nah the real bug is graves auto attack sound and gun animation happens but no bullets come out all the time. especially midst a team fight
Dr Swine (OCE)
: Demoted from bronze IV to bronze V after going 7-3 :/
Junko (OCE)
: Join the team @ Pacific Peninsula
im interested add me ig and lets have a chat
: Unranked Support main looking for a duo partner or team
adc main. reached d5 last season currently maining jungle on my dia account have a gold account which i want to climb to plat + and want to do it duo adcing again so i stay ontop of my adc game.
040302 (OCE)
: GOLD ADC/Support LKF DUO partner
i main adc. add me lets duo
: Come and join us at Luna Park for free!
anyone selling any tickets to the final? :D

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