: sure but you cant really filter out a small phrase of two or 3 words. context is important too. for example if we filter out 'kill yourself', what if the whole phrase was 'dont kill yourself'. you cant just filter out words without context. if we were going to filter out 'kill yourself' why not keep going and filter out 'die' and every other word with a negative connotation. there is a limit to what riot can do. reporting and muting is what we need to do so that riot has the power to identify toxicity. if you dont feed the flames then they shouldnt have a reason to abuse you so heavily. the more you argue the more the toxicity grows. EDIT: I feel like since they finally implemented the new report system, toxicity levels have dropped and they will continue to drop. it will just take time for some people to be weeded out. riots doing a good job
Yes I even praised Riot on the current actions that it appears you skimmed over but didn't reallt take much note of. You claim context is important but you think a player would report someone for saying don't kill yourself? You realise this is still a proposition that relies on reports. I feel as though you're missing something in my proposition and I'd like to help you better understand it because you're clearly on the same page and want the system improved and applaud riot on the current work they've done and hopefully continue to do to weed out more and more negative players. Maraudaur himself stated riot agrees this language has no place in the game and the small community we currently have discussing this majoritively agrees. Whether this was restricted to ranked or used as a base and worked on to eventually be added to the system with other terms and other punishments then that is a win in my books and the initial goal is achieved.
r0b0cop (OCE)
: Hi dude, I understand that you're trying to say 'kill yourself' is worse than anything else, but its not that black and white. First of all, sometimes when engaged ine friendly banter someone might say kill yourself, and its not offensive in the least. In the context of the conversation its sometimes more about kill (your own champion) not the player. So the punishment system could struggle with that, thought I guess it only matters if that player is reported. Either way giving a harsh punishment to someone who doesn't deserve it sucks. Secondly, there are a ton of variations of this phrase, for example one guy 2 months ago on the enemy team randomly decided to start hardcore flaming me after I said something like 'dude stop flaming (my teammate).' Saying things like (I dont remember exactly) 'I hope u and ur family die in a fire' 'strangle urself' 'ill kill you' etc. His username is 'terrorism' and hes still playing, maybe he reformed. People that flame literally everyone in the game in /all chat like that will get some kind of punishment immediately now, I think, so even they need some chances to realise what they're doing is wrong, and what punishments will apply to them. I personally think that trying to add extra harsh measures for certain phrases leads to way too much complexity and less transparency for the players. The thing I hate about the Lol punishment system is that it gives you no real-time, always visible feedback on how you are as a player, instead giving some meaningless chat bans, then 2 week ban. The worst part is you will be perma banned after only 2 validated reports after the 2 week ban, which is absurd. Those validated reports dont have to be actual flaming, if you say anything negative, then get reported by someone, that counts. Riot doesnt make that information clear in ban warnings. ;) Doesnt bother me anymore that Riot hasnt figured out how to combat toxicity though. Self-mutes, saved toggle mutes and auto mute would fix the issue. Oh well. Giving power to the players being flamed is probably a bad idea right??
Personally there are things that go beyond this 'quality banter' line you think that phrase sits in and judging from not jusy my perspective but those that have chosen to support this it's not in the safe zone. By starting with the way out of line phrases even if it's restricted to ranked play showing a no tolerance policy is the fastest way to cut the behaviour. I've used a singular phrase here because quite frankly and based on Maraudaurs comment there is no room for this kind of talk in the game. My goal here isn't a singular phrase and although it may seem like it the goal is to improve the player punishment system to give more power to people being flamed. Kill yourself is not friendly banter. There is a line and people need to Learn the line between stirring a little fun and downright flame. This is being supported because it's a great first step whether you agree or not. I'm not going to rip your opinion apart because this is a community everyone's opinions are welcome and we will only get these things realised as a community.
: i have personally been told to "kill myself" by other players in game or that "people like me should have cancer" riot i beleive you should get a team of real people together and any reports with these phrases in it should be auto-matically sent to one of that team. its a massive thing happening more and more in league and its honestly bringing the game down and making not just me but people i know not want to play. i agree with Ahricharm more action needs to be taken against these people. what happens if someone who plays YOUR game gets told to kill themselves and actually does it? are you going to comfort the family? are you going to break your privacy policy so the person can be found and put in jail? either have more seriouse bans or class that phrase as a cuss work so its blocked out.
Thanks so much for your support.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: So just so I understand clearly what you are proposing, before we begin going deep into discussion You understand we currently have an instant feedback system that is based on machine learning to detect negative/unacceptable language. Which punishes players by giving chat restrictions which escalates to a perma ban. In some instances these bans go straight to 2 week/perma bans. It doesn't pick up everything right now and definitely is something we are still improving and learning from your reports over time. What you are proposing is a system that specifically filters for the phrase "Kill yourself" (or any of the possible variations that have that meaning)?
This is a proprosed addition to the current system that is in place and not a seperate system. I understand it does filter it but the banrate of these players seems incredibly low and the behaviour shouldn't be tolerated. I believed the system would be getting upgraded and aggresively ramping up. That's why I feel like this is an appropriate addition to the current system and off the current feedback from the community people agree.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey AhriCharm, We definitely agree language like that has no place in our game. The instant feedback system we have designed does punish that sort of language. Here is an excerpt of the punishment structure > **HOW DO PUNISHMENTS WORK?** > Players who are found to be causing a negative game experience are then punished within 15 minutes of the games end. > > **PUNISHMENTS GENERALLY FOLLOW A BASIC ESCALATION PATH:** > First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction > Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction > Third Offense: Two Week Suspension > Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension > However, it is possible to skip to a Two Week or Permanent suspension based on the severity of the behavior in the game. Excessive negative behavior can result in a Two-Week or Permanent suspension at any time without having a chat restriction on the account. > > **BUT WHAT IF I REFORM? IS IT POSSIBLE TO GO DOWN THE ESCALATION PATH?** > Yes! Players who show consistent reform or show positive behavior in their games will help heal their accounts reputation. You can read more about it here - https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ- And you can read more about the systems we have here - http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour/Y9YJ60Fn-player-behaviour-faq In saying that our instant feedback system is still learning and improving and we definitely rely on our players to shape what is and isn't okay in our game. Remember to keep reporting players after game and thank you for helping us create a more sportsmanlike community for out game!
Our server has become one of the most toxic in the world and the server's reputation is dragged through the dirt as is. You keep the amount of server issues low, you keep our queue times short, but the toxicity continues to grow and I see people being told to "Kill themselves" around every 6 games at this point. I believed RIOT when they said their punishment system would be aggresively ramping up to remove toxicity. So what is wrong with my proposed change because I want to reduce the amount of abusive people who ruin the game for others.
: One thing i want to add, have Riot actually highlight the fact that they are being banned for the use of the phrase (say somewhere in the given report that they are being banned for using phrases encouraging players to kill themselves.)
Yes this would be highly encouraged. I believe the system currently shows the chatlog responsible for the ban though thankyou for your support.
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