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Hey Riot, I need a Pizza Delivery right now. Please fix the link so I can order one!{{summoner:51}}
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Gehirn (OCE)
: ARAM’s Unofficial (Read: Accidental) Never-ending Sale Comes to an...End
Funny fix. But I'm glad this won't affect or disturb many players since I don't see many players using these battle boosts in my games. Thanks for letting us know.
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Zaps (OCE)
: Queue Update - 2017-10-15 (Ranked TT, Normal Draft)
I wanted to leave some thoughts on my experience with it so far. I'm glad to see something similar to team builder, so I have more control on what roles and champions I want to play. However after queueing up 5 times with mid as first preference and support as second, I have always ended up with support. I have dodged queue all but one game and kept ending up with support (sorry to lengthen other people's queues, but I wanted mid for a change). I understand that support isn't an often preferred role but if I am going to be placed as support all the time I may as well have it as my primary preference. It almost feels like my mid preference isn't there. I am almost tempted to simply choose mid then top as my preference so that I don't always get filled into support (even though top isn't something I want). I just feel like if you get shoved into your secondary preference all the time like support but really wanted to play your first preference such as mid, it doesn't really happen since other people want mid so you get shifted to support.
: Oceania is victorious!
Scuttle crab OP.
Loote (OCE)
: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin - Charitable Donation Update
Thanks for the update. Honestly it's better to have some talk about it (even if it's taking long) rather than nothing at all.
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
Can we eventually (probably after when the skin hits PBE) get a few comments from some of the team members which helped design the skin to talk about exactly how this skin encompasses and fits the OCE region? Obviously with just the splash art so far it's a bit difficult to tell, but the skin looks like it's leaning towards the justicar line of skins. It would be interesting to have a discussion on the thought process behind the skin design and how it fits us in the OCE region. Finally, it's really awesome to see Riot go through with this one. I know it's a bit of a mistake to raise expectations, but to actually go through with it and come out with a finished product is a great achievement!
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
Sorry but is this event going to be adjusted for the OCE region? I've noticed this is the same post from NA. Some worries I have is that the point goal is too high considering the requirements to gain points (winning only in 5 man premade or gifting) and I don't think the OCE community can perform well in this. Ocean week was a bit different since you just had to play an ocean week champion, but if you want to do this the free way you'll have to have a 5 man premade ready. 55 million points in a week for the final goal sounds extremely hard for OCE to achieve as well.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: The Live Gameplay Team Presents: The Live Gameplay Q+A! (feat. You)
I was wondering what are the chances of a Galio rework {{champion:3}} ? Currently he does have some underlying problem in his kit, but he isn't played enough to be widely known yet. Firstly his passive encourages him to be building some sort of MR every game. However if this is blind pick, Galio's passive may not be so useful as AD teams. His passive is one of the major reasons why people pick him against mages just because of how much free stats he can get. However the passive doesn't fit his theme of 'guardian' all too well and I think it needs to change so Galio players may feel more comfortable picking him into a wider variety of match ups. Secondly and the most important aspect that needs to change is his Bulwark (W). Galio gets heal _every time_ he is damaged, not _how much_ he was damaged. This causes only a one way interaction in the favour of Galio against mages that utilises DoTs. For example, Brand can't use his abilities on Galio due to Brand's passive letting Galio overheal the damage. Morgana pool turns into a bath for Galio as he can sit in there to heal and this discourages her from using it to clear waves. This lets Galio to shrug off any harass and creates a one way interaction where Galio can be the only one harassing his enemy. Another interesting idea would be letting his E slow enemy champions who run _against_ the direction of the wind. It lets Galio help out allies from a distance and it would be a cool idea for enemy champions to feel like they are running against a harsh wind. Perhaps this mechanic could be extended to help slow some skillshots though I think it is extrapolating the idea a bit too far. What do you guys think of my points about for Galio? Does the live team understand some of the problems Galio can pose? Are we going to have some fixes to those?
: Alex Flores, Senior Illustrator Q&A
When creating default champion splash art, do concept artists need to consider how the champion icon will look like when it is extracted from the splash art? I remember a few months ago on the PBE where new splash arts for cass, lee sin etc. had troubles because the icons made from their faces looked funny (eg. lee sin's pecs were too big and covering too much of his face). From those examples, do concept artists now have to consider what the champ icon will look like when creating concepts for default splash arts?
Zaps (OCE)
: Patch 5.7 Bugs Megathread
{{champion:101}} Xerath's 1st R does not work. Steps to re-produce: 1. As Xerath, spam R to fire your first shot quickly from a far distance 2. First shot doesn't work and is barely visible and deals NO dmg 3. Second and third shots work fine. In effect, it makes it look like you shot only 2 barrages but from close inspection, the first shot deals no damage and the animation of it seems to be really sped up (can barely recognize a shot was made).
: Ocean Week Reef Update
Are you confident in getting all the summoner names (that were eligible) to fit on the statue? Delivering such a task sounds daunting.
: Jesse Perring?
It's an extremely old joke (around beta to S1) of an employee at Riot named Jesse Perring and people simply talk of him like Chuck Norris for some reason. I am not sure if he's still at Riot, but last time I heard he was part of player support. He isn't talked much about anymore.
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Hi Meddler, I've got a ton of questions for you. Some of these are quite complex so I was hoping you could some comments about them. **1.** To start things off easy, what do you think about Rengar after the re-work? It was around PAX 2013 the Rengar rework was in the PBE and since official release, we are still seeing Rengar being a bursty assassin with barely no counter play. Would you say this is a successful rework? If not, would Riot consider looking at Rengar again? **2.** A very long time ago, you've talked about possibly changing up Lissandra's passive. Can we get an update on how is that going now? I have a few ideas to make Lissandra's passive more meaningful and a passive which will change the player's decisions whilst playing her. Upon hitting an enemy with a spell, Lissandra gains a stack for 7 seconds. Upon 3 stacks, her third spell gain a boosted effect. -Q: Longer cast range or shattered shards extend further beyond the target hit. Great for harassing longer ranged champions or finishing someone off from a distance. -W: casts in 2 stages. There is an inner circle W snare which is the usual cast, then after 1 sec, there is an outer ring W snare. So W's range is increased, but instead of simply increasing the range, we do it in 2 stages. Good for comboing with your ult if you want more AoE snare. -E: claw travel speed is significantly faster. This makes it so Lissandra can catch people off guard and surprise them with an initiate. -R: Can't think of a great change. Either increased AoE or duration but this is very plain. I would be fine without no boosted effect on R and just let R be used as a buffer for stacks. What do you think about a passive like this? It's similar to Annie where she can stack spells, but Liss cannot charge this out of battle (needs to hit target+stacks last 7 secs). This causes the player to think more about their spell order when initiating. **3.** I plainly think Galio is in need for a rework because there are definitely some things in his kit which are bad for gameplay. Not saying he's weak, but I want to first point out a glaring problem that many people do not realise in his kit. Currently his W shield heals Galio** each time** he is hit. This means things like DoTs are extremely countered by this and creates some impossible un-fun match ups when playing against Galio. Imagine Brand vs Galio. Brand cannot by any means use any spell on Galio? Why? Because Brand's passive will completely heal up Galio if Galio uses W. The heal from W completely overwhelms Brand's harass. Only situation I can think Brand can out trade is through blue buff and absolutely spams spells when W shield is down. Another example would be Morgana vs Galio. Morgana cannot use W, even on minions because Galio will simply walk in and take a bath. In these examples, there is really only one way interaction and some champions even have their spells artificially negated. These DoTs champs cannot afford to harass or interact with Galio, yet Galio is allowed to harass them freely. What do you think about the above explanation on why Galio's W is in need of a rework? As it stands, W being procced each time he is hit makes it very hard for some champions to deal with Galio. I understand it complements well with his ultimate (because people auto attack you while you taunt them), but ruins other champions' abilities to deal with Galio as well. **4. **Last question. I've got a sick skill idea which I'll let you use (but hopefully you put the name 'Aegis' in it somewhere to commemorate me :D). This idea was actually from 2 PAXes ago, so PAX 2013 and BEFORE yasuo+braum was released. So please don't accuse me of having an unoriginal idea (you probably guessed it, it's a wall type skill). So here we go, imagine a wall type skill, something that blocks terrain. But wait there's a catch. This wall actually has hp and resistances (probably off the champion who can use it). What does a wall having hp and resistances mean? It means it can **block non-targetable skill shots** as well as have the **ability to be destroyed**. This creates a very satisfying and great skill design. Firstly it creates outplay potential by allowing this champion to block non-targetable skill shots (Brand's Q, Jinx's R) but does not block all projectiles such as targetable skillshots (taric's dazzle being casted on an enemy on the other side) and auto attacks (when used on a close enemy beyond the wall). This differentiates the skill from Braum's wall who just blocks all projectiles and makes this wall a tad weaker and more fair in my opinion. The second point from the above is the ability to be destroyed. This is probably the most awesome part of this skill. This means there is **counterplay** to this wall. Is this wall blocking your path? Well work with your team mates and bash the wall down! This creates a sense of camaraderie in a skill. All in all, a satisfying skill that is **more fair **(doesn't block all projectiles) as well as **creating meaningful and fun counterplay** as players can crumble the wall down with their team mates. What do you think about this skill idea? Does it sound cool? Does it have any potential to be used in a future kit (hopefully you put Aegis in the name!). That's all the questions I have Meddler. Sorry some of my questions were so long and detailed but I hope you can get back to me. Thanks a lot.
: Ocean Week is coming!
Can we get more clarification on what an Ocean Week champion is? So from my understanding they are just the free-week champions listed as 'waves' in the post? You don't need to use a skin or anything for them? Also will there be any prizes for people who contributed the **most** points?
ßmo (OCE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcz4u3Lv9ko This is gonna have a detrimental effect on the OCE community. We dont need Americ**ts who have been putting up with NA lag thinking that with this free transfer they will be getting better ping. Whats gonna end up happening is they come here expecting better connection, start playing on 200+ ping, effectively creating 4v5 scenarios where one member of a team is too laggy to play properly making OCE's experience worse, realise that they get worse ping here than whinge that they want to go back to NA. I guarantee you that within a week of it ending there will be numerous threads complaining they want to go back. And when they dont want to pay for 2600RP to go back they will either %%%%% and moan or stop playing altogether. Riots gonna say tuff shid and then there is going to be a whole demographic of toxic NA players who cannot play the game and will end up feeding/trolling/flaming/all the stuff bronze players say they experience, because they were to stupid to realise that OCE would give them more lag. I {{champion:86}}tee it.
I highly doubt people are stupid enough to think that being an American player and transferring to OCE will make their ping any better (if it was bad in the first place in NA). Even if you make that joke that Americans are 'stupid' I highly doubt Riot was aiming to bring American players with bad ping to go to OCE (American players being players located in America, not just simply players playing on NA). It's probably aimed more towards Australian players who didn't transfer the first time when it was free as well as catering for newer players who maybe didn't know about the OCE transfer or accidentally registered their new accounts within the past year for NA, not OCE. Overall, Riot simply just wants to populate the server more as we do suffer from queue problems.
: The Riot Merchandising Store Beta is LIVE and it ships to OCEANIA!!!
I'm really glad OCE (and every other region) will be getting their own merchandise store. Usually as Australians we get left out on a lot of things and if we were ever to buy anything from overseas the shipping charges are hefty. Having an OCE merch store would probably mean the store is located domestically and shipping prices would be fair. I also hope the price of merchandise is fair as well. Price discrimination tends to happen based on geographical segregation so I hope Riot doesn't do this us.
RiotEarp (NA)
: Art Demo images from Arma and PAX 2014!
Hey there, I didn't get to ask at PAX, but I had an awesome idea on an OCE skin which I think will appeal globally and I wanted to ask for your thoughts! I wanted to know what do you think about an **Australian themed Gnar skin**? Gnar by lore is already quite tribal and throws a boomerang and I think it'll be really easy to fit in some Australian themes in there by adjusting his look to be more Australian. He could maybe be a hopping kangaroo/wallaby with his Yordle form (fits well with his bounce skill and maybe you can make his walking animation bouncy too) and as for his Mega-Gnar form, he could be some kind of wombat or frilled neck lizard or some mythical Australian beast (eg. Yowie; basically an Australian version of big foot). What do you think of this skin idea? Do you think it has potential to not only fit well for the OCE region, but also be appealing enough globally to make it a worthwhile skin to make?


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