: Ridiculous... put a warning up, if their ISP is the issue they shouldn't play, I'm rockin 21 ping in normals suffering for this... #feelsbadman #nannystate #notlikethisritoplz
Hey Spidicus We've actually had a notification in place right next to the play button since things started looking "iffy", but unfortunately not everyone checks these out. I'd be interested to know if you think there is a better way we could put up a warning? Cheers Mindstar
: I'm surprised the ranked queues aren't disabled. It may only affect NZ, but one NZ player in a ranked game will ruin the game for everyone. When there are known server issues usually the ranked queue gets disabled. This ping makes the game completely unplayable, it isn't just a small increase. I'd recommend disabling the ranked queues as it isn't fair on anybody to lose a match because one of the players is having problems due to a connection fault. I understand this is not Riot's fault, but nor is it the player's. Because this affects so many players on the OCE server (not just NZ players, but players in their games), it only makes sense to disable the ranked queues at least until there is more information
Hey PentaMagic I thought it might be worth a reply here as this is a good post and a good summary of some of the thought process that we go through when issues like this occur. When we consider disabling ranked, we are usually weighing a number of variables together including who is affected? how bad is it? how long is it likely to continue for? You're right that regardless of where an issue occurs - if players are feeling pain from something - it is on Riot to reduce the impact of that however we can. This is especially so when it comes to ranked! When its an issue with a League of Legends server - it usually becomes clear cut fairly quickly what we need to do. We know what servers do what to make League happen, and when something fails we have good monitoring in place to understand it. In this evenings case, with the issue happening outside of our own infrastructure, but still on infrastructure that many of our players depend on to get access to LoL, the scale of the issue was very much unclear at first. We knew players were experiencing ping & packet loss issues, and immediately put a notification ticker into the client as a warning. As things progressed it became apparent that it was worse for some than others depending on ISP, and we started to build a clearer picture of overall impact. That has led to us disabling ranked as a result. Hopefully the cut cables that caused this get fixed up as soon as possible, but either way we've got your back. Cheers Mindstar
: 2018-03-21 NZ players increased latency
** Update @ 18:45 AEDT ** We've still seen no further update from the ISPs affected. We know it really sucks to lose LP to ISP issues like this, while it is only NZ players on some ISPs that have the connectivity issues, it only takes one player disconnecting to ruin a ranked game for everyone. We've decided to disable ranked on Oceania until such time as it is resolved.
: 2018-03-21 NZ players increased latency
** Update @ 17:45 AEDT ** We've seen no update from affected ISPs since the time of our last update. We're still monitoring the situation and will let you know if anything changes.
Metusala (OCE)
: I am with Orcon, but that doesn't matter.. I work in telecom networking. You guys need to know, UFF owns all Fibre cables in NZ. They just sell and subsidize it to big corps who rent it and then in turn rent it out to us. So saying your ISP is pointless. ISP's only buy the speed of bit transferral from UFF, that's it. (Fun fact, they pay for speed not data transferal. That's why we are being scammed when ISP's sell you packages such as 100GB a month etc). It seems to me like it's a problem with the Auckland LoL Server.
Hi Metusala Thanks for the info on UFF. We don't have any LoL servers in Auckland - the OCE game servers are in Sydney. The issue is actually a fibre cut in Sydney affecting ISPs with NZ < -> Australia links. Because LoL game traffic for NZ would usually traverse that path, it has unfortunately been caught up in this. Cheers! Mindstar
: 2018-03-21 NZ players increased latency
Update @ 15:45 AEDT Looks like the cable was cut somewhere in Sydney, which means that it should be a reasonably quick repair. We're told there are fibre technicians working on fixing the broken cables at present. There is no ETA at present for a fix though.
: Waiting for the 2Daggers ISP update too
: pretty sure its Megatel not metatel
: 2018-03-21 NZ players increased latency
From what we've seen, it looks like the major ISPs which are affected are:- * removing this list for confusion - it seems like most ISPs that aren't Spark are affected.
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: Been waiting 2 and a half hours still stuck in limbo. feelsbadman
Different account? I see one from 7 mins ago...
: I cant even find a match now, rank was disabled during a game of mine and we went on to win the match, now everytime i log back in it takes me to a black screen trying to load that last match i played, i press retry and nothing happens so i have to cancel, takes me to the client and i try find a match and it just lets me keep clicking find match, ive tried restarting, fixing the client, anyone have a fix?
This sounds like a "Ghost game" - it is one of the symptoms of games not finishing up correctly, and can leave players in a "limbo" state for a while. It sucks but you'll likely have to wait it out - I'd expect this to clear up within a couple of hours of the game finishing. Mindstar
: [FIXED] 2018-03-07 - LP Issues - Ranked disabled
Update: We've narrowed the cause down to a particularly grumpy network device, and given it a small vacation from its duties. Sorry for the bumpy ride this morning, we really hate it when stuff messes with the LP systems :( See you on the rift!
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: Just played a game and the stats wernt loading so I skipped them, came back my que wouldnt start so i relogged and it tried to tell me im still in a game. I repeated this process about 5x and even restarted my pc. Nothings working I would appreciate feedback. Oh and i done the full repair 3 times.{{item:3025}}
Hey thanks for the info. The maintenance itself went on with no impact, but we'll check things out now to see if something else has happened.
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Sn4ke (OCE)
: I've been lagging quite a lot throughout late december till now and I never used to lag. I get about 150 - 1000ms
What ISP are you guys with? Have you checked out your info in lagreport.com?
: Running tracert again to test for differing results and we can see that the first tracert has +50ms difference on #3, #8 and a +20ms on 7. 1 25 ms 17 ms 16 ms mygateway.gateway [] 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 11 ms 37 ms 72 ms 4 10 ms 10 ms 11 ms bundle-ether2.win-edge901.melbourne.telstra.net [] 5 12 ms 12 ms 11 ms bundle-ether11.win-core10.melbourne.telstra.net [] 6 24 ms 23 ms 24 ms bundle-ether12.ken-core10.sydney.telstra.net [] 7 94 ms 88 ms 94 ms bundle-ether1.ken-edge902.sydney.telstra.net [] 8 65 ms 30 ms 47 ms rio1370642.lnk.telstra.net []
Hi Looking at the traces you've posted, it looks like there could be a good first step to take within your home. The first hop (mygateway.gateway) looks like it is varying a bit. 1 12 ms 5 ms 1 ms mygateway.gateway [] --and-- 1 25 ms 17 ms 16 ms mygateway.gateway [] 12ms might not seem like a lot, but in home networking terms I'd consider that quite high. What is key there is that it varies a lot, which means something isn't playing nice between your PC and your router, or within your router. You have the most control over the stuff within your home network - if it were me I'd be trying to figure out how to get it right down to be stable at a constant ~1ms, and then move on to other aspects (such as with my ISP) from there. I'm guessing you're using Wifi? Does your stability change if you're using an ethernet cable? Also - We've got a relatively new site up now called [Lag Report,](https://lagreport.oce.leagueoflegends.com/) which might give a bit of insight and help you identify the source of your issues. I'd recommend you check it out, and also check out some of the things in the "What can I do?" heading. Cheers Mindstar
Niji (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Agent Mindstar,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=Y9iwxfKQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-11T13:20:45.945+0000) > > Aaaaand we&#x27;re back on. Sorry about that! > > For the interested - One of the internet providers that we use for our game servers had a hardware failure, which caused one of our internet links in Sydney to bounce up and down a few times. We&#x27;ve disabled that provider and all should be smooth again now. > > Cheers! > Mindstar What happens with regards to that provider then? How do you reallocate traffic in the event of one of them failing?
Essentially it is all pretty automatic, because the internet in general is pretty good at routing around a link failure. Routers all over the world use [BGP](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_Gateway_Protocol) to advertise their existence, and collectively build out a map of how to get around the world. When a link goes dead, a router can use this map to figure out the next best way to send traffic. What happens in a case like last night is that a link might "flap" - going up and down repeatedly, and this can cause instability (because traffic keeps changing directions). In this case we go in and manually turn off that link - at least until we've spoken to whoever is on the other end of it (usually an ISP or Peering Exchange), and we're confident that any problems have been solved. Cheers! Mindstar
: [SOLVED] 2018-01-11 Game Disconnection issues
Aaaaand we're back on. Sorry about that! For the interested - One of the internet providers that we use for our game servers had a hardware failure, which caused one of our internet links in Sydney to bounce up and down a few times. We've disabled that provider and all should be smooth again now. Cheers! Mindstar
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: Stuck in a Lobby (very common atm :/)
Hey Thanks for posting this - sorry to hear you're stuck :( Are you still stuck today or did it fix itself up eventually? Mindstar
: Is anybody else unable to log on right now???
Thanks for posting - we're working on it. Should be back up now, just waiting to confirm its all looking a-ok! Cheers Mindstar
: Servers down? Can't login
Hey Sorry about this one - we're checking it out. Things should be back online now but we're checking to make its all healthy :) Cheers Mindstar
Lairdeth (OCE)
: Can't login
Rightio old chap! We're on the case!
: How do i fix my ping??
Hi Internet connection problems suck, and it can be really hard to know what to do when they are happening. One question initially - do you play over WiFi or with an ethernet cable to your router? Wifi is often the source of a lot of connection-related pain. There's a new site that we've just launched which might help - [lagreport.com](https://lagreport.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/steps). It helps you look at your internet connection (from the perspective of League) and also gives a LOT of information and steps on how to troubleshoot it. If you haven't checked it out I'd strongly suggest you do! Cheers! Mindstar
Hey We did a thing. Can you log out, log back in and give it another try? Cheers Mindstar
epic2004 (OCE)
: I have the same bug sadly :( I can’t start a game for a few days now, tried uninstalling, tried everything any fixes? Would be great if this is fixed ASAP, thx
Hi folks, That sucks to hear you're stuck - Did you send in support tickets on this? If not, please do so we can track it :) Our tech team is looking into it but no ETA on a fix just yet. Will update you here if there is more info. Cheers Mindstar
: NBN/Telstra help me please
Hey Internet problems can really suck, and if you aren't used to dealing with them it can feel like you're powerless to do anything. The most important thing you can do is arm yourself with information, learn as you go, and be proactive about solving it. My advice here would be to start working through with some testing and see how far you get. It might be your ISP, but there might be things you can do to learn about where the source of the problem is, and ultimately tip the internet-stability gods in your favour! * Check what type of NBN you have (FTTP / FTTN / HFC etc). They can suffer all from different issues. * If you're on Fibre to the Node (FTTN) - Check for sync speed in your router and make sure it matches the speed you've signed up for in your NBN plan. If not, call Telstra and let them know (they are [refunding customers](http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/42000-telstra-nbn-customers-to-get-compensation-rather-than-speed-20171108-gzh6di.html) who don't get what they are paying for) * Check if you've reached a data limit and have had your connection shaped/restricted For testing, there are a few things to try: * First up - identify an easy way to replicate the problem. It could be via a speedtest, by loading into a LoL custom game, using [pingplotter](https://www.pingplotter.com/fix-your-network/getting-started?page=2) - there are many ways. * Switch from WiFi to using an Ethernet cable (even just as a test) * Remove other network devices so only your PC/Test device is on your internet connection * Log in to your router and check if anything looks off - also check and see if you can update its firmware to the latest version There are some other tips and tricks on what you can do over at our [Lag Report](https://lagreport.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/steps) site, which would definitely be worth a look in your case. Cheers Mindstar
: Naturally you are keeping out the fact that you increased the amount of XP required. I wasn't complaining about the XP gains which are the same, but the fact you outright lied by saying you level to 30 quicker than before AND THEN NEARLY TRIPLE THE AMOUNT OF XP YOU NEED. Doesn't take a PhD in Maths to understand that if you increase the amount of XP you increase the time taken.
So the XP change per level is intended to be offset by the difference in: a) XP per game, which has been tweaked to give more. b) First win of day bonuses. There's a great [reddit post from Riot Mort](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bnos8/psa_riots_claim_that_leveling_from_130_is_quicker/dpji36k/) who explains it a bit better than I can. I'd strongly suggest taking a look as it goes into the maths a bit further. Mort's post: > Yes, the amount XP required went up. BUT you also get more XP per game. > A 40 minute win used to be worth about 142 XP. Now it's worth 264 XP. In addition, First win of the day is HUGE, at 575 XP. > So we're pretty sure that most players will level up quite a bit faster. > EDIT: Since people wanted more examples, here they are: > 32 min win: Before 121 XP, After 211 XP > 21 min win: Before 100 XP, After 138 XP > 36 min loss: Before 77 XP, After 238 XP > ONE MORE EDIT: Ok, last bit of info...the old system actually over rewarded quick games. We wanted to make it more fair, so XP is actually just based on time played now. (with a small variance for win/loss) > To get from 29-30: > Old - 1380XP. This would take 14 21 minute wins, or 10 40 minute wins. > New - 3168XP. This would take 22 21 minute wins, or 12 40 minute wins. This assumes 0 wins of the day. > New with 1 win of the day would take 18 21 minute wins, or 10 40 minute wins. > New with 2 wins of the day would take 14 21 minute wins, or 8 40 minute wins. > New with 3 wins of the day (which is the most realistic based on play patterns) would take 10 21 minute wins, or 6 40 minute wins. Cheers! Mindstar
: I had the exact same thing, made a post about it (which Riot conveniently ignored) and even sent a ticket to Riot Support, but they just beat around the bush and avoided the question. One Rioter even had the gall to send an entire message about XP Boosts... LITERALLY encouraging "pay to play". Every single month, Riot just keep providing players with more evidence that they don't really care about us. Flat out lying to us (making leveling way more time consuming even pre-30 than before) and tying the only (and incredibly feeble) BE income to leveling means they are slowly beginning to turn into a "pay to play" game where you either pay $10 for a new champion or grind for several weeks.
Just checking in on this - I had a look at your games too. It is probably worth calling out that Bot games are definitely not the most optimal way to gain XP at lvl 20+. They are usually shorter, and they also give less XP per game. [There's a formula here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752824-Reward-BE-XP-System-Breakdown) which explains the ratios, but after lvl 20, you only get 80% XP for Co-op vs AI (65% if you play a LOT of games). The longer games you played also gave the proper amount of XP (200+), so it does seem to be working as intended. Cheers Mindstar
Requinox (OCE)
: Taking way to long to level Up
Hey Requinox I had a quick look at your account because the numbers you mentioned seem a bit low. I want to make sure things are working as they should be. It does look like you have had a few games at higher XP (205 - 273), before first-win-of-day bonuses. At the same time, many of the recent games you've played have ended very quickly - 18 - 27 mins, which is quite short for SR games. The [XP amount per game](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752824-Reward-BE-XP-System-Breakdown) would be a bit lower due to the short duration. For the longer games you've played (30 - 40 mins) seem right in line with the example BE/XP calculations [outlined here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Jh3Mtzu6-board-post-title-blue-essence-earn-rates-learning-the-numbers-with-carl-and-henrietta) Hope that helps clarify what you've been seeing a bit, in terms of the raw numbers. Cheers Mindstar
AP Trist (OCE)
: Veteran Reward and Server Transfer
Hey I checked your account and you've got the right one for hours played, and yes we do take into account time you played on NA! I'm not sure which tier emote you're hoping for, but you are on the highest one already! Cheers Mindstar
Ringbear (OCE)
: I'll do that as soon as possible. Thanks!
Hey Ringbear I checked in on this, there is a plan to make sure that folks who transferred in from SEA are taken care of, but it might take a week or two to get in place as there are quite a few things to get through with end of season and preseason kicking off. You've not been forgotten though! Cheers Mindstar
Dagina (OCE)
: Is it just me or is Riot screwing over casual players ALOT with new BE system
Thanks for posting - there's a lot in here but I'll try and help with what I can. First up - you should DEFINITELY be getting XP for games you play. I've double checked your account and it looks like you've received XP (at least on the server side) for the games that were lost. Can you check in your match history in client and see if it shows there (its near the right, beside the replay download button). It is entirely possible there's a bug in client that is stopping it displaying correctly after the game finishes, which isn't ideal. With regards to the new rune selection mechanics - there are likely a few kinks to iron out here, and it sounds like for lower spec machines like yours there might be some tweaks to be done to get it to run smoothly. Thanks for your thoughts on the way selection in champ select has changed for you in light of the number of rune pages you have, vs how you previously used the mastery system. The change to blue essence from IP is certainly something that we're watching feedback on closely - would be interested to hear your experiences after a few days / weeks as everyone becomes more used to how it behaves in practice. Cheers! Mindstar
: Revert BE to IP
Hey folks Thanks for posting the discussion. This new system based around Blue Essence is obviously a change from what we're used to, so we're very interested to know how you feel about it going forward. Please keep the feedback flowing and let us know your thoughts - both for and against - as you learn and use the new systems over time. Point out the problems and let us know what bits you like. {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}}
roXoreus (OCE)
: Cannot remake
Hey Thanks for the info - what happened when you tried to remake? Cheers Mindstar
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Just checked - that is a lot of ARAM! Congrats! {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:30}}
: Conqueror of the League Emote
Ringbear (OCE)
: Wrong Preseason rewards
Hey Ringbear That does sound strange and definitely something that is worth looking at. First up I'd suggest initially that it might be best to get a support ticket in, so we can track this properly. The same goes for anyone else who might read this and be in a similar situation (one-off transfer from SEA). I'll also see what I can find out about it, but it might take a few days to track down. Cheers Mindstar
Urshnak (OCE)
: Hextech Champion permanent token essentially stole my essence
Hey Urshnak I checked into this - Rengar was on free to play last week, so I think it might be that :) Cheers Mindstar
: Rune Page Exchange
Hey So there were a few different factors that went into what to do with previous Rune Pages. In your case, where you already have many pages you would have had a couple of different things apply: * You get to keep your Rune Pages in the new system (no need to refund them) * For Rune Pages that you purchased with IP, we gave you back 1,500 blue essence (via the Rune Collector mission) * For Rune Pages purchased with RP, we would give you an epic skin, 1 skin per 4 pages (via the Rune Archivist mission) From what you've said it sounds like you might have purchased most of yours with IP ? If you used RP to purchase any pages, you should have a Rune Archivist mission to complete, which would get you epic skin(s). The full info on this is in the Runes section of the [Preseason FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908) Let me know if that helps! Cheers! Mindstar
: I didn't get given any quests with the new update?
Hey DayDreamingFairy Not everyone gets all pre-season missions, as thhey were specific to each player. * For players who had played a high number of hours (eg. "Conqueror/Champion/Defender of the League" missions, reward: special emote) * Players who had purchased Runes using IP ("Rune Collector", reward: Blue Essence) * Players who purchased Rune Pages using RP ("Rune Archivist", reward: Epic Skins) Hope that helps answer your question! Cheers Mindstar
: Did i get the wrong rewards?
Hey ghostbustersx I checked out your account and you have certainly put some hours in! Unfortunately not quite enough for the 2500 hours required for the emote. I can't share on the boards, but if you want to know the specifics, its best to send in a support ticket and ask them. Cheers! Mindstar
Jason (OCE)
: Client issues still persisting?
Hi folks We identified a potential source of the problem - can you please retry and let me know if it is fixed for you? Cheers! Mindstar
Jason (OCE)
: Client issues still persisting?
Thanks for the updates guys - it does seem to be pointing to a particular common point so far... One thing you might be able to do is perform a traceroute to our servers. Here's how: [instructions on how to perform a trace route](https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169336-How-do-I-run-a-traceroute-) ** Replace "yourdomain.com" with this IP address: prod.oc1.lol.riotgames.com ** * Send the output of the trace route through to ocelivereports@riotgames.com ( _we do not provide support on this email, but use it to collect information sometimes_ ) * We'll check it out and see if there's anything we can do at Riot's end to improve connectivity back to iiNet
Jason (OCE)
: Client issues still persisting?
Hey Thanks for sharing this. When did this start for you? And what ISP do you connect with? Cheers MIndstar
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Shaaunyb (OCE)
: What time can we expect ranked q's to be back up?
: OCE Post-Game Reconnect issues thread - 2017-09-26
Hi all Just a further clarification to the 1830 update. For those of you who are still stuck in Ghost games (aka. seeing the reconnect screen for an old game), this can take some time to clear on each account. We're confident that as of 18.30 no **new** ghost games were being created though, which is what was being referred to when I mentioned the cause of the issue was fixed. I'd expect that over the course of the next couple of hours the remaining ghost games should clear, and we can get back to what we do best (in my case, feeding :rip: ) Thanks again for your patience. We're getting there...! Cheers Mindstar
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