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: Twisted treeline rank is a little bit all over the place since there aren't many people that queue up for it (which is why we have it on set days). In order to stop players from waiting for hours on end to have balanced matchmaking it ends up putting whoever is queued up in the same game. Unfortunately it ends up with players getting matched way out of their skillzone. The only fix for this is for more players to be playing twisted treeline, so spread the word and get your friends in on it!
Hi Yaiamone, That makes sense, thanks. Can I ask if there is a reason why Twisted Treeline is not open on all days in OCE? I think this may be a cause contributing to the lack of players playing Twisted Treeline as the time frame is very limited.
: Is this Laptop alright for LOL?
Should be able to run fine on at least medium-low, if not, low.
: Looking For A Support And Top Laner.. "Fill" Commited/ Active.
Hi, I really enjoy playing Support and Top: Morgana (100% WR - 11 games) Shen (77% WR - 26 games) Thats the only 2 champions I play, let me know :)
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: Dream to be Gold ? But guess what.....
Nice! I've come to realize ranked is just more than winning. Got to enjoy, practice, learn from mistakes, but at the very most, have fun. Most importantly, win ;)
: You want toxic and hate? Go to /r/OneTrueRem/ and make a post titled "Emilia > Rem". I. DARE. YOU.
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