: Champion and skin sale: 29.09 – 03.10
Haven't hit the store yet? Or is it just me?
: Just you're opinions are WRONG
What do you mean?
: No offense or anything like that but you're bronze 3 :P
So? We all have to start somewhere right?
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Lysaaer (OCE)
: Nice video but to be fair shouldn't you be focusing on yourself instead of providing tips on climbing for other players since you are only bronze like if you were plat or higher its understandable making a video like this but if other people do what i did and op.gg you they will be like why is this guy making videos like this when hes barely climbing himself
A good comment and thank you for the feedback. The way I see it, is that since I've enabled these tips I've seen my game improve drastically, and as an end result would like to share MY tips to players. Regardless there are probably still players in higher elos that still don't do the simply things etc. Regardless thank you fro your feedback and i am focusing on myself "_"
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: Hiya :) Your videos are pretty good; your TF play was fun to watch, and your guides/break-downs are quick yet informative. Also, everyone likes an Aussie accent xD There is *one big, glaring problem*, however... your audio is garbage. Not in the sense that there's a lot of background noise, but rather the fact it is sooooooooo quiet. The only way I can hear it is if I have my volume set to 100. The same holds true in the TF video, where the music is super quiet. This could be down to how you record your audio, or it could be happening during editing/post-production. Hope this helps, and keep up the good videos :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thanks mate! I've had a lot of feedback in regards to my audio being low. I'm thinking I might just bump it up a bit in Sony Vegas and hopefully that will fix it. Thanks a lot!
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