: Diamond jungle LFT Serious play- Fiddle main, but can learn anything.
I have added you in League. We can talk about you joining our team if/when your available c: We're all Plat/Diamonds. (IGN: AdTueri)
: D5 Jg Looking for Plat + Team
Not sure if you're still interested, but if you are check out my forum post from earlier http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/x0lqlIHU-serious-team-looking-for-high-platinum-rank-jungler-main-or-higher-for-acl-open-ladder-tournements
: D5 Sup/Jng/Mid LF Ranked Team
I am not sure if you have read my post, but my team is looking for a jungler main for a ranked team to compete in the open ladder tournaments. I'm not sure whether you're looking for a serious team with scheduled practices etc but we'd love to have you IF your motivated enough :)
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