davejones (OCE)
: support just cant carry a game
yes you can, if you think that then you're probably not playing support efficiently then. I'm also laughing hard at the statement 'They are forced to try get their adc kills' that is the stupidest thing to do unless you're super high ELO where people can effectively use advantages consistently. Why else do you think blitz incurs such high ban rates L0L your definition of 'carrying' is so distorted that it's delusional.
: Why are there no women in Pro Leagues?
the answer is simple Women can definitely join teams in the pro leagues , there just haven't been any thus far to devote intense amount of hours of the day to attain the levels of skill deemed worthy ie challenger.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Cosplay Spotlight - Grlfriend Potato
as a new player to league I have never seen any of these champions and/or skins in my eyes: 1. looks like a waterbender cosplay 2. madmax roadwarrior/fallout combat armour 3. officer jenny from pokemon
meowkim (OCE)
: Bronze 5 wanting some people who want to work in a team to get out :)
Julez (OCE)
: In Need Of Friends
helo i am new game i add u?
: LF A silver Duo partner
Just played with this dude, claims to be a nocturne 1 trick yet is scared to use his ulti when the time is right. Also complains about KSing This player is just looking for a free boost, he lacks common sense and will likely just delete you off friends list after game is lost. I wasnt even mad that we lost but he was upset and seemingly unaware of his own lack of decisiveness and poor decision making.

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