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: Dude, I have over 7.5TB of unused space. Not an issue for me.
I have just a little under 12TB free, but that doesn't mean anything. Most people run an SSD for their main drive with games on it, then HDD's for extra storage. SSD's don't come in those kind of sizes so a 5.5gb reduction still makes a big difference. Unless you're running your main drive on a HDD, which is nothing to be bragging about
: Not all people script on Urf, there are a ton of games which were legit. But it gets very obvious after a bit when all of a sudden they start dodging like gods at point blank range, like they know the precise times when to dodge. Sure, you can do that once or twice maybe but not everytime throughout the game like it's nothing.
The urf and aram scipters are very very bad players, they are extremely basic scripts that just run it down lane feeding to get quick xp. All you're seeing are decent players
Ninox (OCE)
: People are far less likely to play (nevermind spend money on) a game they feel is unfair. What would be the point? If scripters went free their numbers would explode to the point that no regular players would stick around. Doesn't exactly seem like a sound business practice to me. Scripting only helps the scripters, and hurts literally everyone else. The people who pay for the service in whatever form (whose accounts then get banned), the people who have to play with the scripts, and Riot (because negative experience *hurts* profit). Happy people are happier to spend money. I play URF, I play ARAM, and I don't see scripters. Sometimes, players are just better than you. Not to mention that if you're going to power level then botting carries pretty much the same risk to the account, is way more efficient and is a lot less involved. Scripting is usually used for boosting services, not powerlevelling, so the idea of you seeing the scripters in ARAM, nevermind the same scripters repeatedly is more than a little doubtful.
There's is PLENTY of proof out there that riot know of accounts running elobuddy aram bot and allow it to continue. Like significant amounts of evidence. The aram buddy bots are extremely obvious and can be tested/proven to be bots. Plenty of people have made videos on it and continued to monitor the accounts after riot were made aware of them and the accounts never get banned
: Riot, this has to stop! Scripters.
Scripters that don't get banned are in Arams and urf. It's fast xp so they can level the accounts to sell on ebay. It's mostly younger kids that buy accounts, it's also mostly younger kids that buy skins and emotes. Riot allow the scripting to go on because in the end they make money from it. I've also got lists of players I used to bump into in a lot of aram games, Riot know who they are and the accounts are still unbanned and still powerleveling. But in ranked every time I've seen a scripter, which is very very rare, they're banned instantly. I've seen maybe 5 scripters in ranked games playing the game since it was beta, they were all banned
Pige (OCE)
: Long queue times
I've had a number of 40 minute queues and even a 70 minute queue over the last few days. I think there may be a problem with the queues. I made a thread about it and a few people replied saying there was a problem with the queue causing long wait times to be honest though I'm always surprised when I see people getting mad about 10 minute queue times. I've been playing League since beta and I've found 10 minute to be fairly normal. I usually get a time minute wait maybe 1 out 5 games
Nightjar (OCE)
: if your team isn't dumb it should have enough cc. An adc isn't supposed to duel a garen in a sidelane (for that matter, I don't think many champions should duel garen in a sidelane). In a teamfight between a maokai+alistair or Leona+Ornn, Janna+Naut, Nami+Darius, the garen would be lucky to be able to make half the distance to the adc before getting worn down. Hell even in a sidelane come lategame, a lux+garen vs a nami+Jinx, my bet is going to be on the botlane combo (even in this stupid excuse for a meta). Garen is good, he's pretty overtuned, but he offers no cc, he's not huge at playmaking, he kind of nukes 1 person, his playstyle is linear and his engage himself is not especially strong. As a counterpoint, you would generally, and would probably need to, build around garen to make a teamcomp work, providing some really hard engage. With Garen, similar to Mundo or Olaf, you trade out CC and mobility for improving damage and tankiness, and I'd argue Garen is the easiest to deal with lategame of the three, because Mundo at a moments notice his team gives him a speedbuff and he just runs through the teamfight, forcing your team to waste alot keeping him from reaching the backline, especially with that made tenacity and stacking magic resist from W, mundo is weaker than garen early, but lategame mundo is massive problem. Olaf when he ults, is just immune to cc, so if you're not a mobile adc, you either need to be able to burst a 4k hp Olaf because he lifesteals a ridiculous amount, or just accept your death.
Garen is so easy to outplay. I can't remember the last time I lost lane to a Garen. He's really only op at low elo where people pick whoever they want and pay no attention to team comp and counter picks. Mundo is far more op than Garen
: School holidays
The match making is legitimately broken. Every game I'm getting genuine new level 5-10 players on my side and on the other team level 40+ B1-S3s
: Why do you take aery on ziggs... normal players go commet
I was changing runes and ran out of time, I run comet too. The difference between comet and aery isn't going to lose a lane though
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: Generally after like 10 minutes you assume something is wrong with your internet connection, ISP, or Riot's servers. Who in their right mind sits in a queue for 70 minutes?
Obviously no one sits in front of their computer for 70 minutes watching it count down. I've played league since beta, leveled multiple 30s on NA before OCE was a thing and leveled over 20 accounts on OCE. From my experience with a LOT of game time it's not uncommon at all to see 20 minute queue times because I only play during school hours and late at night to minimise the amount of young kids on my team. As I've since found out I was right and there was server problems that day causing a lot of people to get stuck in super long queues. It seems to have returned to the normal 3-5 minute queues now. That said though as I'm typing this I'm currently 14 minutes in the queue. Usually what happens for me is a game pops after 2-3ish minutes, but someone will decline the invite and that's when you get stuck in long queues. Almost every time that someone declines the invite on the first pop I know it's going to be a 10+ minute queue
: How are you getting 70 min queue times O.o, i get 10 in a worst case scenario As for the "unable to start your game", i get that at least once a week, not even sure why
Can you even read? I literally asked if there was a problem with the queue because I'm getting these long queues. Obviously I know that's not normal or I wouldn't have asked would I?
: What triggers you the most in LoL? I'll start.
Chat restrictions tilt me hard When you're sitting there waiting for your message to regenerate while someone is just trolling the shit out of you by the time you can send another message you say shit WAY worse than you would have otherwise. I'm yet to meet a single person on chat restrictions who hasn't said the restrictions make them more toxic than they otherwise would have been.
: Hate this new aatrox
I love the new aatrox, the old aatrox was fun for a few days after his release until everyone worked out how to play around him and his pick/win rates just went to almost zero. The new aatrox (unless they nerf him) is just freelo, haven't lost a single game with him yet
: Something wrong with the queues today?
70 minutes in queue, client crashes, requeue for 40 minutes client crashes, requeue for another 30 minutes finally get a game 2 chinese players just int'ing and abusing everyone in Chinese. This game seems to get worse with every patch
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: *Insert "Why does this happen to me" clip here*
It's school holidays man, the game is horrible for the next few weeks. Don't play any account you're trying to climb on, have an account you don't care about for holidays. Kids have poor decision making abilities, short tempers, low emotional IQs and poor communication skills. This is in life in general, not just in league. It's a terrible set of traits for any activity that relies heavily on team work and keeping a level head though.
: What I'm going to thoroughly enjoy! >:D
Mastery 7 means literally nothing though. I have mastery 7 on multiple champs that I'm absolute garbage with. A broken clock can do absolutely nothing, and still get it right twice a day
: Autofill.
I made a thread about autofill but someone has either hidden or moved the thread because it doesn't show up in the thread list They need to give punishments to people who dodge if they are autofilled. It would be extremely easy to implement, if the person wasn't autofilled and they dodge the penalty remains as it is. If the person was autofilled and they dodge they get a much more severe penalty. And the second thing they need to do is queue dodges should never count towards your 2 games auto fill protection. As you can see in my thread I've now had 4 days in a row without a single game where I wasn't autofilled. Because when I get my lane the autofilled person dodges, then I get my lane again and again the autofilled person dodges. Then the game removes autofill protection because it counts those 2 dodged queues as my autofill protected games. Then next game I get autofilled. I played 5 games today, all 5 were autofilled. This has happened to me repeatedly for 4 days straight
: Autofill
Well that's day 4 finished. 5 games, 5 auto fills. Every single game where I didn't autofilled someone who did dodged. Why do queue dodgers count towards our autofill protection. It's completely retarded
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