: The damage adds on to the original, so it basically doubles itself
: Patch 5.16 notes
I may be missing something but it seems to me that {{champion:72}} Q is the same damage empowered as it is non empowered ?
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: m8. you realize THIS FEATURE is your tribunal.. you practically have the gavel in your hand bro. be happy :)
It isn't like i was a model citizen player, I had been banned twice before temp), but on NA servers the game that sent my account that i had spent probably $200 on total since season 2 start was a game in which my only line of chat was "lol" because an enemy misplayed something horrifically and everyone was like lol lets 9 man report him and they did and then trolls all said yes guilty in the tribunal so they'd get what like 5 ip or whatever it was, it was so flawed
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
I want to preposition this post by saying you cannot pre start an April Fools joke before April Fools itself, so if this is you are failing hard. Now that I have explained the rules, why the heck do businesses have to do this, you know what the people want, stop being so self conceited about it being a sport, not everyone wants to be in the pro league, give people what they want it is being a good person and business 101

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