: Nightmarish Legacy Skins descend into the Vault
: Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin to win: One For All returns
LarsTripC (OCE)
: I was a big fan of the Sea shanty song that replaced the usual summoners rift music, i know in the past riot has released the song like with URF intro music etc, is there anywhere to get that?
: 36 hours? to finish the last act? Took me 8 games to finish it. btw in 2nd act you can kill 500 minions in normals not only butchers bridge.
wtf? it says aram minions so i thought u can only kill aram minions... o well, and btw the gp icon is harder to get than the tf/graves one
trolbyte (OCE)
: ***
Why do u leave ur last win when u can just get it :\
: just make AllforOne and Urf a once a weekend a month thing and i'd be happy, also can you guys update the ping system and say add these to it, Ult up in 5,10,30 second timers in smaller windows next to it, enemy ult down and have it targetable on a specific champ including friendlies, have a ping for bush warded, just work with that for now, really hope you guys do this it'd make the game so much more fun and smooth give the players what they deserve, a change from the toxic players who berate them about failing an engage or being out of place in a teamfight, also with the original ping system maybe add a feature to ping "move here" or "careful" rather the pings themselves (similar to Smite and Dota 2), i don't know why you guys haven't done this yet, but i'd dream of they day you announce it, much love <3 Nerf {{champion:11}} :^)
If there's gonna be a million pings instead of just pinging in 4 directions everyone's probably gonna miss the ping they're going for, unless u wanna spend 20 seconds pinging instead of helping team.
Dyl (OCE)
: You spelled _Rito_ wrong :/
Yes, they did ;)
: ***
GP will be back after the event ends. Chill mate.
Mutant735 (OCE)
: Most of my friends have all champs, the most recent to get them all has played for 1100 hours (according to wasted-on-lol.com)
counted first win of the day?
Jynxer1 (OCE)
: awesome. what if I own every skin?{{summoner:30}}
: Is it actually common for people to own all the champions? Last I checked owning every champ cost like 750,000 IP and was practically unobtainable without paying hundreds?
Play lots, thats all u need.
: what happens regarding the mystery champion if you own all the champions?
Read.The.Forums.And.You.Will.Know. "If you own all the champs, we'll throw a mystery skin your way instead." Does that make it clear?
: Maybe I'm just a loner, but making 5 man premade's are really hard, even with people you don't usually play with and meet randomly. The only other option is to spend tonnes of rp and we'll all go broke before we get anywhere with that... I feel like these point thresholds are way too high. We are coming to the end of the week and we have only scored one sixth of the way, even if we had another 2-3 weeks, we'd only just barely make it over these thresholds :/
Go on public chats. you will find those who invites u.
Neon Wolf (OCE)
: How to make 55 million points in 6 days 101. :3
Imagine if u have to earn 55 mil points in 6 days by urself.... hahaha
Soloa (OCE)
: they want us to spend lots of rp on gifting
Especially to use their end of game screen gifting option...
: Someone at Riot realised that after 2 days of the event we have barely scraped past 5mil points and the aim was to get 55mil in 7 days (roughly 8mil per day). Maybe increasing the chance to get legendaries will make people spend money and earn points for this failing event... RIP we will never see the Pool Party minions http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/features/team-up-pool-party The REAL problem is: 1. Its hard for people to get 5-man groups. I can get 3-4 pretty easy, hard to find a 5th. 2. Once you do get 5, you only gets points for WINS and you ONLY get 5 3. Almost NO ONE will gift at "end of game screen" just to raise points for a stupid event
go on LFG chat. (Looking For Group)
: Why is no one addressing how op and "balanced" Fiora is? I use her a fair bit and just think she is a little bit crazy. {{champion:114}}
: no 8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 is correct because 8 people could come last one last has been select there are 7 left so 7 could come 2nd last so that would make 56 options for just predicting last and 2nd last
its 7x6x5x4x3x2x1 because a team cant get 2 places at the same time
: ***
amazing how good ppl are at maths lmfao its 7x6x5x4x3x2x1, one team cant get two places at the same time
: yeh so if 50000 players get it right you will get 2 rp ?
yeh so if 200000 players get it right you get 0.5 rp? is there such a thing?
: MAKE IT PERMANENT (at least in customs so you can like 5v5 with friends)
Yes make it permanent in customs pls :3
: Just keep it for customs, would be cool to have, or maybe next time it comes out allow hexakill urf or tt urf, maybe aram urf. There's plenty to be done. This is obviously a loved game mode and you can't keep bringing it back every year, things have to evolve, doesn't mean this can't join the team.
Hey, me and my friends are hosting 5v5 Howling abyss URF games in customs, and your welcome to join us :)
: Dont get me wrong im happy URF is back. But you need to bring the permabans back or make significant changes to certain champs. You see the same champs banned and the same champs played. unbalanced and not fun for people who actually want to have fun and play something out of the ordinary like me. Sick of seeing the same champs all the time. Still happy this game mode is out tho but can get annoying. #URF2015
The whole point of URF is to have fun spamming m8.
: Maybe they will release NURF on april fools day, then for the next two weeks have URF?{{champion:6}}
EzeBlood (OCE)
: Would someone please teach me the ways of bigger and different font?
Use hashtags. I used 3 hashtags in my other comment, at the start
ZF Fancy (OCE)
: First they take my DFG. Now they're ruining my Urf? Who are you and what have you done with Rito.{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: OK OK.... tomorrow is April fool's... if this is a joke... hahaha yeah.. funny.. if you're actually gonna release this... jokes on you and i'm excited to see the forums light up with anger.
: they forgot to add in -200% projectile speed
Sobriquet (OCE)
: It HAD to come out when I'm going overseas......and for a month too!
: **URF NOT NURF!** {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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oooo nice one man XD some spaces would be nice
ZF Fancy (OCE)
: Start the chain. #UrfNotNurf
: Better N.U.R.F Irelia {{champion:39}} {{summoner:3}}
Taliyah (OCE)
: So no melee champions are viable, at all?
: Yeh not so sure if {{champion:48}} or just trying to bring the most disabled idea to the table. Feels like we're all going to be moving slower than{{champion:16}} with 6 {{item:1001}}
ha... 100 movespeed champs... gg
: Riot is obviously pulling the bait and switch, they have never cared for Leaks in the past, either they are working with surrender@20 or have purposefully leaked false information. Without a doubt we will see URF mode on April 1st
well I really hope so, as in it is April Fools, they might just be fooling us right there.
: RIP Urf.
please, URF not UBF/USF (Ultra boring fire/Ultra slow fire)
: youre exited to play ULTRA BOOOOOORING FIRE?
: Riot, this better be a joke. Waited sooooo long for this gamemode to come back so I can just destroy with {{champion:6}} . RIP URF MODE {{item:3070}} i cri errytim {{item:3070}}
^ Ive been waiting to play ezreal, maokai, nasus and so many other champs.... welp rito seems legit.
: Am i the only one who is upset that its the complete OPPOSITE TO URF MODE {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}}
Nope, same here with me :\ WE WANT URF NOT NURF
Akivir (OCE)
: Now I can become a true Urgod Master!
Urgot to be kidding me.
2 g (OCE)
: I don't get money until the 20th, and was wondering if Dragonblade Riven will still be on sale for 975 RP by then?
Fog (OCE)
: Well, on the contrary, I've been reading a lot of complaints from players who have been AFK in their past games about the new Leaver Busters punishment system. e.g. 20 minute queue bans on the next five lower priority matches. So I say Riot has been doing a decent job of increasing the punishment levels of players that AFK.
Riot should make a game that have at least one AFK'er in it a Loss prevention... or it wouldnt actually be fair
DarkWing (OCE)
: 2x change for legendary skin :P the literature rito very nice ;)


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