Ink Rose (NA)
: Hi, I just want to report that one of the submissions is a fanfic that was stolen from me, specifically PROJECT:HUNT : I had written this for the Riot Polycount contest last year, here is one of my original postings on DeviantArt: Here is my Polycount posting: Just wanted to make sure you guys knew that this was stolen! (I can't enter the contest anyway since I'm NA) (And... ah, I appreciate the criticism. I, too, feel like this could have been better, it was originally made for the Polycount Riot writing contest and had to be under 1000 words, so I had to cut a lot of content I wanted to explore and ultimately I wasn't completely happy with it. This also isn't a finished version, I'd polished it up a bit before submitting to the actual contest. If you want to see more of my work my site is here: )
Hey Ink Rose, thanks for flagging this and I'm sorry that you had to deal with it in the first place! Our panel really enjoyed your fic so even if it's not eligible as an entry - kudos to you for your cool work. <3
Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Vote Now!
Hey guys, thank you all for alerting us to the issues with the plagiarised entry - I'm really glad that you caught this, and I'm sorry that I didn't catch it in the first place. The entry has been disqualified from the contest. We can't remove it from the poll options but votes towards this entry will not be counted. **EDIT:** Hey guys, we appreciate this has gotten everyone very fired up. However the discussion is not producing a healthy atmosphere and ultimately we want to focus everyone's attention on the amazing work the community has created. We do not condone brigading any more than we do plagiarism so let's everyone please let this one go. Ultimately this is on us not having thoroughly vetted the entries for plagiarism - we usually do this for all our contests but we slipped up on the fanfic contest. We'll learn and do a better job in future.
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Kid Gnaw (OCE)
: Thanks man! Yeah, for sure next time I'll make sure to be more timely. Entry:
Haha totally. Confirming that I've just added your entry!
aiisu (OCE)
: Hi Achenar, Here is my submission link: Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it :)
No worries, it's our bad for the entry page going down in the first place!
Kid Gnaw (OCE)
: I uploaded my story to the Fanfic board before 11:59, being a bit of a last-minute person, but I didn't get a link until after. Is it possible for my entry to still be counted?
Hey dude, so just this once we'll make an exception (because while you did miss the deadline I can see you've got a boards post submitted prior). In future we won't make another exception though so I really recommend leaving more than 15 seconds buffer! ;) For the sake of total confirmation, can you please reply and link your submission - just so I can be absolutely sure?
Ragnos320 (OCE)
: Umm, I tried entering my story but it says the event has ended. It is a little before 11:30 pm AEST October 7th (according to Google) at the time of writing. Can I still be eligible to enter through here? Entry:
Hey Ragnos, thanks for flagging this - it does look like the page has done something a bit janky, potentially with regards to Daylight Savings. I'll add your entry manually so it's included - sorry for the mixup here! :(
aiisu (OCE)
: I've posted my submission on the Fanfiction Board but the submission link isn't working for me. Does daylight savings apply for the cutoff time as it is still before 11:59pm where I am in Queensland. Can my submission still go through?
Good old Daylight Savings causing problems! It does look like the entry page closed early so if you can link me your submission here, I'll add it in manually! Sorry for the inconvenience here - I'm going to investigate why the page closed early and get it sorted for future!
Skuxballz (OCE)
: Hey OCE Team, Just wondering if you got my submission, my 'thanks for your submission to the contest' page appears to still be loading something, its been like this for close to 45 minutes. Kind Regards
Hey! I can confirm that yep, we've got your entry. Thanks for checking in!
: Is it okay if we use an original character? The main focus would still be on a League champion in a skin universe.
Hey Icanstillfly, original characters are fine to feature as long as the focus is on a League champion :D
itisme (OCE)
: Could I enter a poem?
Absolutely, go for it! :D
Magery (OCE)
: I'm not sure if my entry has actually gone through. I posted it on the boards, and used that link in following the steps from the "Submit Your Entry Here" button, but when I got to the very end, while it told me something like "Your entry has gone through" at the top (I don't remember the exact wording), the page never fully loaded even after a couple of hours, and the link it gave me to share my entry redirected to the submission page (that is, the start of the process, when you input your username and the link of the entry) every time I tried to use it myself or sent it to someone else to test. Is it possible for someone to check to make sure the process hasn't bamboozled me or itself in some fashion, and that my entry is actually there to be counted? Thank you! EDIT: Reading the comments further, it seems I'm not the only one to have had this exact problem! Hopefully I have the same luck they do and it's there regardless.
Hey Magery, Thanks for flagging this and for describing your experience so clearly - it really helps to understand where the misunderstanding/problem is happening! I can confirm that we do have your entry. What is happening: the platform we use to collect your entries is mostly designed for images or videos, and so its 'confirm receipt of entry' page has a section that is MEANT to show a preview of your entry. For the fanfiction entries there's no image and so this part of the page will never fully load, even though the entry is received! I've customised the text on that page to hopefully make it a bit clearer but don't seem to be able to solve the preview section. D:
: Yeah I can't post my submission; the entry website doesn't load after entering details and link - past 3 days trying on laptop and university computer
Hey Bushyman, so I'm not sure what's happening with your confirmation page and will look into it - but I've just checked and confirm that we DO have your entry. :)
Arl0wned (OCE)
: Is the competition exclusive to Oceania?
Hey! Unfortunately this contest is limited to Oceanic players. However if you'd like to write a piece and share it with the community, go for it - we'd love to see your work!
: I uploaded my story to the fanfiction boards, but then after adding it to Woobox and submitting, there was a particular link given that led back to the submission page, and a spinning wheel that didn't load anything. I'm hoping it was submitted, is there any way I can check?
We've got your entry, all good! :D
: Write a story about League champions they say... I d rather write a story about the Seras Dragon the one and only savior of the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BOARDS {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Seras Dragon is the hero the Boards both want and need. ALL HAIL.
: I'll pass it on at any rate, Achenar has the final say but I don't imagine there being any problems :)
Hey! This won't be a problem at all, we've got it. >:D
: Does the fanfiction have to somehow correlate to the short bios of the skins?
Hey! Ultimately it doesn't need to be a perfect match, if a bit of a change will improve your story - but should still be recognisable as belonging to that universe. So for example, changing the fact that Star Guardian Ahri has lost team members in the past is potentially fine, if it makes sense for the story (eg. it's set before that happens, or maybe it didn't happen at all and it's just how Ahri thinks of a particular event) - changing the universe to the point that she's actually a mecha pilot is probably a bit more of a stretch. ;)
: I'm like 99.999% sure it's a mistake and have edited it, Achenar will likely jump in and do a proper edit when they get the time I'm sure :)
Turns out I should NOT enter a proofreading contest. D: Your fix is perfect!
: As far as I'm aware, they're only examples. You can use *any* skin line, but I'm sure Achenar will chime in soon enough :)
Absolutely only examples! Sorry if this wasn't clear. :)
: This would be the key here: >As long as your entry features one or more League of Legends characters and is recognisably set in one of the alternate worlds of our skins, you're right to write. To me there's nothing there preventing you from doing what would essentially be a crossover universe, so long as both themes are clear and have a purpose. Of course crossovers are harder, because you have to nail the feel and characters of both worlds, but if done well that might even win you some extra points. I'm sure Achenar will clarify sometime soon if they aren't looking for crossovers.
Sera's Dragon is too good, too fast, and absolutely on the money! Crossovers between universes are perfectly fine and welcome. :D
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Macheron (OCE)
: There are so many cool competitions, can i subscribe somewhere to know of competitions and events like this? I'd be super keen to do it with my otomatone if i had a chance XP (if just for giggles)
Hey Macheron, there isn't one specific place to subscribe to BUT whenever we run a contest, we typically announce on the Boards, with posts on the League Oceania Facebook and Twitter as well - and usually it pops up on the news tab of the League client for a while as well! So if you're checking in on any of those channels hopefully you'll see announcements as they come through. We love running these contests and seeing all the amazing things people create. :D
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Chikorita (OCE)
: You're below me on the list at the bottom of this board so I think you're still in the top 10 overall <:
Hey guys, sorry for the slow response on this! You should definitely have received a total 4k - but I think I know what's happened! Will follow it up today and get this sorted for you.
Achenar (OCE)
: Oceanic Artathon Final Results - Sponsored by SMASH! and Wacom
At the risk of repeating myself - holy crap you guys are amazing, seriously. I don't even know where to start with the sheer quantity of gorgeous art everyone has created! Congratulations to the winners but also a huge thank you and WOW to everyone else who entered. <3 There are suddenly a lot of very familiar-looking desktop wallpapers around the office, that's for sure!
essen27 (OCE)
: Hi! Was wondering when can we expect to receive the 2000 RP? :)
Hey Essen, thanks for chasing this! It should go out tomorrow at the latest - thanks for chasing it up!
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Chikorita (OCE)
: Just asking for future art events, was the file size I sent a bit big? I noticed now that the picture you've displayed here isn't the same resolution as the one I submitted which is fine!, I'm just curious :)
Hey Chikorita! I think when you click on the image in the boards post, the full-size version shooould appear - we've just got them smaller for visibility on the main post! But your image sizes have been fine, don't worry. :) Congrats on the top 10! :D
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Majìk (OCE)
: Couple of questions 1. Does remix count? 2. What if we are under 18 3. Will we be provided with stems of the song
Hey Majik, unfortunately because of some of the legalities around this specific contest, we have to exclude anyone under 18. :( I'm seeing what I can find out about stems at the moment!
: Why do the contest rules say you have to be 18 or over but the master rules say 13 or over?
Hey dude! Our master rules are the minimum that apply to all our contests. However, this contest has some extra legalities and responsibilities associated with it (the rights to the final track, and the travel for the final prize) which unfortunately mean we have to exclude anyone under 18. :(
: can i enter even if im under 18 tho?
Hey dude! I definitely understand your frustration here, and we do try to keep our contests open for all ages. However, this contest has some extra legalities and responsibilities associated with it (the rights to the final track, and the travel for the final prize) which unfortunately mean we have to exclude anyone under 18. :(
: Is it okay to let a family member to enter on your behalf?
Hey Tomderbolt, feel free to recommend the contest to a family member but they'd be entering on their own behalf (and would receive the prize themselves). The rule below is key here! _'Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made specifically for this contest: this is about YOU showcasing YOUR artistic talents specifically for this contest. You may elect to submit this entry as a group (E.G a band) or solo.'_
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Coen101 (OCE)
: I added a picture but its not shown here, did it not go through or are these not all the pictures? Because thats pretty disappointing if it didn't end up going through.
Hey Coen, I've just checked and your submission isn't displaying because it's a PSD file (so can't be opened by a browser for the gallery!) I'll send you an email - if you can send me a PNG or JPG version I'll get it fixed so it's displaying correctly.
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: Becoming a writer, and working with riot.
Hey Darkshade! So I'm not in Narrative myself but will point you towards[ a post on the NA boards]( where one of our narrative writers answered some similar questions a few months ago! The best advice I can give is that the best way to show that you're passionate and talented is to get out there and _do things_. Write, and share your work on platforms where folk can give you feedback! Be open to that feedback and use it as a tool to improve. Create worlds and stories and share them. Build a portfolio that showcases all the different styles and methods you can use to tell a story - because ultimately when a role opens up, at Riot or elsewhere - that's what you'll need to prove you've got what it takes. (This applies across almost anything, I think - not only writing! Being able to prove that you're not only passionate, but proactive enough to DO something with that passion, puts you above all those people who are super passionate but plan to start 'tomorrow'.) Regarding writing contests: I definitely hope to run some more in the near future! Watch this space~
: I may be mistake but when you say "Enter all three contests for a chance to win big " does that mean I have to enter all three to win? or does it just mean that having three entries in the competition statistically would increase an entrants chances of winning? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Hey Ilovcheeze! So the way this works is that the final results are based on your cumulative total results from the three contests. So for example: * if you come in the top 10 for all three contests - you're looking pretty good! * if you come in the top 10 for one or two contests, and in the top 50 for the rest - still definitely possible, because others will be the same * if you only enter one of the three contests, but you get 1st place in that one - you're unlikely to end up with a top spot because you're competing against artists who entered in all three - but it's still technically possible, depending on how others have done.
: i didnt enter the past two rounds. So does that mean i can't win the wacom prizes?
Hey Wind, it's technically not impossible - but wouldn't be super likely! The winners for the grand prize will be selected based on their rankings across all three contests. You'd still be eligible for the top 10 prize for this specific round, which is 2000 RP, though!
: I'm not seeing any information on mediums, am I blind? Usually, it states if it's to be traditional, digital, photography, cosplays etc. Is it digital art only?
Hey dude! This one's an art contest but either traditional or digital media is great. Thanks for checking in - I'll tweak the post so it's clearer!
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Adylia (OCE)
: quick Q - can the artwork be portrait oriented or does it have to be landscape?
: I think I've seen both the human Yordles one and the one with old Poppy and Amumu before.
Fixed them both, thanks dude! >:C
Chikorita (OCE)
: The original is 'oh nips gnar/teemo/ziggs" from google , they're the humanized yordles.
: Hi, I was looking through the entries for this contest (Which are all amazing!) but one of them has caused me to be a bit concerned. I recognized it from an artist I follow in America who drew that piece at least four years ago. I just wanted to give the people running this contest a heads up, in case it hadn't been brought to your attention yet. Please message me if you need any more details.
Hey, thanks for flagging this! If you can let me know what champion it features, I'll find it and clean it up. I do check entries for plagiarism (and blacklist the folk who try to cheat) but there's always a couple that slip through the first round of checks >:(
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: I just realised that one of my layers in my picture isnt showing, I sent in a support ticket with my fixed image, Is there a way you can swap them? It really makes the picture look unfinished and i cant resubmit it myself because it just takes me to the link of my already done picture! Please get back to me! I am boarderline freaking out
Hey! If you can resubmit using another email address, I'll manually swap the entries out - that'll make sure it gets through to me before closing time. :)
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