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: Holy crap, who put the instant feedback system onto 'Hitler mode'?
: Why did I get banned and not the abusers?
Yeah dude, i sent a ticket to something very similar, the company riot doesnt care about fairness with stuff like this, its about how many reported you, so in this case you would have been reported at least 3 times(once from each person) and their reasoning is using chat, thats it, it doesnt matter if they said "dirty ni**er die from cancer" you would be at fault since you are their target meaning you are the reason they are toxic in riots eye, they think supporting a group of toxic players beats supporting people not being toxic because 3 people are more likely to make purchases than 1, riot is just a really bad company when it comes to player care, but thats just what we have to put up with since its their game fun fact, they will tell you to mute them, but muting them actually is against the rules since it means you cant communicate properly as a team, so you are always in a lose/lose situation, the only 2 real options you have are -find a game with better customer support/a company that cares about the non toxic players like heros of the storm and blizzard -or mute all and all pings at the start of the game and hope to god you dont get reported for lack of talking bad luck friend, ive been through the same thing where they even told me people are allowed to be racist and im not allowed to say a thing or i will be perma banned :)
Talon12 (OCE)
: Damn... Wish i got that 450G.
ill report you if you try and ks me mate
: Well good on you :D Quite a few here will try to shut you down, but if you have a drive to do this, then go for it :D Just be sure that you aren't doing it for the money because 1) you will fold pretty soon, and 2) YouTube is messed up nowadays, so earning and getting noticed is harder than ever. Best of luck, though <3 {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
thanks dude, and yeah i know they reduced ad revenue and getting noticed would be difficult, its more just the trying to start community events tbh ^-^
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: Auto locking lanes on normals
simple answer, not against rules, its a game for fun and maybe he only enjoys one lane, should he lose his fun because someone believes in whoever has the fastest pc gets first pick?
Nigel (OCE)
: Invasion Contest lfp
Dezath (OCE)
: Invasion quests
yeah add me fam
feel free to add me and ill show what i can fam :)
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: LF a group of guys/girls in bronze/silver that play flex/normal regularly and enjoy banter!
yeah i have a bunch of peeps that are on most of the time, always on disco too, add mi beyb
: this is what gets you perma banned in 2017.
ayyyy 90% sure i had you on my friends list dude and if i remember right you were friendly and not toxic at all, but yeah unfortunately the system is from bots not people, like if it was actual people monitoring it they couldnt be that stupid(could be wrong on that one) like ive sent tickets when i got tempd, and they just send you a generic thing of "you didnt follow the rules" not what rule or why, but thats the risk you take playing online games, bad company but alright game, either make a smurf or invest in a new game, again bad luck dude, sucks that it happened <3
: Sounds great I'd love to join! I am a supp main, with my secondary being top, but i can play any lane. I love games within this game. I'd love to join. Im not in OCE though, I'm not sure if that matters or what OCE even means. (Gasp) Is that the name of the club? If you want to contact me my email is
um oce is the server na is america so you would have to make a new account hahaha
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: Looking for peeps who play norms quite regularly.
I wouldnt go as far as to say im nice, but ive started a club and trying to completely fill it, aiming for non toxic players not gonna be 100% tryhard everygame, do silly strats like 4 supports or all top and stuff to clear the same old 5v5 meta games, add me if you are down for that fam
: Looking for 5-man for youtube.
pre-gold now in silver 1 climbing back up, feel free to add, always looking for new peeps to try strats with and not just play the daily grind
Ninox (OCE)
: Abuse is abuse, doesn't matter who started it. He'll be judged on what he said and you'll be judged on what you said, independently of his behaviour. You have no way of knowing they received no penalty.
Im glad to see riot supports that kind of behaviour and punishes players who speak up against it.
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: When towers daydream?
Thank you, i thought i was going crazy when this happened to me! it happens both ways though, like ive been under towers not attacking anyone and they aggro for no reason, and sometimes they dont aggro at all, glad it happens to others, wish it didnt happen at all
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Xayaah (OCE)
: Calling lanes for two people
well there is no set in stone rules about calling actually, its more of a respect thing even though most players dont follow it, so yeah you could call more than one, but each lobby depends on the people in it
: Well done Riot you've banned players for using Overwolf! What a Joke!!!
yeah riots system is super dodgey, bad luck dude, but thats what happens when you sign the agreement, i wish i never put money into the game, and sucks that you lost any that you did.
: > [{quoted}](name=About 9 Kenyans,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Enrbf0qe,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-05-17T09:06:52.023+0000) > > TLDR- new heimy gud I was a bit worried I might be wrong, then I realised that this guy must be plastic wood 7. Making comments that a champ is now good without ever trying said champ is kinda dumb..... maybe not kinda.
LMAO when the lower rank player to me makes terrible assumptions, I have played heimy much before and played several new ones, he is far stronger on players who arent trash, its like when they updated zed and reduced his q dmg but made it do more dmg all up if you hit more that one at a time, except in this case, they gave a really good buff to heimy, you are just trash, get over it or learn to play :)
: Heimer is now trash. Thanks rito
Honestly, saw this post and was a bit worried about the heimy update since i already knew he got less dmg, however, this guy has no idea what hes talking about, he has to be like bronze to think he got weaker NEW HEIMY -faster instead of better hp regen so you dont just out sustain the enemy but makes it better for kiting/poke -turrets base dmg less but easier to use charge so more dmg in burst and overall -start with all 3 kits and best cd on q so you can easily place more turrets and dont feel so weak early game -fair against melee bc the ai only attacks them if you do/hit abilities -his mana costs and cooldowns are way better so hes not 100% about turrets anymore but they are still the main part of the hit there is literally no con to new heimy unless you are terrible and cant land a skillshot or use tactics and positioning well enough the only bad thing i have noticed which isnt new, is the bug where the turrets dont attack towers/inhibs for no reason and just sit and do nothing. but this game is the buggiest thing i have ever played so fair enough TLDR- new heimy gud
Canc (OCE)
: Looking for active club
howdy, if you add me ill happily invite you, we are still growing about 12 members last time i checked but usually have people on, then more that join the more that will be on :)
: $10 RP code giveaway! (ONLY OCE SERVER, not clickbait, not fake) me that guy, everyone else eyehole man, nuff said in vid
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: want to know where I stand
This is a pretty grey area, its basically down to luck, since penalties dont go off what you have done wrong but the amount of reports you get in my experience, like the top singed player in the world get banned for playing singed support(even tho he played well and would work as a team in a great manner) but the reasoning wasnt specific, they changed it up alot, but if its just the one guy getting mad you should be in the clear, but if you do get banned you cant be unbanned so gl
žêð (OCE)
: New player looking for people to level with
Yo feel free to add me, im pretty much on if im not at work or annoying my partner, have a group of people that always has room for more :)
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: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
Didnt the top singed player(mastery score wise) get banned for playing singed sup with smite, and now its okay?
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: Ocean Week Art Contest
I cant draw but in hopes someone that can sees this, snoop dog nunu and nunu's yeti is snoope dog too, pls n ty
: Do you think that I deserved this Perma ban?
Are you really that dumb? of course you deserved to be banned! you didnt use racism or any harsh form of aggression, riot supports toxic players, in all my time playing league, ive seen intentional feeders/racists/peados get no penalties which is basically the same as supporting them from riot, the problem is that you dont fill their community, friendly players dont fit in here, you have to be toxic to not be penalised, you dun goofed ma boy
: Regarding Braum
Hey, although what you did wasnot wrong, it definitely broke the rules(silly imo) a support has to follow whatever the team says. and unless they are just descriminating against one player supports are basically to blame from most of what goes wrong, even if its bad plays from the others, bad luck son
: MY ACCOUNT JUST GOT PERMA BANNED?!?!?!?!..............
Bad luck dude, unfortunately riot is a very toxic company, but they are a company so its a smart way to make money from people that enjoy the game, what I would advise it picking a good moba with a good company, atm im the progress of recovering my HOTS account and blizzard is amazing and actually responds with direct answers not just "you signed up so we own everything to bad for you" and sarcastic remarks like they have little mans syndrome like riot, this games community will make you toxic over time as it does to everyone, best you can do is find a better game that you enjoy, DOTA2/HOTS/SMITE/STRIFE, better luck in the future
: but its not b2 to g5, ive been s4/s5 prior, i just decided to use alot more spare time in ranked, and if they refuse to answer me after several days its kinda sus :S
nevermind they literally just got back to me, and basically said they had no reason for it, just that they are allowed to since I clicked the box with agree to terms, rest in pieces a decent game to a bad company, time to learn dota .-.
Ninox (OCE)
: The punishment for boosting/being boosted is the 14 day and loss of all ranked rewards, past and present. The recent skins thing is weird, and could be a separate issue, that's something I'd mention to support. Support is busy and can take a couple days to respond to tickets (even active ones) when things get heavy there, so again nothign abnormal, just a patience game. B2 to G5 in one season is suspicious though not impossible. Riot clearly has info that leads them to believe you have been boosted, and that's between you and support.
but its not b2 to g5, ive been s4/s5 prior, i just decided to use alot more spare time in ranked, and if they refuse to answer me after several days its kinda sus :S
: How do you mean you got penalized? Or robbed?
Well since it stated that anyone who reaches gold before season end would receive victorious maoki/gold border n such, which i did get, but now they have suspended my account for a bit, and are taking away my skin that i earned, the rest of my "rewards" and not allowing me to use skins i recently purchased with money for a while with no reason, not responding to tickets
rip, going up 1 division through time and effort is being boosted ,-,
: My little brother passed away recently
sorry bud, but riot is a bunch of spineless money grubbers, anything that gets you free stuff(even if it wasnt technically free) they will never accept, i have myself sent tickets for far less than that about things i have actually paid for/earned, and they are just super rude and uncaring, its what you have to expect from people like that, however you should try getting his passwords on your own through history searches/guessing and take it over
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: Ok just got banned.
Bad luck dude, in my experience it comes down to how many reports you get, like ive been banned before after i carried a game bc my team was toxic and all reported me, and have got people banned for the same kind of thing(ironically) and after i sumbitted requests they just give you a link to their terms and conditions which say they can do whatever they want since they own your account, pretty disgusting from a company so large, but yknow, dems the rules
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Vegathron (OCE)
: I'll tell you the answer. hextech crafting. you get more than 400rp worth of skin/champs literally on the 1st key and chest which is very easy to get. so no need for the rp now really. enough free stuff without it.
I literally said i was thinking it was hextech haha, but yeah thats what i mean with the premium chests, pity they all give the same skins, that red yi skin, green ashe, and gaming console ward, r i p
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