all the file from his computer and placed in my computer and it worked perfectly (but you have to update it ) unfortunately I don't know how he did it. Possibly coping it and pasting it into the folders where the league client gets its data used from.
: Evidence? I'm happy for a mod to check the chat logs of my past games! People are getting away with using "KYS" which the stupid automated system doesn't pick up! Why are the Mods silent? Where are the MODS???????????????????
I agree in terms of what you are saying I've dealt the same. I think they should enlist more Mods who regularly check on the chat logs- then again the amount of players.
: Chinese on OCE
Okay first of all I am Asian, and secondly I've seen this same type of thread before. I get it that some Asian people can be annoying I may be mis-interpreting it but when you said "I'm fine with people from other countries playing on our server" I see no difference if some Asian people can be that aggressive in context of what you have given us compared to any other people from different servers coming to the OCE server and acting the same way insulting players in their language- there is no difference if anyone with different cultural background acts the same way. Individual's behaviour -Its more over to the fact of Individual's behaviour. There can be some individual Asian's who react in a humane way and resolves things in an orderly and calm method whilst others can act aggressively. Don't be sensitive over it - Even for me I don't understand most of the Chinese language (I was born in an country as English is the first language which I learned to took as my first language) as long as you don't understand then just block/mute or if you just can't then just ignore it. And to the other people who just are very sensitive about it - Oh.. Just grow up like seriously your both across the world behind a screen; if this bothers you then just cut off your internet and think about how your gonna deal with people like this in reality. Overall, regardless of whether its Chinese of not. Its the individual.
Vaperson (OCE)
: Yasuo Ultimate
Maybe its either spamming the abilities so fast that the ult may not queue up. No idea I don't play yas but maybe a possibility
: Big Changes?
Theres prob be a lot of changes since ya know balancing champs then overpowering them and stuff. Best place to look for the changes is the League Of Legends Youtube channel - All updates will be explained in the videos there. Better listen to it rather than have someone type all of it down.
: Why is league of legends popular?
Heh- ehh its LoL free to play - Pay to win xD
Queens (OCE)
: I'm really bad and looking for help
Right I may not be high elo but If you need help there are videos on Youtube that shows someone Diamond/plat+ showing what you should do if you want to climb. P.S if you may not know- Always main atleast 2 champs and 2 lanes/roles. The better you get with the champs the higher the chances you can win your lane and carry. EDIT: Umm main a few champs so the two that concidently got banned, you always have atleast another champ you can confidently play
: Getting started again.
Oh wow mate, thats been quite a long time. Well I don't know exactly what were the updates (by order) that occurred but I will do mah best Change in Jungle: - No sentinels that sits by blue/red buff, just only the buff itself. - Living plants grow over-time and activated by attacking: Blast-Cone- A small red plant that knocks you/enemy back. HoneyFruit: Grows around the river that gives hp/mana but slows you down if picked up Scryer’s Bloom: Gives vision and detects wards. - Extra bird in the raptor camp. Change in rune item: - Armour penetration has been replaced with lethality. Your usual nerf and buff champs- there has been so many. Sorry I can't give all. New ultimate skin for lux. Rank team has been removed and has been replaced by flex; flex is just your usual rank but can no longer play in 4man team. It has to be either solo, duo, three or five. Also soloq is now solo/quo if it has change or not. New skins for: Blood moon Talon, Jhin, Twisted fate and diana. Festival Anivia. (recent) URF is happening right now 27/02/17. Support item: Knights Vow: same thing as bond of stone by taking some damage given to your adc directed to you. Redemption: Heals your ally only/or damages a flat amount on enemy. (CAN BE USED EVEN IF YOUR/THEY'RE DEAD)just this tho. Mastery: Courage of the Colossus- When attacked an enemy you gain bonus shield (that gives a scaling amount 3-54 depending on the amount of enemy you hit for 3seconds) (the CD will also depend on your level). Also it had been nerfed about 2 updates ago. Champion rework: Warwick has been reworked. You should check it on youtube. Taric got reworked (if you hadn't known about it) Pool party skins for Fiora, taric and Miss Fortune. Nerf: Kog'Maw attack speed had been nerved quite a long time ago. New items: Vision ward now deny vision. Mana pot has been removed Edge of Knight has been added once activated it works like banshee and gives AD/lethality. Black Cleaver now has lethality (I think I have terrible memory) Poacher's dirk (kill the enemy buffs 3 times any of which can be blue/red to upgrade it automatically) Theres been more but I think this has been it.
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: Explain To Me How Ranked Works
LP is the points gained in every win of a rank game. Gaining 100points will allow you to either: 1) put you in a promotional series to a next tier or 2) a division. If you hadn't notice the amount of points you gain (from a given knowledge of a friend of mine) : will depend on the people you play with/against. E.g - if you are bronze 1 and you play against 1 or 2 silver 4s/3s' you will likely gain maybe 21-24 points or 20, otherwise playing with low bronze will typically give you 12 or 16 or even less- this also includes the LP loss. Or to put it simply- the MMR of the players ranks you play with. ^Source : http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/209734/how-is-lp-calculated Once you gained a rank after your promotional series you typically have about 5 loss before you get demoted. Once you climbed a few tiers> you have about 3-5, but thru my own knowledge it is 3 losses once you've hit 0LP and on a loss streak after losing on OLP. Also in higher tiers like plat+ their LP deteriorates after a certain period of time if they have not played rank. I think thats all I know.
: This is something I personally have battled with in the past when I used to play Starcraft 2 at a decently high level and will every now and again happen when I am playing league. There are many different things that can cause this kind of thing to happen with your brain choking but the first step to preventing it is realising it is happening which you have already done. The second step is to figure out what causes it which you have already speculated that it could be about knowing your build path. In my personal opinion when this used to happen me back in early season 2 when I was a jungle main was that if something happened that I wasn't planning for or prepared for my brain wouldn't know how to react. This would cause the state in which you have described. Now what I did to combat this from happening is trying to think a bit more in a situational way. Previously I was going into games having a basic outline of what I would want to do in the game, while in a respect having a plan is very good and you should always have one, always set up your plan in a way that it can adapt to the situation. In the case of being a jungler you have to be ready for getting invaded at level one or being counter jungled from the enemy. When these things happen you need know how to react and adjust your plan accordingly. Notice how I said adjust your plan and not change it, this is a big thing that a lot of people will miss understand when I mean situational thinking. Your end plan as to how you want to win the game doesn't change but the route that you get there might have some tweaks too it. That way you still have goal to work towards and it keeps your brain moving, you just need to figure out how to get from point A to point B in a different way. So in a sense always try to be thinking ahead, plan your next steps and always keep your brain active about what you need to be doing and account for things that you aren't prepared for. Things that often cause these brain chokes are most often caused by small things you weren't prepared for building up until its too much for you to handle. Apart from that I would recommend always trying to keep hydrated before you play, having a good amount of water, sleep and food is always good for keeping your brain active and make sure that you take short 5 minute breaks between each game to reflect on how the previous one went. A youtuber by the name of GBay99 did a brilliant video on how losing streaks happen and the science behind it all and I think a lot of the things he talks about ties into this topic. [Click here if you want to have a watch.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxE8wTbYJs8) Let me know if this advice helped and if you have any questions let me know. This sort of thing from I have found can be rare but you aren't alone, there are strategies to combat these you just have to find what personally works for you. Good luck and I'll see you around. ~Elam
Yeah this really helps. I've sought dealt with this like 3 times in a year, 1 being this year. The thing is that I realise it is happening and that I face such difficulty in what you said objectives. The rank game i talked about, I was playing jng and maybe 15 min into the game I go blank on any objectives I had in mind (like you know what you will do and when to do it without actually thinking about it). The problem of what has caused it still remains a mystery even after watching the link you gave.
: Sounds like you just blanked or forgot things after a small break. You could try writing down your standard jungle path (or get an idea of them before the game) and deviate from that as necessary based on the game. Items are typically different every game but you can write down notes on what items are best for what situations.
It could be, but this situation happened before I took a break. I forget things and become confused into building what. Which really leads me into losing some of my games. Im sure this has happen to someone else.
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: Did you ever see the ARK boards when the griefing was happening then? WOW was the same, the Chinese playerbase has the mentality that they have to be the best, and everyone else is suhuman.
have you seen any OCE players who aren't chinese, still as toxic compared to them? - Its just not chinese players, theres still a lot of toxic people which makes 60-70% of any video game community. e.g Tyler1 he's aint asian yet he's toxic, theres like this youtuber whose a shaco main and toxic (but not so much as to tyler). Its not necessarily asians', rather the individual's self-control. Also I am asian and by far I have not think or ever have the thought in my life time that I am better than anyone who isn't Asian, don't assume all Chinese players have the same mentality thought.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Riot should introduce a filter for chinese profanity。 There is quite a bit of that.
I haven't seen any chinese profanity myself, even tho I am also asian which I've not thrown any insults whatsoever, unless it was constructive criticism. If anyone is reading this then I would recommend to just pretend you cannot understand like anyone would do and just play.
: Chobi even as support? Because W is his only support ability.
Yeah but tahm-kench Q hurts a lot when their adc exchange MR for ATKSPEED glyph runes so tahm's Q will hurt a lot, but then it comes down to positioning to be able land your Q's (consider the mana expense, if you think you can't land your Q because for reasons such as you might miss, or they're mobile, they being too passive or you will get outraged) then don't, just save your mana for other opportunities. I would level up Q, but higher elo may say like level W or such. The only reason I would is 1) I can be at a safe distance, 2) if their adc doesn't take MR runes then it will hurt a lot , 3) Tahm'kench lack of attack speed I would make it up by levelling the damage output from his Q (which is also why I get nosher's tooth regardless what position I am, as I would like to become a threat even as a support). Oh and I found my mistake, agro is Q+E, passive is Q+W.
: ***
Lol I was placed in bronze V this season managed to climb to bronze 2 with 100LP. Just stopped cos I was stressing out because of too many 'inexperienced' players and exams. Bad luck on getting the trolls on your team, I've had them before in my placement to bronze 1. And yes I do think its possible, if you think its not possible then you just probably playing without improving skill-knowledge.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: I still can't spectate anyone yet, I'm not sure why? (Alpha Client)
I think they might have removed it, the only I know is you can download replays in game and re-watch it. Otherwise I would prefer the old client
: Patch 6.24 notes
OH GOD, kat is getting a buff which is not good. That nerf on the Crystal Sceptar is gonna hit hard on the squishy mid lane AP champs like syndra or something.
: They did get nerfed, cant ward hop anymore. Cant ward hop = cant run away (unless she engages you by putting w down qing you, jumping to her dagger getting the kill then jumping back to w, but that only works if she engages you and has the kill lead to kill you without the added damage from her w not the other way around)
Ugs (OCE)
: awesome thanks for some clarification man yeah the climb should be easy i guess.
Don't worry man I believe in you!
: Ty! Do you think it might be good to level Q and W together? Like one point to Q, then W, then Q, then W, and so on?
If you tend to be a little aggressive then Q first and W. IF you want to be aggro and passive then Q and E. I think that it is best to put points into skills that you would be using more often like Q and E or Q+W. Then again, you would want to max out an ability first, prob max out Q -1st then W as tahm kench E scales off the missing health which can be used as a shield or recover some health. IF your playing aggro then Q+W, Passive Q+E. Playing against a high-burst ADC then Q+E is the way to go, they chop down a chunk of your health, you can choose to recover some health or get a shield and go in. Always level Q up since it is tam-kench's main source of damage, coming second is his W.
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