kodakZ (OCE)
: AFK'ers cost whole team LP.
Triple demerits should apply to afkers. let them drop an entire division for leaving a game that results in a loss.
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: LF Silvers to ranked with
Added. Keen for games later on. S5 support main.
: Remove the new role selection for OCE.
Play support, instant queues. What's the difference between picking a role you want and waiting 10-15minutes, or joining a game instantly to then play a role you don't want for 30min+ ?
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: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
: Hi Aboriginidalee, Have you tried the [Riot Guide for Black Screen](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201753044-Store-Error-Store-appears-blank-black-or-empty) in the store? Try the steps in it and let us know if it works. If not we can see if there is anything else we can figure out.
Hello K.A! Thanks for your response. I have had some progress although it turns out to be a different issue to what I originally thought. I tried everything in that link to no avail, however I decided to try a different internet provider. I currently use a Vodaphone dongle (surprise! Vodaphone works rather well in my area and I am unable to get a permanent internet connection, hence why I am with Vodaphone). Now LoL works fine on this connection however the store wasn't working, and I also noticed the "versus" box in the bottom right of the client was blank. I decided to connect using my mobile as a hotspot (Telstra), and voila! shop and the versus window work! Now my question is: Why, if my Vodaphone connection runs LoL fine in game, am I not able to access the client store, however changing to my Telstra phone as the internet source works?
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