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: Should be like WoW or something, if it's deemed inappropriate, you become Fluffyduck581 till you relog and click the namechange notification
I'd have it as a can't play until you change your name plus the temp name staying until your new name is approved, just to stop them renaming to something else inappropriate and sorta as a punishment.
r0b0cop (OCE)
: Pando Media Booster is packaged with Lol installer. WTF
You must be using an old version of the installer, the current one is free from Pando Media Booster. If it gets on your pc it's relitively simple to remove via Programs and Features. It was a legitimate program but it got hyjacked a few years back and is now malware.
Leeeeeroy (OCE)
: Do something about the tribunal. Get rid of Toxic/AFK/Trolls NOW!
The main issue is that toxic players assume because there's no tribunal then they can be as toxic as they want with no punishment, add to that alot of players don't see the point in reporting if there's no tribunal and its just a cycle of toxicity.
TankerInc (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=iGodzLike,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=zQUTReVZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-10T09:06:20.957+0000) > > I have not been on league of legends for a while now, when i logged onto league there was a permanent ban on my account. > > One of my good friends who i use to talk to a lot shared this account, it was my account, my email and stuff, this person had betrayed me a few weeks ago, and been trying to scam most of my items in games such as runescape, csgo and rakion. > i can only assume that he flamed/cursed a lot on my account to give me a permanent ban on purpose. > i had forgotten to change my league of legends password when he betrayed my trust. > > Waiting for your reply. Call the ACCC. Queensland laws maybe different in your area. In Queensland we have a law called " Life of purchase " meaning if you spent money on your account. You paid money with a idea of how long you will have access to that item and so on. Check the laws and contact the support with the law and actions you want to happen. If they do not do as requested you have the right to take it even higher by contacting the ombudsman. After that you can take it even higher by contacting the minister for ACCC to have the issue resolved. After which you should contact a lawyer about legal rights you have and and so on. Hope this helps. Remember if you live in Aus. ACCC PROTECTS YOU FROM STUFF LIKE THIS! P.S EULA/ToS Can be by passed by the feeling of paying money for a item. Meaning you will always agree to them because you have invested money into it. P.SS Played list for ACCC laws. These are BASIC IDEAS. You should google for more information in detail
Yes Riot's ToS and EULA can't overwrite your consumer rights, but virtual goods have a huge grey cloud over them. I'd just make a new account and learn my lesson.
Malygos (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Flying Brick,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=idiERIGJ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-08T21:57:50.178+0000) > > He was just a nutter. > Basically he tried to join the Hell's Angels before but they rejected him. He was basically a one man Westbro Baptist church, that the cops thought was annoying but harmless. But he just decided to take it one step up with the "siege". The "terrorist" angle was taken up by the media because he was Iranian. And the rest is history. And you know, the whole hanging of Islamic flags sported by ISIS over the window of the cafe, he wasnt related to ISIS before then. It was one of those lone wolf attacks ISIS wants people to engage in in their name
> [{quoted}](name=Malygos,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=idiERIGJ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-03-08T22:20:21.632+0000) > > And you know, the whole hanging of Islamic flags sported by ISIS over the window of the cafe, he wasnt related to ISIS before then. It was one of those lone wolf attacks ISIS wants people to engage in in their name And if he'd picked a Confederate or a Swastika flag it would of been different? No. He used the ISIS flag because he wanted attention, not because he was a lone wolf. What ISIS lone wolf attacks do is kill as many as possible because that's what they're groomed to do, like . Where as Haron Monis was just a fanboy, in a way, who just wanted attention. A corrention, he tried to join the Rebels, not Hell's Angels (I got my bikie groups mixed up) but he also called himself a "spirtual healer" and was on bail for sexual assault and suspected of accessory to murder and had been hospitalised in the past for chronic schizophrenia. Just saying if this had been a 30 or 40 year old white guy, the media would of gone on about how he was off his meds and that it was a failing of the mental health system, etc. Also he's not actually reconised as a terrorist because he didn't have an actual cause, because he was just a nutter. Also in writing this, I've probably been put on several AISO watchlists for double checking all the facts.
: Somebody tried to change my email.
As well as changing your password, run a full malware scan on your pc. If you have a keylogger, it'll just catch your new password too. I'd also clear the history on your browser, incase a bad cookie or temp file is behind it.
: Disconnect
First off, test any possible solutions in a custom game, you won't get tagged for leaving/dcing those. These could help: - Check your firewall/anti-virus software settings, incase LoL is being blocked. - Disable Peer-to-peer (it's in the gear icon of the cilent) - Make sure Pando Media Booster isn't on your computer (it use it be part of LoL but got removed and since then has be hyjacked into adware/spamware) - Try a full re-install, it might help in this situation, since you think it's not your internet doing this. If that doesn't work, try sending in a support ticket. Also your system specs would be super usefull.
: false reports #riothelpme
They won't be ignored but they'll be taken less seriously. Also they might get a warning or punishment if they're really just spam reporting but that takes a ton of reports. If you're worried about getting banned based off false reports, it shouldn't happen, Riot usally can tell the difference between low skill and feeding/trolling.
: AU hostage situation?
> [{quoted}](name=Icarus1314,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=idiERIGJ,comment-id=00020000000000000001,timestamp=2016-03-08T04:01:23.700+0000) > > some say he was a fan of the ISIS He was just a nutter. Basically he tried to join the Hell's Angels before but they rejected him. He was basically a one man Westbro Baptist church, that the cops thought was annoying but harmless. But he just decided to take it one step up with the "siege". The "terrorist" angle was taken up by the media because he was Iranian. And the rest is history. As for the whole gun control and access thing. After gun control got passed, by a super conservative government because they didn't what it to happen again. As for getting a gun, it's not that hard. I'm actually going for my gun licence and all you need to do is pass a gun safety writen test (simple stuff like don't point guns at people) and a police check.
mexican0 (OCE)
: Hacked account, Need help from a Rioter
As well as the ticket, I'd do all the scans you can on your pc to make sure there's no keyloggers or other malware that could of taken that info. Also clear your browser history, including log ins and cookies (incase of a scam site).
: Cyber bullying
Part of the problem is that there's no perception that people get punished, they do but the consensus with alot of people is because there's no tribunal they can behave like human trash and get away with it. Sure it's not just an OCE problem but it's pretty bad here. Sadly this happens in every game, thank god LoL doesn't have voice chat, because of a few things. First is children who don't know what sportsmanship is because I know if my mum caught me going on like that, even today, she'd take the computer off me. But there are also people who are just (word I shouldn't say on the forums) who just take enjoyment from being like that to people, I've always said that those people are truely sad but they keep apearing. Also if they're posting abusive videos about you, on youtube atleast, you can report them as harrasment.
SmashBro (OCE)
: Scripter (No in game video) But Solid Evidence
It does look mighty sus, that climb is quite fast. Riot usally keeps an eye on climbs like that, but it doesn't hurt to report them in.
: My question is why bother? What do you get out of botting in league? Nothing really that you can't get with just time. I have been playing some 6 years, have all but 34 champions, have all the runes I could need and even a few name changes over that time.
They do it to sell the accounts, I looked it up they sell them for about $30 US.
: Some help from a rioter needed.
As well as reporting their account here, you can report the videos for harrasment (youtube and other sites will let you do that).
: which makes me think... are there matches happening with 5 bots lol
There probably are but it's probably like Fight Club. Rule One: Don't talk about all bot games. Funny thing is it would be a smart way to get away with it, no one to report them.
: been there done that TwT hope u win the game tho
I didn't but I atleast put up a fight so it was very clear I was human. {{champion:420}} vs {{champion:8}} I atleast got the only 3 kills.
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playsuit (OCE)
: If you can pay for level 30, brand new players will flood bronze and make it impossible to win. You'll have people on your team with no runes or masteries set playing Urgot Jungle.
> [{quoted}](name=playsuit,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=spLXma2P,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-25T10:04:51.950+0000) > > If you can pay for level 30, brand new players will flood bronze and make it impossible to win. You'll have people on your team with no runes or masteries set playing Urgot Jungle. And how are they ment to do ranked with no champions or ip? But if it becomes and issue, Riot could just make it so you can't played ranked for x number of days after you pay to get to 30. Plus they are flooding bronze anyway, they buy their accounts and just jump staight in.
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: 3 lvling bot in one game?
I've been getting swarms of them too x-x But I think Riot might be doing someing as I've noticed the bot's behavior change somewhat recently from the normal just AFKing.
: RIOT, when are you going to do something about all the bot players?
I just got out of a game with 3 of them, it was literally unplayable. I've noticed there's several different types around, probably different sellers. First is the type you said Leo, 3-4 letters and 3 numbers that just facehump the enemy and will roam from lane to lane feeding. Another just afks at spawn or near the nexus, seems to be rarer now but I see the odd one. And then there's the ones that afk in lane, only to spam abilitys if an enemy comes near.
Crayola (OCE)
: Possible Surgery : Possible Death : Account Situation After (from Reddit)
It's sad to hear about that, I hope things go well for you. Basically skins can't be transfered but you can include things like usernames and passwords in a will. Basically you write them down (clearly) and seal them and delcare in the will who gets what account. It sounds weird to do but it means someone can have your account after you die, or atleast deactivate it for you (in the case of things like fb).
Wuks (OCE)
: Hey A Flying Brick, The use of scripts and third-party programs is against the Terms of Use, and is an offense worthy of suspension. The integrity of leveling up and playing games is very important to us, so these actions will not be tolerated. As such, be sure to report any instances of 3rd Party Application use to Riot Games Player Support so they can investigate the issue further. Thank you, and sorry that these bots are causing you a negative experience.
I kinda know all that and I've been reporting every one of them I've come across and told my friends to do the same thing, but they're still in nearly every game we play (both bots and aram). We even have a mini game of sorts where we guess who the bots are pre-game, since they never talk and always pick a free week champ (usally a tank). And that's how bad it's gotten that we can, quite accuratly, pick them out since another tell is that they take forever to load in (most likely due to ping). And they do make the game literally unplayable, last night was the worst example of this since it was me as Poppy and my friend as Ahri with all three bots just running down mid and feeding.
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Can you edit your post to remove the link? Just so more people don't click on it. Change http to hxxp or something so it's not the real link.
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: Problem with the battle boss blitzcrank slash art.
They flipped it to make it fit better for the champion page, Riven's page has it the right way around.
Exhausted (OCE)
: why has this thread been downvoted?
Because people are jerks. Still OP, if I could hop on a plane I'd be up for it but since I'm stuck here, I'd settle to join you for a few games. :)
: You might think so but I was surprised, we also have a lot of South East Asia playing on our servers which is why laste at night and early in the morning there is fewer english speakers in games.
That too. But I do know people who work afternoon/night shift, that make it home about then. Still you're right, there's alot of non english speakers on then and that puts alot of people off playing ranked.
Jason (OCE)
: I would like to help. I'm what you'd call a positive player. Always try my hardest, never get emotional in game, and I don't play teemo. :P I even wrote an article last year about how you can improve your play with positivity; I'd be happy to get on board if this becomes a thing :)
I'm positive too and happy to help. Tho I do have playstyles that rub people up the wrong way, like Teemo, top Vlad, Fizz and being good at grabs. But I'm always the voice of reason and normally bad puns. PS Jason, nice guide :) > [{quoted}](name=Infected Walnut,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=9Zqoy8fh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-08-17T01:00:35.134+0000) > > It would have to be some place safe, where people could choose to post either anonymously or with an ID, because if they posted with their in game names I could see people adding them and them flaming them for their behaviour. That's the thing too, I play PD2 and the forums are a bit of a witch-hunt when it comes to cheaters and I expect the same thing would happen to some ex-toxic players. The challenge is making this work without it becoming overrun by trolls and spammers.
: Seems quite useful +1
> [{quoted}](name=donger4lyfe,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AWxFarix,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-18T08:24:23.194+0000) > > Seems quite useful +1 Quite so, it's hard to remember what I have and don't have.
: LF Riot Response to Ranked queues not going down between 4-8 recently being re-instated.
The problem is not enough people play at those hours, atleast during the school term. Personally I would of had it 2-6am instead of 4-8am since I know a few people who like to get a game or two in before work/school. Sure that would mean some people calling it a bit more of a early night, but is that a bad thing?
: I'm going to have to disagree with you here, I think they seemed very supportive of the idea of LoL being an esport and having it's own culture and portrayed it in a very positive light.
Atleast more positive than most channels would. I've seen a report about Supernova (that was mostly dumb puns and downright mockery of some cosplayers) on before a report about an Elvis Impersonator Convention and they gave the people dressing up as Elvis a more respectful light. (can't remember the channel but it was either 7 or 9)

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