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: LF support main to duo with me
Was a plat 2 support main last season, haven't played much for the past few months, keen to get back into it :)
Exhausted (OCE)
: What music do you listen to while playing?
How can you solo queue to all this happy rubbish? Unleash the hatred and let the rage flow freely!
Boomer (OCE)
: How to solve Crit Chance RNG: Precision Damage
RNG actually stands for Random Number Generation. I assume you're trolling in saying that it stands for Gods, but just in case, RNG Gods is a valid statement.
: Need help getting out of Bronze as a support main
^What FlamingSword said. It's all about mentality. Focus on improving, not trying to "carry my shit bronze team". In the nicest way possible, if you can't get out of bronze playing support it's entirely possible you're not playing the role very well. A well played support makes such a difference for the team- a great laning phase for bot, and as the person with most of the CC on the team you have a lot of control of when and how teamfights happen. Plus having good vision control makes it much easier for your team to get baron/dragon. PS, I was B5 back in the day and I mained support all the way to P2. It's definitely possible to climb with support.
Boomer (OCE)
: How to solve Crit Chance RNG: Precision Damage
Dota has a rather interesting way of solving this problem, pseudo-random distribution. It's kinda more important in Dota though, since PA for example has a 15% chance to crit for 450% damage, which can literally one auto kill someone. I think league is fine the way it is, but PRD would be nice against say tryndamere in lane, which can be obnoxious if he gets multiple crits at lvl 1.
Zenoaxes (OCE)
: Ezreal Basic Attack looks Bland
Since Ezreal doesn't do damage, the fact his basic attack is a tiny little white line is rather appropriate. Riot is all about clarity, and this is a fine example of correct implementation.
: Oceanic skin
Riot hates us, obviously.
Nestay (OCE)
: Savage eSports Looking for High Plat-Diamond subs
IGN: Reign in Blood Age: 21 Rank: Plat II Role: Support Do you own a working Mic? Yes Are you active, if so what days and times: On holidays atm, so whenever, generally evenings/nights pref over daytime Why do you want to join? League is more fun when played as a team, solo queue is the worst
duckyy (OCE)
: LF members for a NEW rank team/open ladder (plat + req)

Adepta Sororitas

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