Nightjar (OCE)
: Renekton is bad lategame, and realistically in his previous state it was too easy to just stack armour and withstand his laning phase by playing defensively, since as much as he was a dominant laner, he was a bit on the weak side for a lane bully and didn't get much out of the keystones and rune system in general. Also burst runes got gutted last patch which is alot of Renektons power, so this was a bit of compensation to that. Renekton is one of those champions that seems better than he is, largely because the playerbase is experienced, and when he does get out of hand it's very very noticable. Also if your toplane is still building damage or core items after renekton gets a few kills lead, your game is done because your toplaner is an idiot and doesn't understand Renekton's powercurve.
i dont know what rank you are but im in gold which is bassically the new bronze. aint no one building smart in this league. he may be a weak lane bully but according to what champion? the only ones that out him are non mana sustain champs
Shmalness (OCE)
: LF Odyssey Team To Complete Onslaught Missions
im keen if you're keen and add me on all night tonight :D
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Sillith (OCE)
: Once I thought SEA server was the worst
how bad is it down there in the lvl 6 elo?
Folk (OCE)
: It's hopeless when it comes to Riot. That's true. Permanent doesn't mean permanent to them. I can understand that they tried reform tactics in the past though. Clearly these tactics weren't very effective and I was hoping this forum post could have them re-consider such a thing. Maybe a different tactic/approach, a smarter approach? But yes, Riot's replies to tickets, including forum posts are weak replies. They just highlight one of your sentences and say something underneath that's either not something that was said or it's like they didn't read what you had to say and they just blabbed and moved on. Negotiation is futile.
tencent is a money making son of a bitch company. they'll give your account back if you cant make them money.
: How Does everyone relax during a loss in a ranked game or promos :)
fuck relaxing, stress the fuck out and lose your sleep trying to gain that LP back.
Bookbash (OCE)
: Yep, the bad things that happens in high elo happen in lower elos also, but I'm just saying that gold/plat is notorious for this behaviour because players get egos when they think they are getting good at the game. Platinum the land of egos and baron throws.
strongly agree^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: Most your defeats you are buying 0 control wards, whereas before you always bought atleast 1, so there is a change to your playstyle for some reason. Wheres your Kled? Your most played champion and you only have 2 games on him in your past 70. If you want to win and climb, play your main. I had a similar situation earlier in the season. Went on a losing streak, didn't feel like playing my role anymore since I could smash lane, lose game. I just played on a different account or in Flex on a different role to have fun. Stop focusing on "winning" and on "playing" and it helps.
honestly man, i know where they are i'm never surprised when i see them or when im being ganked i know theyre there. i had an 80% win ratio with kled and now its 60%. other champs are stronger and with games going so long he's so easy to outscale and hard to play in with 4 other players that dont want to actually win. maybe thats the problem.... i haven't played a flex with my mates in a while because they havn't been on in ages
Bookbash (OCE)
: Some games are unwinnable. Your team can be monkeys. But you can still improve your gameplay. 1) What happened **after** the penta in the Irelia Game? You have TP advantage, the game would be over in Korea. Granted you have 612 in the jungle and a monkey bot lane. Comunicate more "we need wards here" "i will split here when you group here" "if they push back up, if they come to me, push". Games before Diamond 2 are clown fiestas but communicating helps. Mute everyone but still communicate with pings what you are gonna do and when you have TP up. That way you don't get triggered by donkey replies. 2) Sometimes games can be boring, but you play ranked to win. Muting everyone has made my recent games so much better. There's more monkeys than good players out there, so just try it. You also get more "untiltable" honours after games, instead of educating dumbarses that take offence and assume you are flaming them (no honours). 3) Good job in Orianna game. Most low elo Oriannas (and we can include Lux here) feed their arse off in mid lane. Looked like opposition support was autofilled/trolling. Don't need to be a hero to win, just make the right plays. 4) I once lost 15 games of ranked in a row this season. I never tilt, but it got quite boring to see the lack of skill involved. Welcome to soloqueue.
bro no joke, after the penta i asked my team to stay away from engages so i can get more MR and as soon as i asked that ahri tried to take out ekko and the rest of my team ran in 1 by one trying to take them on. i undertsand vision is key in most factors but man honestly even in that game, the enemy team wasnt even hiding they were litterally in sight the whole freaking game XD. i do mute anyone that types more than 1 message a minute just because i fall for it and end up being toxic myself. man i played ori a couple of days ago and just put the extra öomf"on the carry and i still couldnt win. its just devastating finally getting a little higher just to be sent back down for no reason of my own and then seeing streamers and other players be able to carry a game from start to finish and just 1 v 5 carry, like how do you do THAT. i just wanna be able to do that and enjoy this game the way i love this game.
Prínce (OCE)
: Want Friends
I'll add you when i get home!
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: Why Am i Getting Placed with Teams That are Not on My Level.
brother, i am with you all the way. i climbed to G299LP and now back down to G4. People will say i should be able to carry the whole game, but people should understand out to get carried. i got a penta - still lost. quadra - still lost. wtf
: Haha rekt kiddo :^)
: Shockingly enough profits are necessary to continue growth.
can't make profits if you have no clients
: There is no humour to your words though; Bill burr is building a joke when he's conversing atleast. You are taking this, Zero to A hundreds shift in attitude too casually. Unless you want to be viewed as an antisocial thug, you should rethink about how you are behaving.
no you see i dont give a fuck about any of you and thats the end of it
: So elaborate on this comedian and your hatred. How does it link?
how he goes from 0 to 100 is the same as me. his points on how people are and what not as the same as mine.
: Thank you for giving me the best read of my life. I praise you. Screw all the softies
thank fuck there's another normal guy in this game i love you <3
Societte (OCE)
: I'm sure I have, several times. But you clearly have no intention of trying to better yourself or improve your attitude, and that's the real issue. If you feel that way then you don't belong in this game - and it is exactly that, a game. Equating it to real life is harmful, it is an open community and your lack of respect won't be welcomed.
oh well, a bunch of randoms that i dont care about dont welcome me.... *sad face*
: You are being uncivilized; State your points and argues it properly. Your insults are so dull, it doesn't even adressed why the other person is making you angry. Your anger and it steps up, are very shallow. It take no time at all, for you to burn all bridges. Reading the chat log up there, you go from normal to EXTREME, in no time flat. What the hell? How about; Before unleashing your life's problems in a fit of verbal fury. Try talking some sense into the other person 1st. If they dont listen or continue their insults toward you, THEN IT WOULD MAKE SENSE to go to the extreme. Here is something interesting you should know, see if it apply to you. When a person is Quick to flare up in anger; This usually indicate they are full of resentment about their life. Any slight impact toward their being will initiate a massive waves of ill responds. People with positive things happening to them inlife are less likely to escalate conflict so quickly. In short, the miserable person will have less Positive emotions to act as resistant. Where as the person with things going well for them; It would take more effort to knock down the happy feeling, before Insults arrive at the rage stage.
why do you always think my life is full of shit. whats wrong with you man jesus {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} demon i dont have a bad life i just hate people easy. Youtube bill burr man and you'll understand where my hatred comes from since you're so entwined with how my life is going
Aneirin (OCE)
: > lastly thats your opinion, and in life it doesnt work that way pal. It does if you don't have a fragile ego. Personally I couldn't care less what some stranger thinks of me; his opinion doesn't matter therefore neither does anything he says.
well what ever man i dont care you're built that way and im not so move on
Aneirin (OCE)
: This is quite possibly the worst chat I've seen on the boards ever. Usually I'd try to give some encouragement on how to improve but to be honest I think League is much better off without you. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
once again couldnt care less what the and the think. they start on me karma comes around. you cant be toxic to someone and expect to get nothing in return. welcome to life
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Légs (OCE)
: gotta say im in love with it too. out of curiosity, where did you find bandle city ? (assuming you found it at all)
gkrit (OCE)
: Remove surrender option all together... Surrender calls in **most** cases is a "loser's" mentality. Having a surrender function only gives people the option to give up well before the game is even over. I'm sick of people saying "FF15 .. afk".
: I have noticed a problem In Ionia, there is no place for the vastayans, and Xayah and Rakan mention a "Great Magical City"?
actually good point o.O
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: I just can't seem to climb anymore
its just meta changing and the roles that matter dont anymore
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: This is my assesment of you. From read your posts here and there. [REMOVED] - Anger issue and narrow minded - short fuse, likely to lash out at minnor set back and focus on the unchangeable instead of doing things worth while. - Lack of responsibility - By lacking priorities that one should pour their efforts into, one tend to loathe things that are insignificant and have no effect on one's social life or income. So in conclusion, go out more, read books, gain life exprience. Then perhave years from now you can see your past mistakes; From when you lack the knowledge to do things better.
ohhhhh i know the type of person you are now. [REMOVED] i've been around the world. i've also never had parents until the age of 15. My uncle and aunty (the smartest people i know) have taught me a whole lot about life and not being walked all over. [REMOVED] [REMOVED] with every patch people are turning to trolling because why be toxic anymore when you can get perma banned for that, but running it down mid just gives you a bad mmr for 2 games. I said im trolling in my games now just so i can enjoy the game so if you dont like that please write a formal written complaint to someone that gives a shit.
: I have relationships to maintain, bills to pay, pressing matters to tend to. Rather then wasting my time worrying about a game such as league. If its not fun then dont play it. League of legend is not a job, it wont even boost your social status. It is purely for entertainment. If you are getting frustrated with the game, take a break from it. It is clearly doing you more harm than good at this point; You are so emotionally invested in a no win situation. Stop blaming your team for your short coming. You got carried lots of time, barely managed to float on average, 70% of those matches you are doing badly. Your team hating is underserved. Perhave you are not as good as you see yourself to be. Take responsibilities for your mistakes will come a long way to improve your games "Or as a person".
HeartVine (OCE)
: [REMOVED] Bottom line is that all you lot are doing is making the game worse than it is *just because* it's already bad (at least, it is from your perspective). I've been trolled before and I've not gone down the same path. I know several people who've been trolled a lot more than I have and even they haven't gone down that path. If you want a voice, you need to understand you *already* have one, but the thing is no one is going to listen if you're acting like a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum. Get out there and make your voice heard on the boards and reddit and even things like "", instead of just sitting in your own little corner sooking about how things are bad and they wont change.
: I have relationships to maintain, bills to pay, pressing matters to tend to. Rather then wasting my time worrying about a game such as league. If its not fun then dont play it. League of legend is not a job, it wont even boost your social status. It is purely for entertainment. If you are getting frustrated with the game, take a break from it. It is clearly doing you more harm than good at this point; You are so emotionally invested in a no win situation. Stop blaming your team for your short coming. You got carried lots of time, barely managed to float on average, 70% of those matches you are doing badly. Your team hating is underserved. Perhave you are not as good as you see yourself to be. Take responsibilities for your mistakes will come a long way to improve your games "Or as a person".
: How did you interpret what i said as such? I never said you are a waste of space. I said, if you are not enjoying the game, do something else. Your so called protest, is just a demonstration of your hypocritical ego. Similar to that of a child whom is lacking discipline; Thus the kid act out an outburst to gather attention, and disregard the embarrassment the deed ensue. What you are doing is the same uselessness that my words have to offer "which will surely fell on deaf's ears".
cool story bro tell another. you're never understanding where people are coming from or how hurt people are with this system. we're trying to reach out to have a voice with riot [REMOVED]
HeartVine (OCE)
: This game is cr*p because it's full of trolls so I'm going to troll! ~~#RitoLogic~~
well why not? i mean im losing elo while actually trying and wanting to win, but getting teams that legit play for KDA and say oh well when they didnt help with the engage or people that just actually dont care its heart breaking and degrading. so why not join in on the fun and do the same because riot isnt cracking down on it because "some players just arent as good as others and dont deserve the ban".
collects (OCE)
: Been watching this system for ages. It's not random. You win 10 to 20 in a row then suddenly can't win a game for 10 to 20 in a row. It's purely match making algorithm based too.
i like how the little cats down vote the comment but don't say anything because they think its fun being the teachers pet
collects (OCE)
: Been watching this system for ages. It's not random. You win 10 to 20 in a row then suddenly can't win a game for 10 to 20 in a row. It's purely match making algorithm based too.
i get how the code work, its like you're on a 70-90% win rate now you have to carry but with the way the game works now its so hard and a lot of the time games just arent winnable all the time because some people just refuse to have a crack
: Don't pick riven cause she is under powered at the moment that's how you can win
i played her once this patch and won. shes strong with the right gameplay
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Dracov (OCE)
: It does match our laws though...
and you are a lawyer and know our laws?
Ethvn (OCE)
: Who cares about racism and self harm. utilise the mute button or remove it. it's basically entrappment.
: Congrat, you are not born with a weak wiring of nerulogical function in your brain. When compared to a sucidal/easily depressed person: seek death, cry, depress about stuff that cant be changed, and what have you. Just as you cant understand them with your mind set, their mind set are not wired to understand your either.
that's because people have gone soft and just accepted it as a way to live when its not.
: Well, do you want society to degrade down to such a state? You are more exposed to this environment "how unfortunate for you" doesnt mean it should be ok.
do i want it to - no has it - yes will it change - no have people tried to change it for decades - yes have we gotten any progress - no will it change in the gaming world - no. should words be given so much power - NO.
: See the point about the shower. Muting does not solve the problem, it only hides it. You still have rot behind your shower, and you have still seen the rot behind your shower. You don't have to take it to heart or lament it to know it's wrong and that something should be done about it. Yes, some people get up in arms about nothing, and some people don't care at all, and some of every perspective in between. Riot has to find a middle ground, and hiding racism and blatant verbal abuse behind a curtain isn't it. I get the feeling you've never experienced true depression, and you should consider yourself lucky. It's like a deep well with a glass lid on top and a spike trap at the bottom. You can climb higher and higher, but you'll never truly escape it. Your hold at the top might be surer than ever, but you can never climb out. On the bad days, you slip, you find it harder to hold on, and the further you slip down the less reason you have to, the more hopeless it seems because the sky is that much further away. It isn't about being sensitive. It's about fighting a battle every second of every day. It's *exhausting*. Just as trying to hold on to the side of a well would be. At the bottom of that pit, there is no 'stupid reason'. Just more reasons to not bother climbing back out. It's normal not to understand that if you've never experienced it but to ridicule it? Those who make it their business to be offended about everything are not the same as the people that struggle with the simple act of living. Funnily enough the latter tends to have bigger things to worry about.
yeah yeah you got me, i have no parents and have been homeless. you've hit the nail on the head with your wisdom. its the ones that have gotten over it and seen the ones they have give in to it that hate depression the most. i hate that sooky boo hoo look at me shit and this is the game i play to lose my mind in another world. maybe ask "have you ever suffered from it" before assuming. and to the show point, this is completely different from something that you must fix to something that you don't have to see. its called maturity. you don't sit there and try to argue with someone that you tried because at the end of the match you say what needs to be said click play again and forget that person even existed no matter who you are. when i spoke to riot about this toxic thing they literally told me "there is a mute option when you press tab there was no reason for you to reply" so sorry lady i'm just relaying what i've been told by the people you're helping.
: Any lawyer who cares about their reputation is either going to refuse a case they know they'll lose, or will charge an exorbitant amount of money for it. The fact that noone (that the public has ever heard from) has tried despite so many people and their "rich families" threatening to do so speaks a lot.
people don't through fear of losing to a big company. its not because the company is right, its because they know there is ways to keep a case going to the point where its not worth it anymore. i know this very well
Oriphix (OCE)
: Now I dont know why you were banned and what for. However you saying you deserve a refund is not accurate. [Terms of Use]( _2.2. What happens if my account is terminated? (No LoL for you.) If your account is terminated, you’ll no longer have access to it, including any of the associated data or content (e.g., champions, skins, Riot Points, etc.). **You’ll not be entitled to any refunds and we’ll have no liability to you**. We also reserve the right to terminate any other accounts you may have created, as well as your access to any other Riot Services (also without any refunds or liability to you). **You understand and agree that using the Riot Services comes with the risk that your account may be terminated or suspended and that, whenever you use the Riot Services, you’ll bear this risk in mind and always conduct yourself appropriately.**_ So basically you play and pay money for a game for which very well you know might get banned and also are not entitled to any refund. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
It doesnt matter what they write in their contract, if it doesnt match our laws it means fuck all what they say.
: No one is dubm enough to pay to try.
i mean i would have my family lawyer look into it and see if they have left a gap or worded their T&C's wrong if i felt i didn't deserve it {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Shen Or Camille?
it took me over 80 games to finally learn every combo camille has up to the flash animation canceling second proc of the Q. camille is more reward-able to learn than shen because she even counters shen. she deals true damage every 2-3 seconds and if shen ults to save someone she takes towers as fast as yorik
: There's nothing else for me to say. No other advice I can give beyond read the actual laws involved (which should be rather obvious). Clearly you don't believe me, so you should instead take a lawyer's advice. If you don't wish to do so then that's up to you.
well do you know if anyone has tried?
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