Maraudaur (OCE)
: Pixel art contest 2017
Where is the submission form, I can't seem to find it.
99Dman99 (OCE)
: You can't blame me, the turtle is too sexy{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Also the fact that we lost that battle by 1,089 HP out of 115,00 is just "the sads" being real
: I don't think any other region gets an event as awesome as Ocean Week :) Not just NA.
: I know why that victory screen is your favourite {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You can't blame me, the turtle is too sexy{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Ocean Week Recap
Damn, we lost a battle, which is even sadder because the Hawksbill is my favourite victory image. But good job overall guys, and thanks riot for the awesome OCE week, I bet NA doesn't get anything near as awesome as OCE week.
: Find your name on the reef!
is my name there? Because i think i got enough points for both events
YoungElk (OCE)
: this is 100% a scam and everyone who said it's good is in on it and lying about it. don't listen to anyone and don't do anything with the link.
if the commenter on a scam link isn't even level 30 then the scammer made fake accounts to try and get people to click on the link, what a retarded jerk don't click the link it's not good news.
: Leaverbuster
I feel for you bro, the same thing ALWAYS happens to me, the leaving game because of crashes and getting leaverbusted because of it and even when i join games back half way through and even winning sometimes, i still get banned. This either needs fixing or to become discontinued.
: Only upvoting because it's called Teemo Hunt
Rioter Comments
: Kha' Zix Jungle
the choice is how do you play a jungle assassin? Rengar{{champion:107}} for ganking power or Kha'zix{{champion:121}} for hypercarry power (By that i mean he snowballs heavily) personally, i love my Kha'zix.{{champion:121}} "Change is good"
: Champion Mastery Visibility.
Rito said that they didn't want to let the enemy see it because it's another BM (Mad Manners) tool if they do let the enemy see you showing off your champion mastery.
: > [{quoted}](name=JMeeko,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=ogahrTLt,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-03-11T07:27:32.814+0000) > > Sorry to hear man :/ I get what Rito is trying to achieve with LB, but it needs to be tweaked. So when I told support that I haven't been afk and that I feel LB punished me unfairly, they didn't even read what i said, just "sorry we cant lift your punishment"! THATS NOT WHAT I SAID SUPPORT. {{champion:31}} to be kidding me, support you could send them another ticket or reply stating that
Ok, this is getting ridiculous riot, the salt bomb is incoming. My league litterally only crashes when I play ranked and nothing else, not normals, nothing. When I do play ranked I crash and get banned. Earlier today I played a ranked game but before that, I played a normal game to test my computer speed and ping. It was fine, nothing wrong. Then I go to play that ranked game, the game crashes twice and I lag the rest of the match (true story). We all know what came next, yep the mother f*cking 20 minute low priority queue f*cking games, I feel riot is just being royal d*cks to me and not allowing me to play ranked and improve on my tier at the moment, because I'm stuck and forced to play normals for the rest of my league life. Riot get on fixing this problem, because it's getting beyond a simple complaint, its affecting me and lots of other people on their enjoyment in LoL.
JMeeko (OCE)
: Sorry to hear man :/ I get what Rito is trying to achieve with LB, but it needs to be tweaked. So when I told support that I haven't been afk and that I feel LB punished me unfairly, they didn't even read what i said, just "sorry we cant lift your punishment"! THATS NOT WHAT I SAID SUPPORT. {{champion:31}} to be kidding me, support
Thanks for the feels bro, amd that happens everytime I send a ticket, and they either don't read it, or say the same we can do anything about it because we know it's the same 1000th message we got about LB so we will just put a random name in a message (we all know it is a member of riot whom ever it may be replying) and copy and paste the message, say tough luck and move on. Well guess what, LB needs to be reworked, it punishes the wrong people. I think that when the game crashes and brings up "bug splat" or "Your game has crashed do you want to reconnect" to not get a big punishment, because it's not their fault, but people with ping problems and rage quits should get the punishments, because if you have bad ping, do play. Use this knowledge riot to tweak LB, and tweak your bloody support page too.
: Patch 5.5 notes
Actually buff {{champion:268}} riot, because his soldier attack range is the same, his q is damage is still terrible, his w tower damage is ok, needs a small buff though, the only thing that you actually buffed on azir is his attack speed. No one is going to play azir, because he's terrible, you oalfed him in patch 5.3 and now no one plays him, he was good and was played a lot before patch 5.3, this patch doesn't put azir to an ok spot because you prety much did nothing to him this patch.
JMeeko (OCE)
: LeaverBuster is brutal
I'd had a problem related to LB, and like you (the post person) I reported it to the support team and got the tough luck too, but my problem was a constant, my game would crash everytime I played ranked (just ranked not normals for some stupid reason) and eventuallycome back and play but not crashing this time, but even when sometimes we win when I come back I still get punished. And it got to the point of 20 minute waits for 5 games, and this 20 waits happend twice, so I had to wait a total of 20 minutes for 10 games which adds up to 3 hours and 20 minutes of arbitrary bull%%%% waiting. Rito plz
: I guess that Amumu only likes to listen to... "Wrap Music" when he's alone.
Imagin if {{champion:32}} found a friend then the team surrendered at 20 to end the love story {{item:3151}}
d13sel (OCE)
: Then he finds {{champion:17}} . "ffs, I'm gonna keep looking"
#Rekt {{champion:17}} not even {{champion:32}} likes you
Minxxy (OCE)
: Yes!! This is what i wanna know! WTH why you do dis?
Coz rito wanted people to feel the {{item:3070}} of {{champion:32}} (just a guess).
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: > Any news on Normal Drafts? Is there a chance of getting that queue at least periodically enabled? When we're evaluating our queues we look at all modes. I hear you on Normal Draft, I miss it too. For queue evaluation it's about making sure what's enabled is a positive and healthy experience and at this point Normal Draft is not something we are looking to enable in the immediate future. We will continue to evaluate it though, like we do with all modes.
Since you evaluate all modes, can you take in to consideration on evaluating the limited time gamemode and see if you can put some of those modes on a schedule of their own (e.g Urf or ascension) because it revives some fun instead of just normals and having to wait forever for a new mode. It also can make use of that downloaded content for the modes aswell instead of it going to waste.
Jacser (OCE)
: is jinx going to get a new skin because she needs one
Yeah the Firecracker Jinx, currently on the PBE
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Where is Ezreal (Designer) when we need him
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Why have you nerfed Kha'zix so much? He no longer has sustain or damage in the jungle or fights, the only time he is strong is when the enemies are split apart and low on HP. If these conditions are not made for Kha'zix, then he is useless for the whole game. I want to play {{champion:121}} again without jungling being way too hard for him.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Guys, I feel like I need to mention this since so many of you are bringing skins into it. No where has it said **ANYTHING** about the 'chosen' champs getting skins. In fact Sephyre has already commented on this. >You're choosing a champion to join the free week rotation during Ocean Week =) >It does not have anything to do with skins. You can find the post in question using [this link](
Yeah im confused about why people think skins are involved with the added champions to the "ocean week" rotation.
Thae (OCE)
: i get the feeling that if we could see what the champs looked like and in game character models for the pool party skins i dont think that cait and vi would be winning by a landslide
They are piltovers finest, we need them for the beach. {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}}


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