: FanFiction Contest: The Winners
Yo, for those of you who may be interested, I have made a [club](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/JrB71YHn-league-readers-and-writers-club-all-welcome) for readers and writers that anyone is welcome to join. Keep ya going until the next fanfic contest at least. **(:3 っ)っ**
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: FanFiction Contest: The Winners
Cheers Froskurinn for making this happen!
: I believe that [Drinking buddies](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/OBlNZkqe-drinking-buddies) should have been one of the choices in the shortlist for some reasons. Firstly the story does have the most votes and should be taken into account. Secondly the author uses a lot of descriptive language and the story fits the two characters well. Thirdly the use of different lore's is a nice touch for example in both Jax {{champion:24}} and Gragas' {{champion:79}} lore it say how they are both drinking buddies and someone noticed in the comments that the name used in the story 'Boram Darkwill' was a name from Sion's {{champion:14}} lore which is a nice little easter egg. Finally I thought the story was great. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=Unicornsaurus,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=ORmqvHsO,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-07-28T08:14:24.761+0000) > > I believe that [Drinking buddies](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/OBlNZkqe-drinking-buddies) should have been one of the choices in the shortlist for some reasons. Firstly the story does have the most votes and should be taken into account. Secondly the author uses a lot of descriptive language and the story fits the two characters well. Thirdly the use of different lore's is a nice touch for example in both Jax {{champion:24}} and Gragas' {{champion:79}} lore it say how they are both drinking buddies and someone noticed in the comments that the name used in the story 'Boram Darkwill' was a name from Sion's {{champion:14}} lore which is a nice little easter egg. > > > > Finally I thought the story was great. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} If you don't mind me saying so (I certainly don't mean to be rude, and I'm aware that I kind of got 'boosted' myself): While I would say that it's a decent entry, it's _hardly_ winning material. The whole upvote-downvote score is an incredibly puerile thing - my own story hit about 5 or 6 at it's peak, before pretty much everyone (but his, huh?) were all leveled to 1 or 0 within the last week of judging. A lot of very good entries (many of them on the list - good to see) were stifled because of this, and it certainly 'soured' the competition a bit. I can sympathise when people use the downvote to reduce something that clearly shouldn't 'deserve' attention, but... I'm an avid reader myself, so here me out when I say 'descriptive language' is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a _great_ piece of writing. Control, Pacing, Character development, Metaphors, Insights ... there was plenty more room for the writer to _dig deeper_. In fact, the writer leans very heavily on 'stereotypes' with Jax, Boram and the Noxian Soldiers that were in my opinion poorly applied. _Boram Darkwill_ is both an established character (an century-old necromancer who heavily influenced Noxian History) and a long dead one - absolutely nothing like the writer's 'Boram'. It is one thing to cross-reference existing lore elements from several areas and make connexions, as was part of the rubic; another thing entirely to merely 'force-copy-paste' a name or place without doing the research beforehand. It's a decent entry that is quite enjoyable to read, but there were some glaring flaws and inconsistencies within it that the judge took into account when deciding on the shortlist.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Penguinknight,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=78UizyJA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-07-27T23:02:01.105+0000) > > HOW DID THIS NOT MAKE IT? > > I made a case for you on the shortlist page - this entry should be in the Honourable Mentions in the very least. Aw man, dude, you really shouldn't have...
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Penguinknight,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=ORmqvHsO,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-07-27T22:54:58.772+0000) > > If I could, I would have actually voted for [Varus: Beyond Justice, Beyond Salvation](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/78UizyJA-varus-beyond-justice-beyond-salvation) over any of these, and here’s why: > > In this entry, the writer does a really good job of _seamlessly_ including Varus’s in-game abilities, lore references, and in-game quotes (in a way that isn’t awkwardly cut-and-pasted like that Yasuo story in the Honourable Mentions) – this fulfils the _‘League of Legends Elements’_ part of the Rubick really well. > > He/she also includes a whole lot of his own original content: the writer goes into Varus’s thought process, describes ‘The Blight’, references to Kalista and Kindred (surprising good choices), explores tangents off his quotes, and pierces into the heart of this Champion; all while this *epic* fight scene unfolds. This fulfils the _‘Creative’_ part of the Rubick in an original and genuine, and refreshingly uncringeworthy, way. > > This entry also meets the _‘Average day in Runeterra’_ prompt: Varus’s entire purpose is to kill as many Noxians as he can before he dies, and the writer sums that up pretty succinctly in the closing line - this _is_ an average day for Varus. > > He/she really paints a vivid, well-developed and believable image of Varus, conversely to some of these entries which are honestly really dissonant from the champions they’re supposed to be representing. > > Don’t get me wrong, these are all (mostly) pretty good, but in my opinion, this entry fulfils the overall Rubick better than any other story in this list, and its style really stood out from the rest - surely it must have been overlooked? Well, uh, thanks? I dunno, most of the ones that made it are pretty good – The Jhin, Veigar, Fiora and Twitch ones do really good jobs of capturing their champion’s characters as well, and I don't think the Rubic should be the only thing that we judge an entry by. Though I admit that I don't perceive some of these entries to be _quite _ as good as mine, I'm sure that the Judge(s) simply found enough flaws in it to prefer the others over it, or didn't find it their cup of tea (or simply didn't want an 'edgy' story getting in - that's fine as well). Eh, it would be wrong to include it in the list _now_ (especially if that would mean another guy got kicked out), and to be honest I'm not fussed about losing (I'd probably give most of the prize away): I'm just content with people reading and enjoying a work that I applied myself to. There can only be 5 winners, 10 shortlisters and 2 mentions - such is life. You can pretend that you're just voting for second place ecksdee.
: FanFiction Contest: The Shortlist
It was a real blast to read all these entries - there was quite the smorgasbord of stories to go through. I read > 'Justice is just a nicer name for revenge.' and for that one elated split-second I really thought [my Varus entry](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/78UizyJA-varus-beyond-justice-beyond-salvation) made it - ah well, I'll just tell myself that I was 'close' or 'unlucky'... It would be great for there to be another competition like this sometime in the future, one with a less-ambiguous prompt that get people on similar footing, perhaps. All the best for everyone who made it!
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Looking forward to the big reveal! Just a question: Many of our entries cross a wide variety of genres (something of a by-product of the open-ended and alternatively-interpretable 'average day in Runeterra' theme), which has been pretty cool to see. In ways this is like judging 'Apples and Oranges' - will there be a quota of serious/sad/silly stories, will you eliminate certain genres, will you just go off judge preference, or will you stay true to the 'Creativity/Prompt/League-Elements' rubric for _all_ stories (which should be good, but looks like quite the mission!) Best of luck to all entries! ^_^
: An Immovable Object Versus An Unstoppable Force (Mostly New Evelynn Lore)
I personally am averted to Evelynn being 'just another' assassin for hire - whether she was or not in the past (I like how you alluded to this!), she's definitely not _human_ anymore, and there has to be _more_ to who she is and what she wants. Given her origins from the Shadow Isles (which is something that should be preserved), I'd imagine she simply needs to collect souls to preserve her existence like Elise, Kalista, Morde and the rest - this would have been my 'springboard', where you could then hone in on her past, cause and reasoning. I found the hesitation you instilled in her when she went for the kill a bit uncharacteristic - Eve's in-game lines have her eagerly relishing the suffering and agony she is causing, and while other champs may feel such reluctance when they're forced to kill, Eve certainly ain't one of them. Both the ending and the references to Aurelion Sol struck me as a bit weird - what on earth did you mean with the 'Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object?' My other nitpick would be your writing style: The combination of run-on, 'fragmented sentences' that you admitted to and the overall ambiguity (maybe I'm just dumb haha) made it quite difficult for me to follow your piece smoothly, where even after rereading a sentence I couldn't really interpret its meaning. If done intentionally for effect, run-on sentences can really contribute to mood - otherwise, they should be used sparingly when they're not. I struggled with this myself, don't worry! I like how you chose Evelynn - she's a character with a whole lot of potential - just like you! ^_^
Miss Auri (OCE)
: Diary of a Shuriman Merchant
I'd go _both_ halves fish. ( ° ͜ʖ °) Real funny from start to finish, jam packed with references and mank demes. Your application and execution of the diary format was brilliant, well done!
: The Fourth Act (Zed and Shen)
Maki (OCE)
: How to Design a Champion : By Riot Games
Fyooosh (OCE)
: Pilgrim
Man, I got total puzzled trying to determine who this guy was. Bloodshot eyes, Gangplank? A cigar, Graves? A hood, Talon? An OC? Now he's blue and disappearing - Karthus maybe? Call, what? ...Oh. You got me good, lmao.
: Varus: Beyond Justice, Beyond Salvation
Glad you could pick em out. Yeah, I strove to avoid 'copy-pasting' them word for word in random places devoid of context. Though pretty much all of Varus's lines are bad-ass on their own, and I might have gotten away with doing so, I have to say that a few of them are really interesting to dissect, and I was somewhat compelled to put my spin on the ones I chose as 'oneliners'. ^_^ _"There is no salvation."_ - For whom? Himself? The Noxians he's hunting? The Ionians he failed? Every bad person? Every good person? All of the above? _"No turning back."_ - Why can't he? Does he physically no longer have control over The Corruption? Is he just too far deep to stop himself? Or is he morally obligated to avenge his fallen people? Does he think that his killing will achieve an outcome, maybe deter warmongers like Noxus from doing the same thing to another nation? Does he even have an alternative? Big questions, big questions ahaha. I really appreciate your feedback, I'm off to read your story now. :)
: Light & Shadow
Not bad at all! The Lucian-Thresh rivalry is definitely one of the most epic amongst the ones we have, and your piece pays fine homage to both characters! Naming Senna and Lucian's two guns 'Light and Shadow' ... Since they're both purifiers, initially I thought that to be a bit sketchy, and I would have put forward alternatives like 'Dawn and Dusk', 'Grace and Mercy', 'Sky and Earth' ... But calling his weapon 'Shadow' fits nicely enough - after losing Senna, Lucian has truly abandoned the 'path of light' he used to walk with her, and in his grief and vengeance has become a 'shadow' of his former self - now, he comes toward Thresh not as a paragon, but as a human who has come to terms with both aspects of who he is. Not entirely sure how you'd fit this in the canon however (doesn't really strike me as a 'finale'). Did you consider writing about their _first_ encounter, where Thresh decieves them, captures Senna then shows what a d*ck he is? Filling in a gap like that, where you can flesh out Senna and go through Lucian's change of heart; in my opinion, that would have had far more potential for you to take it to the next level. Well done! ^_^
scarybear (OCE)
: The Starchild
Your elegantly written piece does a fine job of supporting both Soraka's heartfelt, unconditional altruism and Bard's indiscernible mystery. Of course, we'd all like for more to be explored, thus revealed, with Bard, but it seems you were content to abstain from doing so, which is very true to who he is at least. Another day, perhaps - most likely not though haha. ^_^ I like how you show how Soraka's directive is made so singular and clear to us with the repeating statements - it foils well with how _bloddy incomprehensible_ Bard is! It raises the question: Is Bard completing a similar purpose to she in his own way, or is he doing his own thing entirely? It wouldn't have been easy writing about these champs - Riot hasn't given them much that's concrete for you to work with - so well done! Supports ftw!
: Four Words
This is one of the pieces in this competition I've seen which I can honestly say 'Yep, this is definitely [champion]' to. Of course, this isn't the only thing that determines the worth of these fanfics (this [Teemo story](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/m9GiBrWl-a-slow-death) that builds an alternative yet believable re-imagining from pretty much nothing is more 'Hey, this could be [champion]', which is impressive in it's own way ), but here, you've done a splendid job using the myriad of material Riot's given us and working it all into a 1500 word (one thousand, four hundred and ninety-six words too long Kappa) piece. Though there are plenty of lunatics {{champion:115}} , killers {{champion:91}} and lunatic killers {{champion:63}}{{champion:36}}{{champion:119}}{{champion:222}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:58}}{{champion:35}}{{champion:27}}{{champion:45}}{{champion:19}} in the league, there is no mistaking that 'This is Jhin', and we can see that he is truly one of a kind. A chilling, gripping read from start to finish. Well done! If I had to nitpick, it would be the new 'Joker'-esque backstory you suggested for Jhin revolving around an abusive father? We're told that disguised as a stagehand, without his mask he has a rather kind, featureless face rather than some twisted, scarred and inhuman one - as I'm sure you're aware, the mask's purpose seems less about _hiding_ who he is, and in ways, Jhin is trading his old, bland, human self and is instead 'becoming the mask'. Off a similar principle, I reckon that Jhin doesn't need a sad, tragic backstory to explain the way he is, just as he doesn't really need a reason to make 'art'. You'll find that true psychopaths and sadists are irreversibly born the way they are, rather than acquired later in life, and it's mostly the choices they make that determine how they control and display it. That's my two cents at least - perhaps there's something in your decision that I completely missed! Irrespective of whether or not Riot decides your entry to be eligible, thanks for sharing this with us while being as transparent as you have! You obviously have a passion for writing, so hopefully you'll get an 'honourable mention' at the very least!
: Data-log 158-39
> “PLEASE MISS, SUCH LANGUAGE IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR A LADY TO BE HEARD USING. MAY I OFFER YOU A FEW CHILD-FRIENDLY REPLACEMENTS?” Flip, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish! You're absolutely spot-on with your portrayal of Blitzcrank - I suppose accidental acts of cruelty and complete ignorance of fleshling's pain aren't really appropriate for the genre you were trying to achieve - and you excellently applied existing lore material into your original story. By any chance, have you read the [Blitzcrank <3 Orianna Comic](http://imgur.com/a/swG5V)? It is a bit 'darker', but all the same, these sort of pieces just make me glad Blitzcrank is part of the league, ey?
: Zed and Shen: A Final meeting
You completely nailed Shen man, well done.
Popi OP (OCE)
: Just a word my dear summoner.
Don't forget the mass-slaughter of countless minions. At least we _intentionally_ spare the Cannons, amirite? {{champion:412}}
Thulium69 (OCE)
: Another average day on Runeterra
Ahaha, that ending. It's actually Masterful how you so elegantly integrated so much in-game material; _especially_ the quotes, goodness gracious. A thoroughly fun read from start to finish, with such an original, derpy precept that conceals its worth (that probably makes no sense haha) Well done!
moovlice (OCE)
: Drinking Buddies
You really nailed Gragas! Both his brash mannerisms and fighting style where just throws his weight around really pay homage to the 'big man' that he is in game. However, I don't really agree with how you portrayed Jax - while the 'no-nonsense, stolid badass' stereotype foils well with Graggy, I personally think that it's not really _Jax_ - that almost better befits Talon, Lucian or Yasuo. In my mind, Jax is this cocky, brutish d*ck who is constantly taunting and bantering with people, knowing he can back it up, and would probably be shouting just as loud as his Gragas: Check out Terkoiz's [Summoner Showdown 6](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMcuT-xwTxg), and you'll know _exactly_ what I mean. ^_^ Also not entirely sold on the Noxians: I believe _Boram Darkwill_ has been established as this age-old necromancer of refinement (Referring to Sion lore and the wiki) - while he would definitely have an air of entitlement and self-importance, he's certainly not like the bloke you've got here. Eh, an honest mistake - must be one of his understudies haha. Ehm, and at least in my mind Noxians are a well-ordered, well trained and well-disciplined bunch - the 'smelly, unkempt, clumsy' stereotype seems a bit missed on them - though if you were to replace the Noxians with rotten seamen of Bilgewater, you'd be right on the money! Eh, those are just nitpicks which would be easily fixed! It would have been nice if the Noxians put up more of a fight, but still an entertaining read!
: Leadership From Fresh Blood
6 YEARS 2 DISAPPEARANCES 6 / 2 = 3 LOOMINATY CONFIRMED Yeah, you're totally right about so many champs having so many more stories to tell. Whether they're new lores (Taliyah's Family, Yasuo's Framer) or retconned ones Riot's left in the dumpster (Regi and Monsiour DuCouteau's disappearance, don't even know what Kayle is supposed to be now lol), plenty of them are _not yet finished_, which leaves us with so much room to connect dots and _imagine_! If I were to put my 'downer hat' on, I'd disagree with your decision to both write about the LoL organisation, and include so many Champions at once. I personally agree with Riot's move with retconning the League (don't kill me ;~; ) - it is such a stretch to explain the things that happen on the Rift logically - so while it's super _fun_ to have all these champs doing performances in this one place, I feel that it works against you when you're trying to seriously explore these kidnappings and these champion's respective aspirations and motives. Which brings me to the characters: They don't seem as developed or interesting as I know you're capable of making them. In Kayle, Katarina and Talon's case, I'd even say that your depiction is contrary to what's been established (though Taliyah and Yasuo were much better) - I think this is simply a consequence of you trying to stuff too much into 1500 words, thus not having the room to spare towards each champion as individuals. I love Taliyah, hate the other four with a passion ahaha (just support things). If you like, check out this [Taliyah/Azir fic](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/3ONphbY4-sun-and-stone) that I really found encaptulated what Taliyah stands for. And, uh, [my one about Varus](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/78UizyJA-varus-beyond-justice-beyond-salvation), where I stick with _one_ champion and focus on digging _deep_. I like how you chose some champions that haven't really been touched by Riot - when done well, those are the stories that shine brightest IMO. Here, I can see that you enjoy both reading and writing, so keep doing both! ^_^
: Nothing But The Voice
Whether or not it will be allowed, I for one am glad you managed to submit this! I noted your less-than-flattering depiction of the Demacian folk - when we got the Fiora lore we saw a prudish, ruthless edge to the 'Upper-class' of Demacians that we hadn't really been exposed to before, and as they are so fundamental to Sona's lore, it's a nice touch that you retained this (deliberately or not, haha). I remember this theory circulating that Sona is in fact a psychopathic killer {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:17}} who uses her position to access important Demacian targets while adopting her profession and a pretense of muteness as cover - If I were writing this story that's probably what I'd explore (of course) - dunno what you make of that hehe. A well written piece that serves to deepen a somewhat 'flat' character. Best of luck!
Oneechan (OCE)
: Wow, great attention to detail! His spells are very on-point, and so much more badass than I thought Varus could ever be. I don't think I have the guts to fight him in-game now :P
Aye, glad you noticed them - Did you manage to hunt all four abilities and his passive? In his lore he's somewhat-literally a one-man army, so yeah, I went a _little_ overboard, as you always do haha. Thanks for your comment! I enjoyed your Ahri story (she's so hardcore what) - all the best for the competition!
: awe thx alot. SO TRUE about the mundo and singed's dog, dont forget about victor XD.{{champion:112}}
> [{quoted}](name=Hiitsjustme,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=5IWaHQzM,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-07-10T05:02:02.013+0000) > > awe thx alot. SO TRUE about the mundo and singed&#x27;s dog, dont forget about victor XD.{{champion:112}} But then, maybe Victor will give you a second cybernetic head for you to be friends with - you'd never get lonely with one of those! {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}}
Jason (OCE)
: Her Purple Hair | Ekko
Actually an enjoyable read - I guess that's _one_ thing you could do with a Z-Drive... On a side, I like the emergent narrative you've exposed around it: I'm sure many people in Runeterra, for selfish or selfless reasons alike, would love to get their hands on such an invention. There's a whole heap of room for a future story revolving around Ekko and people who want to take his gizmo for themselves. flowers... purple hair.... bakery? hmmmm....
: A Heart Without a Beat (ノ◕‿◕✿)ノ *:・゚✧ ฅ(^ω^ฅ)
Man, we don't deserve dogs. I guess there are far worse people in Runeterra who wouldn't treat their dogs half as well as Lux did, huh? I wouldn't want to be Mundo or Singed's dog, that's for sure... A well-written story that pierces into the heart and soul. Have my seal of approval (:3 っ)っ
: The Untouchables: The daily grind of an off-meta champ
Aw man One day Rito will rework Galio with percent health shred, a three-hit passive, five dashes and a brain-dead pop-culture reference in his emotes _Then_ he will see the light of day once again {{item:3070}}
Oneechan (OCE)
: The Tails She Holds Close
2 edgy 4 me This was quite the fascinating read, to be honest! This Ahri you've described isn't _exactly_ what I imagine her to be, but even still you expose a whole lot of convolution in this character that hasn't really been touched by Riot since her release, huh? It must be very hard living Ahri's life : She gets exposed to the worst of people, she has to kill to preserve her own life, she has to wrestle with all these questions all the time, and yeah, she's not truly wanted by anyone. {{item:3070}} If only I could be the friendly Butler that follows her around, cooks her meals, does her hair, brings her warm drinks when she's sick and gives her _entirely platonic_ hugs when she's feeling down - shame I'm too ugly for the job lol {{champion:6}}
0wI (OCE)
: Sun and Stone
Even after the official Shurima lore update and the Bloodline story, at the moment Taliyah's 'rivalry' with him strikes me as almost completely built on _ignorance_ and hearsay - a petty reason for any animosity if you ask me. So it's neat how you've chosen to write about these two in particular - their conversation really seem to be filling a 'gap' in the official lore that really needs to be filled. Yet instead of _resolving_ their relationship, you preserved it and deepened it with actual points of disagreement - in quite an elegant way. Taliyah's conclusion, where she 'wants to like him, but can't bring herself to,' just seems _right_ to me. Nicely done! ^_^
: A Slow Death
Save for his happy-go-lucky/psycho split personality, his flipped-out legendary skin (that I'm pretty sure is confirmed to represent his other side?) and the ship tease with Tristana, I guess there isn't a whole lot about Teemo that we know of - he's one of those champions that Riot's just left in the dumpster in terms of lore. To be completely honest, You've done a really good job bundling all of that into this character in a coherent, believable manner that both answers and asks questions about who this _rat_ is. Not bad - you've got guts for writing about Teemo and expecting us to read it, much less _like_ it lol. gift singed all
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Yukarin (OCE)
: //Reboot: Code >>PROJECT_Fiora<<
Nicely done - even a line of skins has a story to tell, huh? A worthy entry for this contest if I ever saw one!
: On the Outskirts of Bandle City
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! You've done a splendid job capturing who Veigar is, as well as fleshing out more depth for him. Kudos to you! Don't worry about the Downvoters - either they think that downvoting everyone else's stuff makes theirs have a better chance of being seen, or they're just Yordle haters, (which is an entirely valid position, haha).


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