: Ocean Week Mystery Champion update!
Is there a place we can check whether we got enough points? if not, then can you let me know the points i got?
YoungElk (OCE)
: this is 100% a scam and everyone who said it's good is in on it and lying about it. don't listen to anyone and don't do anything with the link.
"Even on twitch a guy was showing how and that this works" Oh yeah, I saw it online, so it must be true... come on people, use common sense. If it seems too good to be true, chances are high that it is.
: The whole point of it. It is quite OP that a champ this bursty doesn't have mana constraints. Imagine Cass without mana, and times it by two. That's how OP Kat is atm
If they gave Kat an energy bar, they would have to give her a big energy regain on her passive, otherwise it would completely kill her kit, she is completely based around getting resets, stop her from resetting and its over for her.


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