Oobskies (OCE)
: LFM ranked flex 5v5 (Gold+)
Kia ora, I'm currently Gold 1 70 LP Solo/Duo, Silver 4 Flex. I'm a Jungle/Adc main but I can play all roles. I Will probably take a break from Solo/Duo once I get Plat So I'm looking for people to play flex with and I sent you a friend req on LoL. For Jungle I main: {{champion:36}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:421}} And for adc I main:{{champion:119}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:429}} I'm roughly 154 Years of age ( in dog years 1:7) and I have a working mic/discord willing to communicate. Cheers.
: I need coaching for free if possible
Can teach you counter jungling if you want but I don't play mid very much. 1t 1t 1t 1t 1t
WilliK (OCE)
: Looking for a coach to help me get out of Bronze to silver 5
I'm happy to help you with Jungle and Adc add me ingame 1t 1t 1t 1t 1t
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Good Top Laners
Give Dr. Mundo a try he's really under rated. I play him a lot in the jungle but he's really good in top too. As for runes, I take eletrocute because of the bonus ad scaling on it and his E, you could take grasp. I'd recommend building Sunfire, Phantom Dancer, Tabi/Mercs, Spirit Visage and Deadmans ( Titanic optional) You'll find there is little counter-play to how tanky he gets + his damage and ult.
Shankš (OCE)
: LF Jungle Coach
I can help you out with Counter Jungling if you want, I main Mundo and I got to plat 3 using him. 1t 1t 1t 1t 1t
: Wrongful ban help
My friends and I all got out main accounts banned on the same day for the same rule except we weren't using any third party programs This was back in August 2016 and we were playing at an internet cafe all using the same IP Adress The system must have thought we were botting accounts Was kinda bull shit and we tried to send tickets in but Riot support just said it's impossible to do anything about it and that they refuse to even look into it So I know what you're going through it's bullshit and you might just be unlucky. Had to make new accounts and I haven't been banned since, I still play at the same internet cafe Anyways Goodluck man.
esp (OCE)
: Can you tell me what determines your placement? Amount of cs, k/d??
If it's a new account that hasn't been placed then wins, i.e. 7/3 Gold4+ 10/0 plat+ think 4/6 is silver 4-3 and so on If it is an existing account with a previous rank you're essentially trying to regain that previous rank you had by going 10/0 As far as I can tell kd/cs/S+ makes no difference there's really only 2 major factors: Wins Previous rank
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: Shit-talking weeaboo loli loving flex enthuiast here, Gold 2 solo, unranked flex. 1t 1t 1t 1t 1t P.s. Jungle main Rank #1 Mundo oce.
Also my tomodachi Shirayukey would like to join as a top lane main onegaii desu.
WilliK (OCE)
: Recently ranked up to b3 and lost 2 in a row. Will I get a demotion?
As far as I know based on my experience you get a grace period of three games when you enter a new tier (B4-B3) it does not matter if you win or lose these games, however if you lose a game after these 3 immunity games on 0LP you will be demoted.
: LF some peeps to play flex (high silver-gold)
Shit-talking weeaboo loli loving flex enthuiast here, Gold 2 solo, unranked flex. 1t 1t 1t 1t 1t P.s. Jungle main Rank #1 Mundo oce.

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