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Gasburger (EUW)
: How long are queue times in silver+ elos?
Silver 2, 2:30 but sometimes if you're lucky u get under 1 min queues. I just got one in 22 seconds...
: with the current state of graves i would always recommend the warrior/cleaver/phantom build generally, there are just "optimal" builds for most ad carrys at the moment, remember that cleaver can shred 24% which will generally be roughly equivalent to a lethality item once stacked, which is why its good on e.g. lucian. the only real switch-up on ad carry with regards to tanky teams would probably be whether or not you take a last whisper. hope this helps buddy
Oh okay so from what I understand, Cleaver is better on champs that can stack it easily (like Graves and Lucian) and it's max shred is pretty much equivalent to a Lethality item, and on top of that with all the extra stats it gives compared to say ghostblade which is only 100g cheaper than cleaver, it's alot more efficient to buy cleaver instead. Furthermore a Lethality items have to scale till level 18 for the full effect, so it's just generally better to buy cleaver for champs that can stack it easily. Thanks for the reply! Was very helpful :) Will try it out and do more research!
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macro (OCE)
: How to ACTUALLY climb out of bronze
This worked for me quite well, I was in bronze for half of last season and got into playing ranked seriously at the end of last season, and got out just recently 1) Blame yourself: Instead of getting mad that bot is feeding 0/5 10 minutes into the game, think of ways that you could have prevented that! Like maybe pinging that their jungler may be bot if you see that your bot lane pushed up and there are no wards. 2) Play your comfort pick: Don't only play OP champs that you see on youtube or whatever, play the champs that u enjoy and are good at. But pls don't play something like AP smite blitz mid... 3) Spend time watching REPLAY ANALYSIS by pros on youtube: These babies show you in detail the laning phases and the positionings/ pathings that you should be taking in certain situations. If you are a mid lane main, I recommend Katlife (Not only teaches kat but also general game knowledge of mid lane eg: when to roam, when to back, what items to buy in what situations etc) and its super in depth! 4) PLAY RANKED TO IMPROVE, NOT TO CLIMB!!: If you look at ranked as a way of improvement and testing yourself, you will climb alot faster than if you focus on winning every game. This is because if you think of ranked as a way of improvement you will be constantly trying to find areas where you could have done better, but if you are focusing on the "winning" mindset, you will be constantly trying to find excuses as to why you lost. When you improve, you will climb naturally. Every loss, every grey screen, just think what you could have done that would have not got you killed/ lost the game. These were the things that I did that helped me alot so maybe it'll work for some others too :D GLHF
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: My laptop specs....
Really? I heard the Intel HD 4000 is better check out these two sites and maybe they help Baytrail: 4000: i can run LoL at 60 fps on high on this Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz with Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
Clarkey (OCE)
: OCE Katarina Club
O.o can I join :3
Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.5 is live!
Um Riot? Is this supposed to happen?


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