Faari (OCE)
: Client freezing in champ select with accept/decline match overlay stuck
on the upside you can at least let your team know that you cant do squat while you wait for the timer to time out i want my LP back just hit tab to cycle through until you hit chat https://imgur.com/a/rUsXtZm
Eréndira (OCE)
: UPDATEDPRESS THREE ATTACKS Exposure is now added to targets after the damage from the attack that applies it anyone mind telling me what does this mean actually? English isnt my mother tongue so i am not sure what does that mean. So only those that has PTA rune can activate the exposure?
before the patch it worked like this ->3 autos ->exposure ->damage + extra damage from exposure now: ->3 autos ->damage (no bonus dmg from exposure) ->exposure
: Patch 7.24 notes
@riot mentions changes to Zyra's R in header, no change later specified in abilities. "Base mana regen increased; mana regen growth decreased. W charge time reduced whenever Zyra kills an enemy. W no longer increases plant health. **R increases enraged plants health.**"
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Fitzky (OCE)
: I remember seeing a suggestion 3 years ago in the old champ select about filtering champions by lane and role, finally Riot actually implements it. Well done
you could filter by typing marksman into the search box. roles have been filterable for ages.
: It say that Shaco's "E base damage down" but its gone up. Is that a typo Riot?
ratio got changed from total ad to bonus ad. instead of getting 5+(65 [total ad]) damage at level 1 hes only getting 50+(5 [0.6 bonus ad])
King Nova (OCE)
: But it still has AP scaling the type of dmg is just different...
exactly, so building magic pen doesnt increase the damage of shiv anymore. when boxes and ult do magic dmg. ap shaco is dead
: Patch 7.5 notes
Hey can you make it so that casting Edge of Night doesn't interrupt your movement? Every time I cast it, I just stop moving for a fraction of a second and its really annoying.
: I relogged cause it was being slow and then I got spammed with a bunch of "An unknown error has occured". Managed to log off and back in and now I'm stuck logging in to chat service. (on legacy client if that helps)
same thing happened, tried relogged again and got stuck when trying to login
Gehirn (OCE)
: Yea I've noticed this myself. Thanks for helping confirm this with your report. I'll let someone know. UPDATE: Team has been investigating for a little now, as we determine the source of the problem. As of now it appears to be improving, so you may be able to log in again now. FINAL UPDATE: The problem has been resolved as of 12AM.
some people seem to be working fine but others cannot login. on the new client it gets stuck at authenticating while on the old it gets stuck on logging in. am one of those unable to login. please post an update in server status soon :)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Gaara was definitely cool, but not the most popular character IMO =P my personal favourite was Shikamaru or Rock Lee also just found this, might be interesting to you http://i.imgur.com/69oeTKE.png
So what I've gathered from this post is (with my comments on each under them respectively): **context: im a thresh main and id much rather deal with an assassin (yasuo, zed, vayne [a bit harder to deal with due to a tumble on 2s cd and no more pink wards], lee) than an olaf, kennen, vi, sion, nasus. ill explain why down below. note that I have played extensive amounts of assassins before the rework patch (yas, vayne, zed, lee etc.) 1. champs like Yasuo, Vayne, Lee sin, Zed are able to 1v1 people and thats a problem yasuo and vayne do have that bursty assassin feel but thats only when they are ahead (fed or been playing farming simulator). Also these champs' late game have amazing 1v1 potential due to their HIGH mobility and crit burst (these champs are known for being able to 1v1 really easily). Zed has that initial burst but lacks a huge portion of his damage without his ult and when he does ult it leaves him vulnerable to cc immediately as he comes out of shadows. a well timed silence, stun, nuke is enough to kill him. a lee sin can be flayed out of his q or hop and if that happens he is very very very dead (IF he is building as an assassin, tank is different, he shouldnt have that overwhleming feel if hes a tank so i wont talk about that here) * I guess what im trying to say is that these champs have very distinct weaknesses in their kits (squishy and if they use their mobility; are wide open for an attack) and not knowing when these are and how to deal with them, makes them feel huge. I get that. Mobility is annoying, especially for skillshots (HI SOL). On the other hand they are very weak to point click abilities or low cast times (veigar ult, annie q/r, thresh flay, blitz ult, auto attacks, etc.) Tank yasuo and ekko was cancer. and new rengar is too, level one a single auto+q does 1/3 of rivens hp in 0.1s. empowered q q deals 3/4 in 0.1s. literally no counterplay to that. when olaf runs at my adc with ult and ghost then just pounds him into the ground in a couple hits it really feelsbadman. similar to the new rengar :) thanks IMMUNE TO DISABLES (LETS MAKE AN ASSASSIN THAT CANT BE CC'D, IT WILL BE FUN THEY SAID xDDDDDDDDD) 2. the above champs are overplayed this is because people like to play a fast highly mobile game (assassins!!!!). champs with jumps are million times more likely to be played than those without simply because people like an extra flash or to be able to move around quickly. another reason is that these champs are highly unique in their abilities, combos and interactions in dealing with other champs. also have a fair amount of versatility in how they are played. Hell, i play riven because she is hard to master and just needs that many games to get better, every first riven game of the day is sloppy. After playing league for 5 years its hard to find annie or garen challenging (mechanically), also theres a long standing joke about riven mains (which is why she will be my only level 7). TLDR; assassins are weak against a team that is organised simply because they are squishy and get demolished by any cc which is why trying to find an opening in a 5v5 fight can be very difficult, but when it is found, your carry is dead. side note, I used to play lots of kalista (back when she was pick/ban and then for a while after. after the nerf that made slows also slow her auto attack she pretty much became obsolete as other champs were just more consistent/did the same thing and far easier to win with. ____________________________________________________________ back to mages, rylais being a core item on EVERYONE is/was dumb. Playing orianna and just dragging my ball through people for an obnoxiously high slow only to hit them with my w when it finishes, then q again is just not okay. the fact that mages who were already strong when they are being chased (ori, viktor) being able to kite even easier was way to oppressive. The stats were just too high. You gotta realise that there are different tiers of items, low cost, mid cost, and high cost. low cost items are usually support items with the exception of wits end (who needs a lot of love because it doesnt scale into late that well) **maybe wits end builds into guinsoos?** <<-- HELLO @ RIOT <<-- Rylais being a high cost item just means that building it means that you will scale into late with it (high stats). while zhonyas, abyssal etc have lower stats they have a specific role in what they do (i.e. specialised items). specialised items often sit around mid cost, providing a decent amount of stats (which is not why you buy them) plus a really cool unique effect (which is why you buy them). stuff like ludens, rabadons are high cost with really good stats but lack niche situational utility. RoA is really cool in the way it works because you buy a mid cost item but after 10 mins it turns into a high cost item, much like tear upgrades.
Corehog (OCE)
: Right-click on the person in question on your friendlist and down the bottom is the 'Block' option
what if they aren't on my friendlist? Why would i block someone on my friendlist?
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Dark Vibe (OCE)
: I really hope you get an answer to this because I didn't.. The flex is still a clown fiesta even after their fix, they just need to own a mistake and properly fix it.
same, but the damage is done and its too late.
Gehirn (OCE)
: RANKED - Corrections to placement results and ranks
Context: mid plat on my main, gold 5 on my alt account (Trilight), decided to play flex provisionals on my alt first after all the shenanigans about ranked MMR. On a side note, my first 10 ranked games (just hit level 30) on my alt put me in S2/S1 (cant remember exactly) and shortly after got to gold. I played my 10 flex games this season, got put in S2 (which i think is fair enough because of reset; G5->S2), then I played some games and the next day, I played one ranked game (that '11th' game, I say 11 although it was more like my 20th due to the fact that is an extension of provisionals, whose existence I was not aware of) my alt acc was put into bronze 1 (S2->B1). Like what is going on with your MMR formulas!? My 11th game was against diamonds, I lose and get put in bronze. To quote the link in the original post "*To clarify, this is not a do-or-die placement match.*" Certainly feels like it. Because of this and how poorly everyone else is being treated by the MMR system I'm actually scared of playing ranked on my main. It's been years since a hard reset and I was fairly certain that this season would be the one but I didn't expect it to be delivered like this. Straight up needed to disable ranked while you figured this sh!t out. Only causing more problems with each fix. Not super mad about the drop, just mad about how you are dealing with everything and releasing new sh!t that is only **HALF COMPLETED** (been doing this for ages and is really getting on my nerves, especially the new client, which I will rant about elsewhere).
Fadii (OCE)
: Why is Dark Star Varus skin unavailabe in the shop. I own Varus champion and i am level 30 but it still says unavailable where it should say the price of new skin
"The following skins will be released **_DURING_** patch 6.12" aka not out yet, keep your eyes open. Also skins dont have level requirements. (unless you count end of season rewards)
: They only just removed the rune combiner not too long ago if you recall as I do, due to the fact that it was not getting used a great deal.
actually it was removed because when an account got hacked, the hacker would combine all their tier 3 runes so they'd only have 1-2 runes total.
: I'm sure by this we all mean to add this to the current system. Perhaps some additional clarification (if possible) could be provided? Such as does the system learn specific words from the reports which the community deems as not acceptable? If so, how does it pick up those exact words? Is it possible for Riot to add specific words, phrases etc directly to the system? Does the system currently have the ability to rank certain words as harsher than others? e.g. If someone was to be reported for swearing, or if someone was to make a direct threat, does the system rank the threat as a higher offence? I think this form of clarification will help the community understand the system a little more when it comes to these types of behaviour.
sure but you cant really filter out a small phrase of two or 3 words. context is important too. for example if we filter out 'kill yourself', what if the whole phrase was 'dont kill yourself'. you cant just filter out words without context. if we were going to filter out 'kill yourself' why not keep going and filter out 'die' and every other word with a negative connotation. there is a limit to what riot can do. reporting and muting is what we need to do so that riot has the power to identify toxicity. if you dont feed the flames then they shouldnt have a reason to abuse you so heavily. the more you argue the more the toxicity grows. EDIT: I feel like since they finally implemented the new report system, toxicity levels have dropped and they will continue to drop. it will just take time for some people to be weeded out. riots doing a good job
: D for Damage #feelthebern2016
D for dodge, F for fire (or fuck you) {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}}
: Retiring Dominion
riot i hope you know that people will hold a grudge against you for this. No dominion for starters but also no hide and seek or ascension. If you truly listened you would have made dominion something like twisted treeline. But what's next? will you be removing TT too, simply because there are less players that play it? Not once did you even open up a dominion queue on this server so how can you possibly know how many people will play it? RIP the fun in this game, now its just boring old rift for the rest of our lives.
Gehirn (OCE)
: That's correct. The January sale is part of Ocean Week, whereas the sale in February is part of the regular global sales schedule.
: February sales schedule
on this post it says that night hunter rengar will be on sale for 487 Rp sometime in feb. on another post (http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/summer-sale-approaches) it says that night hunter rengar will be on sale on the 25/1 for 682 Rp, does this mean that it will be on sale twice?
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