: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
as soon as i read " Don't worry, he lives on.. inside of YOU! " something fell into my eye and i started rubbing it and like my eyes swelled up and became all teary and then i read " little tear " afterwards and was laughing/crying so hard because of the sweet irony .______. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Oh ye.. BRING BACK URF, PLZ!
indeed, BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOLLI!!!!! . . . . -cries *pffffft not that i hate brocolli*
Jakiron (OCE)
: Voted just for the smörgåstårta.
u sir, deserve the smörgåstårta :D
Geldour (OCE)
: no pie on list, didnt vote.
waii..... gawd damnit why didnt i put in pie *face palm*
: what is this about.
dont ask just do ._. hurr durr
: i voted diebetes
: What if I like Top Kek? > if u do vote I will give you uhhh a smörgåstårta???? I still voted because smörgåstårta, OP that's a promise.
This might be a bit late but here ***gives smörgåstårta*** TAKE IT!!! I DONT NEED IT NO MOARR ....... :D
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