Ninox (OCE)
: Each skin has it's own AU. Some of those universes are shared by multiple champions (PROJECT, Star Guardian, etc) and some are all on their lonesome (Beemo, Aether Wing, Demolisher etc), but any can be used for the contest!
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=ob8mmZki,comment-id=001e0000,timestamp=2018-09-25T04:00:11.229+0000) > > Each skin has it's own AU. Some of those universes are shared by multiple champions (PROJECT, Star Guardian, etc) and some are all on their lonesome (Beemo, Aether Wing, Demolisher etc), but any can be used for the contest! well looks like its gonna be high noon in the underworld then ;P
Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Enter Now!
so.. does it HAVE to be a skin that has a full skin line (like project skins for example) or could it be a skin thats not part of a set (which makes no sense imo since theres more than 1 skin that follows its theme xD im amazed they arent grouped up in a set together ) {{champion:4}} {{champion:62}} {{summoner:1}}
: Yep what I was thinking - Australia isn't the only country in Oceania!! Come on RIOT - we count too!
dude riot games are just a racist company. that encourage discrimination. what do you expect
Ramjo (OCE)
: they better not do this bs timing on urf weekend
dude this whole thing just shows how racist riot games it and just shows how they LOVE to encourage discrimination
: I got two champion shards that I already owned {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
same thing happened. 2 champs i already owned from those 2 :/
Jackoz (OCE)
: Normal Drafts while ranked is unavailable
i just find it funny how NA have normal draft xD
Shiney (OCE)
: QUICKFIRE Academy LF Player
not gold/silver anymore. i was silver but dropped down. been climbing back up steadily. added you in client any time is fine for me
: Dominion is on the cards, as are any previous modes. ^_^ Exact lineup still TBD.
if you add doom bots please for the love of god dont make illaoi doom bot please... the tentacles would kill us all. but making a gnar doom bot who turns into a mini baron when he changes form would be the best troll in the game ;)
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
11 am AEST... WELL FUCK sucks if your in new zealand. 1pm till we can start. shoulda just made it non stop so people dont gotta wait
R3LL1K42 (OCE)
: What if someone is afk in doubles???? O_o
i would love to break this game mode... its called a mouse with buttons on it ;) other person can just type insults and ping and be a map caller haha
: I'm from NZ, the rest of the guys are AUS
to many australians. not worht supporting :P
: Would a Zilean{{champion:26}} team be able to permastun?
yea but {{champion:45}} kinda stops him. stun and ult xD problem solved
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
chances of making a request to medical research to some of the less thought about medical conditions though please, like primary adisons disease.
Meddler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hugh Lovett,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=yHhIOYjO,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-09-29T03:49:04.399+0000) > > is that a southern cross I see? that's a pretty legit idea for something that represents both AUS and NZ... I had a similar reaction when someone first mentioned the idea at the office here, really stood out as a multi country thing, in contrast with the various pop culture or historical themed ideas suggested. Lot of those were cool, but either really single country or concepts that didn't travel well to wider audiences (plus as a kiwi must admit I'd have been personally been a bit sad to see us go with something that didn't have at least some NZ connection).
its fine until you hear whats happening here in new zealand. government is trying to change our flag to a plain right horrible one :/ but i do love the idea of something like the southern cross idea to represent both aus and NZ
: Even though I believe thats a terrible pick (mainly because the lane being so short towers can be used to kill your ghouls while they stil manage to last hit) if no one had locked in the mid role before you in ranked draft and you clearly said you were going mid and you make it work I wouldn't report you for trolling lobby, i'd report you assisting enemy team after if it failed miserably (meaning you lost cs tower and kd badly b4 12mins approx) This is more to stop people choosing roles already locked earlier in the lobby than off meta picks. Assisting enemy team is already good enough report for exceedingly off meta picks, when they fail miserably (like nami mid). I have no problem with mids in support role (zyra,lux,orianna,brand,annie, syndra etc etc) as long as they buy a sightstone b4 20 mins, its when they go mid and someone in the ranked draft has already called and locked in a mid and they go mid leaving your adc on their own that their needs to be a way BEFORE aswell as after the game to report it.
its like people giving me crap for playing morgana top... i still have never lost to either yasuo or riven. even manadged to beat a yasuo when i joined late. he was level 6 i was level 3, both had full health and i won... (though he needs to not be so predictable on his dashing... i kind of predicted everysingle one)


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