: People here are talking about skillcaps, but "Mechanically intense" doesn't necessarily mean "difficult". For example, Lee Sin and LeBlanc, are _mechanically_ complex, but that by no means makes them difficult. They require a lot of button pushing it's true, but essentially function around a set number of core combos, playing them is mostly just your fingers memorising the right order to press buttons. Once you've practiced the combos enough, you can play them blindfolded. Meanwhile champs like Aurelion Sol, are mechanically simple, but much more difficult to play. 80% of Sol's damage comes from 1 ability, and that ability is either on or off. His other abilities are for the most-part just _'press the button and a bunch of cosmic fire comes spewing out'_ not a lot to it really. Sol's difficulty comes from having to always be watching, thinking about, and predicting EVERYTHING! Once someone gets close to you, that's it, you're gone, no buts. If you don't have an eye on literally everything thats happening in a fight, you'll find yourself trapped in with a Talon or a Yi, and your jig is up. Unlike Lee and LB with all their dashes and invisibility and shields, Sol has no training wheels, you make a mistake, thats a grey screen for you. You have to predict everyone's movements including your own, and put yourself in the right position at exactly the right time. Know when to go in, know when to get out, you have to know all the other champs and what they can do, and how fast/slow they can get to you. Moral of the story: Things aren't always as they seem. And theres no 1 solution. ___________________________ But tbh, if you're new, don't go looking for high mechanics champs. In fact, don't go looking for any kind of champs yet. Just try out the champs on free rotation each week, give each one a proper go. When you get enough BE, buy champs you are interested in. If you wanna be a wind samurai then buy Yasuo, if you want to set shit on fire then buy Brand. Eventually you'll find two things; you'll find a champ you love, and you'll find out what kind of champs you enjoy playing. Once you know that, nothing else matters, difficulty/mechanics/etc. it doesn't matter. You're far more likely to succeed playing someone you love and are interested in and by sticking with them through thick and thin, than you are playing whatever happens to be 'meta' that week. Or whoever has more mechanically difficult abilities. Just have fun, and everything else will follow.
Damn thnx man, i never thought about that and your comment put everything in a different perspective. Ill try out playing a lot of champions and see who i like, just like you said. Thnx again!
axeI (OCE)
: Irelia. She's not just a Q dash champion - two of her abilities have 2 part activations (W & E). There are varying degrees to make creative plays with her combos and making use of her marks on targets. You also would want to maximise use of her passive before going ham on an enemy. Believe it or not, she is a 3/3 skill difficulty and is rewarding to play when mastered.
ill have to try her out! What lanes does she play?
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