: Were there only 2 group submissions, or did you miss something?
Just the two this year but they were super creative and cool! :D
: I love the 2nd one, so hungry right now. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Yours is amazing too, I loved the concept of making it a holiday photo! I've spent the week running around the office and pointing out to other Rioters - in the background of Skizanity's piece, you can see the exact positioning of two of the Pool Party splashes. It's a really cool detail. >:D
Moshx (OCE)
: Thank you so much!! Just as an FYI my name is spelt wrong in the group pic :D
I proofread it like TEN TIMES. :( I'm sorry! Congratulations though, I loved your creativity with the pool noodles!
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Chikorita (OCE)
: Juuuust making sure you got my entry and the dimensions are ok O_O
We've got your entry, you're all set! :)
PikaPiQQ (OCE)
: Hey are we able to enter with multiple entries of different cosplays? :)
: I'm actually in need of a tablet because right now I draw with a mouse (struggle is real) but I feel like the likely winners would be digital artists who already have decent equipment (unless they are in the same situation as I am). I'd just like to know what you guys are looking for in a submission.
Hey Elfinette, I'm glad the prize appeals to you! Our three criteria are - quality of the submission, originality of the work, and whether it follows the contest rules. While the quality of execution of the art is of course a major component, an original concept that catches the panel's attention is always great to see as well. Hope this helps!
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
oh hay there, that looks like a big number
Moshx (OCE)
: Hi! Can I enter as a group, and also as an individual entry? Thanks!
Hey Moshx, sorry for the slow reply - that will be totally fine, go for it! :D
defqor (OCE)
: If i enter 3 peices for example do u chose the latest one or all of them are in the chance to win
Hey Defqor, we'll consider each entry individually so all three would be valid entries. :)
: I've attempted to upload my submission but the link is broken or not working? Also can I submit an artwork on behalf of my 12 year old sister in law who wanted soooo badly to make a pool party for poros and wants everyone to see it but shes not allowed to play yet? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Thankssss
Hey Meepicus, I've just tested and it's working for me at the moment - give it another try? Unfortunately your sister isn't eligible to enter BUT if you're happy to share, I'd still love to see her art? :) Sounds super cute!
: Are we able to modify previous cosplays to enter this competition? Thanks
Hey, that's totally fine. :D Can't wait to see your work!
xCora (OCE)
: Does it have to be created as splash art? Could it be a portrait image or just a fun doodle? Also, I read below there's no limit on entries and I just want to clarify: we can enter multiple pieces and different champion designs, yes? If so.. {{summoner:6}}
Hey Cora, any art format is fine and yes, you can enter multiple times - so go for it. :D
: Umm, can I have a combination of current skins and my own skin ideas?
: The first two rewards aren't even that good, I'm pretty sure most people would prefer the 5000RP considering the majority of the submissions will be from digital artists who already have a tablet, most likely a better one too. And what's the go with this competition having the top prize worth ~$100AUD and the top prize of the cosplay competition being worth ~$450AUD? An "Art of League" book with a feature on a League site would be amazing for an artist. Hell, for $450 you could have a far better tablet.
Hey Take the Lantern, thanks for your feedback on this! We've been trying something new with regards to these contests - we were hoping to be able to provide artists with prizing that is specifically relevant to their craft. Appreciate we've missed the mark here and we'll take this into account going forward. For this contest we'll offer winners the choice of RP or the tablet, and I'll take a look at cooler prizing options for future!
Mommy76 (OCE)
: Most of the artists have tablets :( and probably bigger than this one.. The Riot points or the mouse are better in my opinion..
Hey Yara, that's a great point and one we've heard from a few players overnight. We'll take this into account and give the winners a choice to pass on the tablet to 3rd place (and get RP instead), etc. Thanks for the feedback on this, it'll help us to craft better contests in future! :)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Riot Games? Is it contest without Master Rules so even EUNE peasant can participate? I'm drawing pictures using mouse, end my suffering :) {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Sorry but this contest is only open to players in the OCE region - so Australi, New Zealand, and surrounding islands!
: On top of that, does it have to be 2D in origin?
Hey, there's no restriction - so feel free to create something cool using physical media! The only requirement is that your submission has to be digital (so a photo or scan). Hope this helps!
TamagAku (OCE)
: Is there a limit to how many entries we can put in?
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: I have not received my RP yet :C
That's super weird and I've just fixed it - hopefully you should see it in your account now! Sorry for the mishap D:
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Chikorita (OCE)
: I've not gotten mine yet ):
Hey guys, per the original post it can take a few days for the prizing to be sent out. The good news is that you should see your prize in your League account next time you log in! :)
: So do the honorable mentions receive the 3000rp? because on the main contest page it said honorable mentions will win 3000rp
Hey Paddy, that's correct! You can expect to see the RP hit your account within the next couple of days. :)
: I have 1 small teensy problem: Im in the honorable mentions (As seen in the List) but have yet to get the Honorable Mention prize? (I may have put in the wrong email address... Again) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Do I have to mail anyone at Riot to fix this up?
We mentioned it in the main post above, but it may be a couple of days before the prize comes through. :) When it does it'll come straight through to your account!
: Thank you guys so much for including my Xayah {{champion:498}} and Rakan {{champion:497}} in the honorable mentions. Really enjoyed working on this submission and getting the chance to experiment with digital art. Enjoyed looking at all the submissions. They're all glorious. (Viktor {{champion:112}} would approve) {{sticker:galio-happy}} Would it be alright for me to have the prize sent to my brother's account instead (IGN: Peroroncino)? He's been waiting for Blood Moon Jhin to go on discount and it actually turned up in his shop for a real good price. Was going to gift it to him as an early Christmas present, but then I realized I can't get the discount so this would be the only way. If it's not possible, that's perfectly fine :D
Hey dude, your Xayah and Rakan design was really cool! Thanks for submitting it :D I've just updated our list for prizing so that when we issue the prizes in the next couple of days, it'll go to your brother's account. Hope he enjoys his Blood Moon Jhin!
: "star guardian lucian" I didnt know Lucian had Zeds blades
Fixed! No excuse there - I'm just a muppet and typed the wrong champion name. Your art was awesome, dude!
Sunbean (OCE)
: Well done for the winners and honourable mentions! I was wondering though, why so many of the same champions are featured in the winners/honourable mentions such as multiple ones of leona/diana/xayah/annie etc... it would've been nice to see some different champion ideas featured for winners/honourable mentions :o anyway, here was my submission of star guardian taliyah: [Artstation Link](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RdqEe) didnt make the cut but hey maybe next time ^_^ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Hey Sunbean, It's definitely a good question! We tried to have variety across champions but also across styles of submission, and with such a high quantity of submissions it was difficult to choose. Ultimately if we had two different interpretations of the same champion that we loved, we didn't want to exclude one of them...but that did lead to a lot of SG Annie, Sona, etc. Your Taliyah is fantastic, I love that she's dashing across the clouds. <3
Six (OCE)
: @Achenar thanks to yourself and the rest of the riot guys for running the competition. Btw Six is my summer name, I just use zduke on my other media accounts so please don't split the prize. (all on Six please)
Oh thank you for the headsup! I'll make sure this is all good. Your Katarina art is beautiful :D
: {{champion:267}} OMG. I AM ONE OF THE WINNERS! THIS IS SOO RAD!!!{{champion:267}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Your Nami page just kept going, and my jaw can only drop so far. D: Congratulations, your work was beautiful!
Chikorita (OCE)
: Ah gosh, I'm so happy that I am one of the winners, i worked so hard on my entry, feels really good that it paid off. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Your Leona design was beautiful, and I loved the approach you took to all the champion skills. Congratulations! :D
Zaxiadus (OCE)
: Hello!! everyone's submissions look really good haha- one small discrepancy though, the art I submitted was of Aurelion Sol and Fizz, i think you mistook Aure's pet for Gnar :')
Oh shoot, I thought you'd gone for the triple! I'll fix my listing. XD I loved how bright and lovely your colours were. :D
ggBOIZgg (OCE)
: Missed out on an honorable mention, but here's mine anyway. Turns out even tho i submitted it, it didn't turn up {{item:3070}} (full image in link). https://i.imgur.com/0hUmApk.jpg just in case you wanted to know date completed, Sep 2 2017.
Hey ggBOIZgg - it's in the gallery for me! There are multiple pages so make sure you're clicking through. Your Diana design was lovely. :)
: > ..and even a physics thesis At least it left an impression ❤ > Finally a huge thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! You can find a full gallery of all the visual entries here - and fanfiction entries can be found on our Fanfiction Board! Ummm... I can't find my entry in either the Gallery or the Fan-Fiction Board.
It definitely did, it was fantastic. :D The gallery isn't coping well with submissions that were links - I'm starting a new list of links in the main post for anyone who's missing. Thank you for letting me know so I can fix it!
Achenar (OCE)
: Star Guardian 2017 Fanwork Contest - Winners!
Hey guys! Just wanted to acknowledge - there are a couple of winning entries that feature only the existing Star Guardians. Our intent for this contest was that only designs for **new** Star Guardians would be eligible. However I realised too late that our official rules were not specific enough. I didn't want anyone to be punished for my mistake when writing of the rules, so we kept entries featuring existing Guardians in the running. This was totally my bad and I'll do better next time!
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Chikorita (OCE)
: hoi there again, sorry to be annoying but I just wanted to make sure you got my entry, the file I submitted was the splash art and the link was to the ability sheet mock up. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I've got your full entry :D
Momoka (OCE)
: Hi! I think i submitted, I just wanna make sure :3c Thanks! (Just submitted a new version, just has my signature and IGN) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
I've got an entry from you with both of those things on it, so you're all set. :)
: I hope I have been entered. The browser has been stuck on this loading page for a while https://i.imgur.com/SfvQ1DC.png -Give the Lantern My entry anyway https://feardakez.com/nami/ {{champion:267}}
Your entry went through fine, don't worry! :D
Xenna (OCE)
: My submission contains a picture and description! May I upload my submission to my Deviantart? If you don't want it to be shown to public, I can upload it in my stash, which can only be seen with a provided link.
Hey Xenna, you can share it whereever you like! :)
CamiIle (OCE)
: Hey again! I resubmitted a newer file, and added another Star Guardian to the mix! Was just wondering if you got it~ thankyou!
Barala (OCE)
: Am I allowed to collaborate with a fellow summoner? We've already been sharing ideas about it (which I assume must be ok?) and there's a lot of time consuming manual work that needs doing that they want to help with.
Hey Barala, collaboration is totally fine. :) When you submit your entry, make sure to include both summoner names - then, if you win, we will split the prize between those two people (so 2500RP each for a winner or 1500RP each for a honorable mention)!
Awe (OCE)
: Hello! I have a question~ I was hoping to get a name change before the contest is over, I was wondering, since i've already submitted a piece for this with my current name, What would happen if I changed my name?
Hey Awe, if you end up changing your name - for safety, resubmit your entry with your new name and I'll make sure that one goes through for judging!
: Hey. I sent in both a submission for {{champion:141}} and {{champion:267}} , became I saw you had said we can enter multiple ideas. Do you count both my submissions as separate or the same? Do they give multiple chances to win or only one? If one were chosen as a winner or mention, would the other be seen with it? Just confused, thanks
Hey! So each of your entries are considered totally separately and judged on their own merits. So either of them could be a winner, but only that entry would be displayed. :)
: I tried submitting my entry twice, and both times now, the submission crashed. Before trying for the third time, I want to ask if either of those have gone through, and whether or not I submitted the same thing twice?
Hey DirtierKitty! I've got two identical entries from you so they've gone through fine - no sign of a third entry though. :)
Chikorita (OCE)
: Hi there, I know you're saying for people to upload to imgur if they have more than 1 file to give but I was wondering if I could instead upload it to my DeviantART's Sta.sh and then link that. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
That's fine too! :D
CamiIle (OCE)
: I'd also like to check if you've got my entry~ Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yup, we've got you! :D
Bamfudge (OCE)
: If I were to make, say, an animation featuring star guardians, would I be able to use official voice sounds/quotes from the existing in game guardians skins? Or would I have to source my own voice actors for the characters?
Hey, you're fine to use the official material as long as you don't charge people to view your animation - and you don't use the logos. All the info you could need about how to safely use the League of Legends IP is tucked away [on our Legal page.](https://www.riotgames.com/legal-jibber-jabber) Hope this helps, I'd love to see your animation!
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