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Plat 3 mid/sup main sup champ pool: {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}}
Lorelei12 (OCE)
: How do you cope harassment in ranked?
How do you say it. The community can be salty but every community always has positive players. Don’t take it too seriously, people can say some really bad things from time to time. My advice is just using the mute button in game or simply just do your placements with a friend. Playing with friends makes the game much more fun. Good luck in the future! {{champion:268}}
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: Silver/Gold Team LF More Members to fill out the team
Gold 5 Mid/Top Player (Preferably Mid). If there are any free spots, I can join :)
smartisez (EUW)
: New ultimate azir
If you read the previous patch notes of Azir you would understand. In order to buff Azir riot decided to add more burst damage to Azir but reduce his range. Obviously, this was a bit... “overpowered”. At that time Azir had more damage and a hot to peel himself. Riot then removed the 2nd effect of the Azir ult. As an Azir main, I do feel sad about this but hey! He’s still playable.
: can we get rewarded for remakes
It’s like winning without actually doing anything. I disagree with this.
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: LF Friendly club or team {New player} Looking to learn and improve. Supp/Mid
Hey, I'm more than willing to help you improve in League. I've sent you an invite. Feel free to message me if you have troubles. {{champion:268}}
Fitzky (OCE)
: Any reason why I would go all the way down to 60LP after losing promos?
It's probably a coincidence. When you're in promos, you still lose LP. It's just like losing a normal game, not much of an explanation of this. {{champion:268}}
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: LFM - Looking for a good Top and Mid Laner who range from high silver to low gold
Im interested, but im not sure if im able to. I was in silver 1 and then was on a losing streak and now im in silver 3. I main mid Azir & LeBlanc, but can still play any midlane champion.
Mr Fizz (OCE)
: LF Duo Silver+ looking to climb before the end of season
Hello, I'd love to join you. My active time is from 4:30am - 7:00am (SYD Time) because of school. I am able to play for most of the day after this week. I main Azir in the midlane, my secondary role is adc. I am comfortable to play other roles. I am currently at silver 3 right now after a demotion from silver 1. My summoner name is: Azirious Bird. Cheers, {{champion:268}}
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: I've never gained Lp on a loss that my team has a massive part in, thats what i talking about.
You lose the game, you lose LP. You win the game, you gain LP. OK?
Hanthala (OCE)
: Looking for a duo to climb to gold with in oce................. all smurfs welcome :D
Hey, I am willing to duo with you. I am a Silver 4 Azir one trick. My IGN is Azirious Bird and you can make a montage by checking out some of my Azir plays {{champion:268}}
: Eternum LFM [Bronze/Silver] [Top/Mid]
Hi there, I'm a silver Azir main. I can play practically everyone, I am keen to join your team as long as the team does not flame at each other. I can play from mon to fri from 10:30am to 4:00pm every day for 2 weeks (school holidays). Then I can only play after 3:00pm on sat and sun for the whole day. My IGN is: Azirious Bird My Skype name is: jerayrays {{champion:268}}
Nickmate (OCE)
: Silver player looking for q partners.
I'm willing to duoQ, I'm silver 5 mainly because I main mid Azir. Why this is bad for me is that Azir needs his team to not play too aggressive early game and you can find out the reason. Not sure if you want to. {{champion:268}}
: (Recruiting Members for club Moose) Low Elo players welcome
I am willing to join if you like and tbh, you don't have to tell us your in game name, it's your username for all comments :)
Erøse (OCE)
: I play all of them except amumu and I was wondering whether I should just go back to playing mid as I have beaten multiple gold 2+ in mid lane.
If you are so confident in mid, why don't you just play mid from now on since it is a good role to carry as
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: Hey there, This board is for Help & Support regarding technical issues with the game. Your thread would be better suited for the [Miscellaneous board]( where you'd have more chance of getting a discussion started.
Never think that you should be in a high rank. The main tips are usually 1. Warding 2. Pings 3. Communication with team Never queue up for another ranked game unless you are in a good mood and you want to win. What I mean by you want to win is that you are trying your hardest
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Erøse (OCE)
: How to escape silver? TIps please!
My tip is that you shouldn't be playing solo queue often if you are in this condition. Always try to play with communication and if you were to play jungle. Play champions you can actually play and do well with. Some easy champions for E.g. {{champion:106}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:77}}. These champions have high lane pressure and contribute a lot to the game. I am stuck with this situation right now, so I attempt to duo or 5 man rather then solo queue.
: March sales schedule
yes that is a good idea @Quadranite


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