: Hahahah so true, Australians have weird insults, Lets not forget the Australian special " Cunt "
who u calling weird cunt ;) <3 but they are mad cunts
Bunny (OCE)
: I went through this stage of absolute frustration and got completely disgusted with the game. Thing that helped me a lot was /mute all as soon as I got into the game and I cannot believe how much this helped. Eventually I stopped doing this and whenever I had someone in my game that made me want to type something in chat that wasn't game related I just mute them immediately. It also helped me to look at the game differently by not playing to win but to play to have fun. There is definitely a fine line with this and you should still remember the basics of building properly and not making stupid decisions. You still play to win but you have to remember the fun aspects first. When I did this I started to win more and have a good time. Number one thing I would do is to focus on mastering one thing at a time. First I'd find the champion styles that suit you e.g. I play well with AP mages vel'koz, lux, orianna etc etc. I can pick up t hose t types of champions and do better on those then anything else because it comes naturally. Second focus on not dying and not greeding kills. It is so much more important not to die then it is to get kills. Number three is just to have map awareness and try and help your team as much as possible by ganking and being there for them if they're caught out. But remember not to die int he process of trying to help them. Overall employing these things will make League less stressful :)
or.... you know.... just try anything and dont follow build paths. i mean yeah you should but trolling and trying something new are very different, dont try full crit lissandra in ranked but go have fun see what works and whats fun
Wrathina (NA)
: I Cried While Playing League
tbh i would have just told them to go fu#$ them selves its a normal game. its not just bronze but its alot more common in bronze, im bronze and i get flamed and iv adapted to also flame but only after someone says something to me, if im in ranked i just mute and try play my game, if in normals i honestly dont care about them. if they do it to u again hun just open mid or better yet just go feed the enemy to the person who is bullying u and tell them u will continue to do it unless they apologize then mute them and dont stop hahaha not really dont do that it just gets them going even more, i do it because im fed up with the types of people that play the game. if someone feeds its annoying but if they tell me that they are learning i help them i move on and most of all i dont care if i lose, its a game u lose some u win some. if ur on oce add me and i will play with u. i dont mind if ur first time vayne and die 25 times if its a normals no one should bully anyone. if its ranked no one should bully anyone. moral of the story no one should be bullied for trying to enjoy a GAME. in future tho if u cant handle them just tell em straight, piss them off and then mute then (now that u got the mute button figured out) and play ur game <3 most of them are either younger kids or ppl between 18-30 who are so sad with their lives they have nothing better to do.


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