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Oriphix (OCE)
: Would be keen to play :) I main support, would love to get some pointers :)
Add me on the client buddy :) we can see how we go
: I transferred to NA on my main, and my smurf still sits on OCE!
Ah Okay. Well add me on your smurf we can play at some point and see how we go :)
: Toto1 - Plat on Korean server. Support main. Need proper ADC to Support. Only play very late at night. Add me if suitable.
Add me on League mate :) we can have some games sometime and see how we go. Summoner Name - R3lentless Cha0s
: I just moved from OCE to NA, and currently in B1 promos, (was placed bronze 2) and was Gold 2 in Season 7, looking for someone to play with.. Not a smurf, and highest I've gotten is Gold 2 by myself.
If you are located in NA region why do you want someone to play with within OCE?
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