Socon (OCE)
: Im not exactly sure why they did it, I don't feel as if anyone was begging for a zac rework like people have been for graves, vlad, or akali.
pretty sure everyone hated old zac ult anyway. I saw his new ult and thought zac is finally viable to use. apparently riot wanted none of that. how dare people enjoy playing zac let rever his r. loss all his players again
: Dont know how to win
I currently have 1366 ranked games. come feel my pain
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: OCE Clash test starts September 3
this i great to hear. have had lots of problems in champ select and i really hope to see alot of improvment in these small things to make the game run smoothly. as league has always been a really well made game its good to see this
prophacyx (EUW)
: they literally ruined zac by reverting the R. Zac is my main champion but i won't play him ever again untill they give back the R.
completely agree. they made a great idea and brought Zac into a good stop. then suddenly decided they hated Zac and removed the good ult
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LeBeanus (OCE)
: Safe Cheese Champion Picks
honestly you just need to now what to use against them man and how to play it. so kayle you want to freeze lane in front of your tower and if she comes near kill her but keep the freeze so you get lots of cs and she cant get anything. darius renek you have to farm as safe so possible and poke if you can but don't go out of your way to et them make a mistake. like try get a build up of 2 or so waves and if they go in your minions will do so much damage you can kill them if not tower hug and level up a scaling champion because both fall of. kennen watch for his basic attack empowerment and avoid it most of the time they will move really close to try get it of for the stun. so soon and he uses it on a minions go in for a quick trade but make sure you have minions blocking so he cant hit his q. he either has to run or go in on you in your wave. if jayce stand behind minons and weave to the side of them to try bait his long shit so it misses minions and you. go in for quick trade he will more likely than not knock you back after you get 2 abilities off don't chase. go back behind your wave again. teemo. if he uses his blinding dart and youre trynd or something soon as he uses it go in on him like a second after and it will end by the time you lethal tempo winds up when you spin in on him. kill him straight up. never actauly had cat top lane. but id say cheese her. wait in bushes start of game soon as she moves in to cs give her something to think about. if trynd wait for the front 3 minions to almost die spin through them at her so you kill all three and get a nice rage bar started then beat her arse abit, avoid her traps at alls costs they will wreck you very very fast
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dogsrule (OCE)
: Scuttle crab spawn change needs to be reverted.
I agree with the changes man. now the jungle is open to so many more champions and mid lane isn't gank central first 2minutes.
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