: What are some tips for getting better at gp and irelia as those are my mains but i am not the best at either (I would like tips for laning phase and teamfighting) i really appreciate your help on this and the other question i asked. i got bronze 3 last season and dropped to bronze 5 just so u can gauge what u might give me tips on. also could u recomend some top laners i learn for when my mains get banned, i pref lane bullies.
I'm not too good at irelia, but I'm pretty experienced with Gangplank. GP has a pretty strong lane phase once you get sheen, you just need to play really cautious around champs who all in like riven/darius. If you poke them constantly with your Q you will get them low pretty easily, just make sure you can get away from them when your Q is down. I would recommend sitting on a barrel, and using your AUTO(not Q) to proc it to slow/run away if they jump on you. You can then Q them when you get some distance. There's a lot of tricks you can do with barrel chains, id suggest looking up some youtube guides. Just remember that your goal is to get through lane phase and finish triforce, so try to avoid risky all ins and play around the enemy jungler. For lane bullies i would recommend trying out darius and olaf. They are both really strong against other melees in lane.
Wray Z (OCE)
: @pacman how are you finding the meta, will pocket trundle still be an option? @seb I've always felt you're an under-rated jungler, with the gaming house and a coaching system in place, is this the split to shine? @Frae how have you been able to reset from HLN and ensure you and your team dont suffer the same fate? @Raid how are you finding learning/gelling with such a different support in cuden compared to tgun? @Cuden how does this team compare to previous teams you've been on in DW and LGC?
Hey Wray, I think Trundle still has a place in the meta, his ult is incredibly effective against courage of the colossus tanks. Not so great against stuff like kennen or jayce though.
TubWub (OCE)
: What's everyone favorite professional team per region, lck, EU , Na and lpl if you do watch them.
My favourite team has been KT Rolster ever since the KT Bullets were going ham in season 3. In NA I'm an OG TSM supporter (Baylife), and I don't follow EU and LPL as much but if I had to pick I would say H2K and IG.
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: Have you heard about the up and coming gold top laner Staldy?! Kappa But seriously, how do you as a team talk about and put into practice, taking down the established teams/big dogs like Chiefs and Legacy?
A lot of work goes into every OPL game behind the scenes from our coach general and analyst sype nav. The best teams are difficult to take down, but every team has weaknesses and makes mistakes. A lot of times it's a matter of finding those weaknesses and adjusting our draft and game plan to exploit them, while playing to our own strengths. For example, at the end of last split when we 2-0d Dire Wolves we drafted for a strong lane matchup for me top (swain vs hec + gnar vs trundle) to shut down chippys, a utility bot lane to go even with raes/regret, and a scaling mid laner to play to Looch's strengths.
: what are 5 tips you'd say are most important to improve and climb in rating???
I would say the most important thing for climbing rating is mentality. Always try to improve and play better every game. Never be content with your level of play, because unless you are Faker there is always someone playing better than you. Specifically, I would recommend watching challenger player streams and professional games and pay attention to their play patterns in lane and in teamfights. Make sure you are analysing WHY they are doing what they are doing, don't just emulate them. Another thing I would recommend is if you find yourself on a lose streak, take a break from ranked for a bit to reset. Going into game already tilted will reduce your chances of winning.
: Who is the best player on the team and why is it Pacman?
Appreciate the support friend :^) I think the rest of the team would agree with me when I say I'm clearly the best because I have the balls to play the most difficult and intensely mechanical champions, like my feared Nasus and dreaded Tahm Kench.
: HUGE Pacman fan, and highly rate him as a player. Is he the spiritual and mental centre of the team like I think he is? Also how well is everyone shucking the baggage from previous teams? Does playing on other teams previously add mental weight to your current season?
Hey Michael! I'm not quite the Buddha of the team, though I like to think I have the right mentality when it comes to practice and professional play. When you are practicing/scrimming whether you win or lose doesn't matter, it's much more important to focus on the mistakes you made and how you can do better next game. It's definitely harder said than done, especially for younger players who don't like to lose. It also helps that by now the one thing i'm very practiced at is losing :P So I'd like to think my previous experience on losing teams have helped me focus on what's needed to improve as a player and as a team. Looking back at what could have been doesn't help you win.
Main Line (OCE)
: Will Pacman play carry champions or stick to tanks? :) I miss seeing Pabu's Fiora in the top lane mowing the OCS teams. Also (to Euphoria) any Bronze-Gold Cups planned for this season?
While I'm capable of playing both styles of top lane, I usually practice the biggest pick of the meta the most (which atm are tanks). However the meta can change fast, and I like to think I'm ready for it. I played swain/nasus/kayle in OPL last year, so don't be surprised if I bring a bit of spice to the draft :^)
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: Aaaaanddd instantly backing your team.
Cheers for the support bro {{item:3046}} {{champion:36}} {{item:3046}}
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: are they an Aussy or NZ team??
I'm from NZ, the rest of the guys are AUS

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