Substance (OCE)
: Who's the guy in the first photo standing next to the Cup?Asking for a friend.
: A male doesn't make sense for the star guardians. If you knew the reference you would understand.
> [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=6rKorP8Z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-16T16:17:05.070+0000) > > A male doesn't make sense for the star guardians. > > If you knew the reference you would understand. Star Guardian Ezreal coming out soon :)
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Vhaegor (OCE)
: Why are bronze to gold players dropped down during placements?
The highest rank you can achieve from placements is Platinum 1. The Rank 1 player from the previous season could go 0-10 in placements, but I'm 99% sure he would still be placed in Plat 1. Therefore, everyone else must be scaled down accordingly. That includes Bronze-Gold players. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy trying to carry Silvers so I can climb away from them.
: Ranked Twisted Treeline now live!
I thought it was Christmas? Not April Fools? hah im so funneh This sounds interesting, but I'm not sure enough people will play it for it to be worth keeping available in the long term.
: maybe try playing a proper support or short of that a "mage support"
I guess you didn't see worlds then?
: Does Zyra's plants proc Spellthiefs? If they do, then they should fix it.
They do, which is pretty ridiculous considering it takes no skill to get procs off those
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Rocka (OCE)
: LOL was just in champ select with you on my smurf HAHAHA was the raka :)
Wow. And you just happened to be browsing the forums at the same time? lol
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PS: Vote {{champion:111}} ! Hands down best statue!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
: Champion and skin sale: 16.01.- 19 .01.
Does Imperial Xin have any different animations than normal Xin?
: You get my point though mate. Why waste your money on a game. It's sucking you in, you may not have a girlfriend but maybe that's because you spend to much on this game and don't have a social life. :P
He spent 2 days trying to get you weebs to move on with your lives -.-
: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!


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