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SoftCrab (OCE)
: Trolling in ranked? Thoughts?
: Helping Others Improve EP 29# Is He Scripting?
PaperBagz (OCE)
: nasus main looking for duo
> Nasus main Let me stop you right there
: Recruiting for NO/FF
"country: Australia "b3est time to play for you: For the next 2 weeks, during the day NSW time "summoners name: 69er "do you have discord: yep "what elo are you in: Plat "what are your preferred roles: None, I play anything
: 2 Week Ban
Why post this on the boards? If you have problems with being toxic just mute people. If you can't do that then you have issues and I don't feel sorry for you.
ciaô (OCE)
: ranked
I thought flex replaced teams, and hopefully ranked comes back for TT because I love that map
Wrathina (NA)
: I Cried While Playing League
Just mute everyone as soon as you get into game, on both teams, no matter how big the temptation to talk is don't unless you are with a friend Ezpz problem solved
: Sweet, I'm up for meeting some new people ;') Add me.
> [{quoted}](name=Cuddly Panda,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=ZB0fN6dX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-15T10:00:20.740+0000) > > Sweet, I'm up for meeting some new people ;') Add me. Done
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: What champion do you recommend i learn
Skarner, gragas and volibear if you like those sorts of champs
VmixD (OCE)
: GayStar! New in game club for LGBT and friends of players :)
BaiIey (OCE)
: Casual Club Looking For Some Members
I'm interested in the custom games :) maybe some others too but I love fun casual scrims!
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: I know we shouldn't name and shame
Naming and shaming is acceptable under no circumstances..
Phoebius (NA)
: Casual Ranked 5's (Gold and Plat preferable, but any rank is fine)
vShockz (OCE)
: Looking for someone to climb with
Hey I'm gold 5 finding it a bit hard to climb also.. I didn't play much ranked last season (like 10-20 games) and was only low silver, but I'm confident I can get to plat. Leme know ^^ IGN: 69er
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: Riot games employee's failing at their job.
I'm pretty sure you're just salty because you didn't get special treatment haha {{item:3070}} Edit* OP downvoting all the posts that don't support him ahaha
BackFire (OCE)
: How to improve champ select for blind pick - Would appreciate a riot response
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Patch 5.2 Bugs Megathread
Nidalees spears are invisible in quite a few of my games Getting really pissed off here
giddo244 (OCE)
: Azir
Depends on the matchup, I think Morellos is usually the go-to but if they have a leblanc or heavy ap comp grail..
DJ Sefton (OCE)
> [{quoted}](name=Stylin Onyu,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=0OoFHByX,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-30T07:45:12.105+0000) > > I will be soon to be recording all losses and cutting my wrists/arm every time a player just drops out of play. You're going to die from blood loss pretty quickly {{item:3070}}
: Play the bottom popularity folks and if there's anything you would ever get, would be buffs.
: I actually feel a little sorry for low elo....
Send help they're getting worse
: >an Ezreal that decides to troll and builds a Triforce and Gauntlet If I had a dollar for every time I was versing an Ezreal who used this build and won...
Molendo (OCE)
: Sigh GG elo hell
I knew that I'd seen your name somewhere..
: [Gameplay & Bugs] Please confirm whether these bugs truly exist
I've seen it with vaynes ult.. weird af Also saw a tryndamere do it after he TP'd back to lane, only to find out he actually did press r by accident. :3
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kirito666 (OCE)
: T_T
Hey man, I got pretty similar teams and I was in sil3 last season. I'm now in bronze 2 and almost into my bronze 1 promos. Honestly it's difficult but if you keep trying eventually you will climb. Try and make smart picks at champ select is probably my best advice! Best of luck! Add me in-game if you want to duo some time
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