: Hey! Does our chosen champion have to be in an already created skin or could I say dress them in a way that I like but is still recognisable as that champ? Thanks :)
You're welcome to adapt a champion's outfit how you like (like designing your own skin) - as long as it fits the Ionia prompt, you're sweet!
Rynure1 (OCE)
: i may be from a different region in the world but my acc is in oce can i still participate?
Hey Rynure1, from the master rules: '1. Eligibility:You must be a legal resident of the Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Polynesia countries. ' So unfortunately you must be from the Oceanic region to be eligible!
Six (OCE)
: How flexible are the rules on the theme? Would a skin of an Ionia champion be OK? (like arcade ahri or blood moon shen?) What about a concept skin for an Ionia champion?
Hey Six, my take on this - featuring an Ionian character in a non-Ionian setting wouldn't be rule-breaking, so it would be allowed - but it also wouldn't be a very strong use of the theme, which is one of the criteria on which entries are judged. Arcade for example is a totally different 'universe' than the main League setting - so it's a fairly tenuous link! Hope this helps to guide your ideas!
Rillian (OCE)
: Hi, I was wondering if its possible to enter stuff like animations and specific details on if so. 5Mb is a tiny size for video formats so would it be alright to submit the entry as a link to a youtube video or the like?
Hey Rillian, the focus for this contest is mostly on art rather than animation - so your entry should ultimately be an image file. If you want to submit an animated GIF, that would be within the scope for this contest - but a full video would be out in this instance.
nati1000 (OCE)
: so wait can i submit something that is black and white cause i don't really have color or have that much skills with Photoshop?
Black and white is totally fine :D
: Sorry for all the questions, but can our piece have more than one scene? Like transition mid way or several times as you look through the piece?
Hey Vampire123199, ultimately you're only submitting one image file - but if you want to depict different aspects of a scene or even different scenes as part of one artwork, that's fine. :)
EzreaI (OCE)
: This is super intriguing! Are we allowed to enter short comics as our entry? Thanks!
Hey! A short comic like a one-pager would be fine, as long as it's a single image within the 5MB limit in the end and you can successfully convey your idea!
Zookie (OCE)
: I absolutely love this idea and I am keen to give the challenge a go! Thanks for providing awesome contests like this for the OCE community ~
{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I'm glad you're excited! Hopefully it'll be something super fun to work towards. :D
Six (OCE)
: Wow, cool prizes. But boy does this seem like a lot of work.
Hopefully it feels like the Big Bang prize feels worth that work - please let me know if you disagree though because we're definitely trying something a bit new!
: What size would the preferred canvas be?
Hey Vampire! So ultimately it could be anything from a 100x100px piece of pixel art, up to a beautiful big wallpaper! There's a 5MB size limit on submissions but other than that, the size of your canvas is up to you!
Rivér (OCE)
: Entry still private and not opened yet? I'm starting my work now seems so interesting!
Fixed! I swear it was working earlier today...I think our submission platform is sentient and lives to drive me insane. ;) Thanks for pointing it out!
Swirly (OCE)
: Can we do the artwork on paper, take a picture and submit it?
You sure can! If you've got access to a scanner, that typically provides a better result than a photo, though. :D
: Does it have to be LoL champion or can we do LoL 'character' like the Writing Contest?
Hey Khada, a non-champion character is fine but they should ideally be clearly recognisable as coming from the League universe, which may be more difficult for some background characters!
Achenar (OCE)
: Oceanic Artathon - Sponsored by Wacom and SMASH!
Hey guys! I wanted to give a little extra context about this contest, because it's something new that we're trying out and some of you might be wondering - why not just run three separate contests? One of the things we'd love to see in OCE is more opportunities for passionate players to turn their talents into something sustainable. Our partnership with Wacom has given us a chance to share tools to help you elevate your craft, but we wanted to create something that had a 'big bang' impact. By combining three competitions into one mega marathon, we're able to offer larger, more substantial prizes – such as an Artists' Alley booth or a Cintiq – which provide a huge opportunity for artists to potentially turn their hobby into something more. As I mentioned - this is something new we're trying, so please let me know if you love it, hate it, etc.!
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Achenar (OCE)
: A Touch of the Void Writing Contest Results - Sponsored by Logitech
Congratulations to all the winners! I loved reading through everyone's work - the community is so talented! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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: Is voting open yet? Where are all the stories going to be posted?
Hey! Voting has just gone live for the finalists [over here](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/KR7tQ5bR-a-touch-of-the-void-writing-contest-vote-now)!
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: Of course, mostly I just didn't want you to get too worried if Achenar doesn't respond quickly, and I'm pretty sure they use your most recent entry anyway.
Seras, you're the best, thanks for popping into these threads! <3 Santa, I can confirm we've got your updated entry - no worries. :)
Metablue (OCE)
: Asking to make sure, will the title of our pieces count towards the word count? Don't want to accidentally push my story over by one or two words and have it disqualified XD
The title does not contribute to the word count. :)
ChadStan (OCE)
: I submitted my entry, but i just get a "woobox" link and a spinning sort of loading symbol. Did I do it right?
If you saw the 'thank you for your submission' message, you're all set! :)
pinkvodka (OCE)
: Just a quick question regarding POV. Am i allowed to do more than one point of view?
You can do whatever you want, as long as it's within the rules! :D
: Please host more writing competitions. They're so fun! :D It's good to have our own thing coz we writers that can't draw are almost always left out haha! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hey! Absolutely agree - we love running writing contests and seeing what everyone comes up with! Ultimately there are only so many of us available to help run these and we want to spread the love across media as much as possible - so we try to do a mix of art, writing, cosplay, etc. But I'll definitely try to run writing contests more frequently in future!
Spid (OCE)
: I liek ritting. dis is fung. I hopez i wen. I has alreddy subbymeeted. heppay faysu!{{champion:203}} is hoo eye diid!
my naem is ach i love to reed i maek contest to sate mi greed wen entries clos i hide in nook i hit downloa i reed the book
Dire Bees (OCE)
: I am having trouble submitting my entry, I'm not sure that it has gone through. I just get a little loading screen that is forever loading. Is there a way to check? I am also nervously hoping that the right doc format went through
: Do we receive any confirmation that your submission is actually submitted? or is the "Thank you for submitting!" all we should expect. Thanks
Hey Sasha, once you've seen 'thank you for submitting' you're all set. :D
: Can my submission please be removed so I can resubmit it and remove the confidential information (my full name) that I accidentally wrote in my Authors notes. I do not wish to disclose this information with the public. (I went into student mode and did it by accident)
Hey! So unfortunately our submission platform doesn't actually allow us to delete individual entries (bizzare!), but we've got two options here: * feel free to resubmit using a different email address and we'll make sure to use the copy that doesn't have your name in the notes as your 'real' entry * we'll manually make sure to remove that bit from your entry when we share it Let me know what you'd prefer to do, but we'll make sure we don't publish your full name far and wide!
: Im wondering how many submissions have you gotten so far? Hopefully its a good amount
Let's just say we have a looot of reading to do. ;)
: Hi, Just wondering how I would know if my writing was submitted successfully?
Hey! If you saw the 'thanks for your entry' screen then you're all good. I've checked and we've got your entry. :)
: I gotta ask before I think it's finished, is the dismembering of voidlings in a combatant setting considered M? Or is that more of a MA setting? And since I'm on the subject, would the stabbing of another void creature be considered MA as well? {{item:3513}}
The Australian classification description of M is [here](http://www.classification.gov.au/Guidelines/Pages/M.aspx) but ultimately think about the sort of thing you'd be cool with someone under 15 reading. Movies like the Avengers are M-rated so think about how violence is depicted there! In writing, for me it's usually more about the way an act is described, since it's all up to how the reader visualises a scene. Cutting someone's arm off is fine, but maybe if you're getting really _really_ gory and visceral about the way you describe the blood and bone shards and whatever, you're getting a little closer to the line. It's definitely a bit up for interpretation, though!
: Well after I have submitted my work or entry, I get this page with this icon loading and loading. I want to check if I have sent the correct item xD I tried by mobile data but still keeps loading. http://woobox.com/scc5pk/gallery/geyjX0mlXjU
Hey! I've just checked and can confirm your entry is in - so you should be all good. :)
: I had a quick question regarding the writing contest. Part of it states that the Void needs to be featured in the writing in some way. Now, does this mean that the Void has to make a personal 'appearance' or can it be mentioned as part of the story (eg. Two characters are discussing things about the Void or stories about the Void are being shared between characters.)?
Hey Shadowfire, it's up to you just how much Void you want to include in your piece. As long as there's some element of the Void included, including character discussions, it'll be eligible - I love the thought of League characters sitting around the campfire telling each other spooky Void stories. :D
: Do you have to be from OCE to make an Entry? The rules dont have anything talking about that yet the submition only allows OCE players
Hey Junior, thanks for checking in! So from a pure contest perspective, we will only be issuing prizes to OCE players. However if you'd like to write something for the prompt and share it, feel free! This is tucked into the master ruleset but isn't called out specifically on this post - I'll update that now. :)
: So I must feature one of the 130-odd champions? I can't only use original characters while still making it abundantly clear it's set in Runeterra? I know this is covered in the rules but I just want to make absolutely sure.
Hey Beginning! This question has popped up a couple of times so I've just made a quick update to the ruleset, so it now says 'must feature at least one League of Legends character' instead of 'champion'. This way there's plenty of space for original characters, but should at least mention a known character from the League universe. Ultimately this rule is in place so that everyone creates stories that are clearly set in the League of Legends universe - eg. I can't write a piece of Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction and then namedrop the Void to make it count! Strong entries for these contests usually have clear ties to Runeterra or one of the alternate universes like Star Guardians, and would be clearly recognisable as League-related to the average player. Hope this helps!
HeartVine (OCE)
: I have a question regarding the second rule (specifically "you must include at least one League of Legends champion"). Now, when using the term "champion" does that explicitly mean only characters that are playable in-game, or can significant characters from the lore (such as Keiran or Boram Darkwill [mentioned in Alistar's lore] or Akunir and/or Coll [mentioned in Xayah and Rakan's stories]) be used instead? I have an idea of something I'd like to do, but need this clarification so I actually know what I'm doing.
Hey Heartvine! This question has popped up a couple of times so I've just made a quick update to the ruleset, so it now says 'must feature at least one League of Legends character' instead of 'champion'. Hopefully that gives you the flexibility you need! Ultimately this rule is in place so that everyone creates stories that are clearly set in the League of Legends universe - eg. I can't write a piece of Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction and then namedrop the Void to make it count! Strong entries for these contests usually have clear ties to Runeterra or one of the alternate universes like Star Guardians, and would be clearly recognisable as League-related to the average player.
: So i have written one and it is basically just about rengar and khazix is that okay? or does it have to physically have to include the void realm? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Hey Toasty! As long as there's some element of the Void featured you should be fine - and Kha'zix is a bid 'ol Void nasty. :D We want to leave this contest open to everyone's creativity, and 'actually set inside the Void' makes for a pretty narrow prompt - so there's some flexibility!
Mercy (OCE)
: How can I know if my entry has been successfully submitted? I hit submit and says "Thanks for submitting your entry!" and "Your entries" under it. But there was nothing.
Hey Mercy, if you saw that screen then you're all set - but I've just doublechecked and can confirm we've got your entry. :)
: Lol. I also like kill off well-known characters for the fun of it. But I always get told off about it.{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I don't think it's wrong or bad to kill off any number of characters, as long as it makes sense in the context of the story! If you want to be careful about how specific to be with describing violence and gore - ultimately as long as it's within the M rating you should be fine, but you can always use the Universe stories as guidelines - they're pretty safe. :)
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