18cent (OCE)
: league
is the new thing these days just to buy a boosted account and be actual trash at the game and slowly derank or ??
18cent (OCE)
: league
0-10 yasuo in mid before 20 mins on my team and a 2-10 twitch lol thought these fairtys tales only happend in bronze 5 ****yasuo is plat****
Rioter Comments
: Don't offer supp fill your carry role
if you cannot play every role you should not play ranked, it absolutely tilts tf out of me when someone says pls no support i main mid then they end upv going 1-5 before 10 mins like um ok.
: Freelo
your late to the party
C9 Snocky (OCE)
: The Problem with Toxicity Based Bans
call someone trash when they go 0-5 toplane before 5 mins=insta ban riot are noobs probably the reason elo hell exists in b4down votes
jtjeaster (OCE)
: Will get any player OCS if they read this!


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