: What kind of player ya looking for? I can play relatively regularly, i work 12 hour shifts 8 days a week, but i also get 8 days off at a time. Im more so looking for a relaxed team who are willing to help eachother get good at the game rather than flame! (Gold 3)
Vitreus (OCE)
: 2019 Zilean skin?
i don't think zilean will be getting a skin for awhile since he doesn't make riot money and isn't good for the current meta
there really isnt any point in people on the oce server to go onto the pbe you will be playing with almost 300 pings so even if you got access to it, it will be unplayable.
: quitters and trolls shouldn't tank your lp
quitters are easily identified but trolled aren't so i doubt that will happen
Ahzoos (OCE)
: major neeko bug
yea like i get neeko has alot of bugs but the one i encountered is just unfair. like when i versed it i fought her thinking i was level 2 and she was level 1 and she used 2 abilities. Plus if you dont know how much health she has how are you suppose to know if you can kill her. IMO this is game breaking and should be disabled until this is fixed
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Ninox (OCE)
: You don't get the permanent shards, it auto redeems the skin.
kinda of the same thing cause if u have all skins and u re-roll u get a random permanent skin shard
: Petition for rerolled skins to be permanents
what do u mean re-rolls already give u a skin permanent of a skin u dont have
Star (OCE)
: FREE Coaching Sessions
i really want to learn but im bronze 2 so sadly i don't meet that requirement but if you can make an exception that would be really nice my ign is Ahzoos
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GhostGGum (OCE)
: I left a game but I didn't get leavebuster
if you have a streak of not leaving games then you don't get a priority queue the next time you leave you most likely will get it
Shikoda (OCE)
: My Snowdown Shop
I have gotten: nothing :(
: How do you own every skin, theres over 300 of them (give or take)? That's like $2500 minimum
actually give that another 500 there is over 800 skins in the game
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Talon12 (OCE)
: ur right, none of it is from the new system. Its all from IP.
actually it is all from the new system
Ahzoos (OCE)
i only blocked it out because i dont want to do something against forums rules
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Zubat (OCE)
: Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick
i can see your point but the original way to get the skins was 100% free so i dont see the point of giving compensation for it
Ahzoos (OCE)
i cant remember exactly but i have all the old Christmas and Halloween skins dont think i have the new ones and i dont have skins like black alistar and pax tf what a shame :(
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Ahzoos (OCE)
i have spent 2178 hrs on league..... what have a been doing all my life :(
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WraithNZ (OCE)
: I feel like Riot doesn't care.
you know that u lose lp and get a timer if u q dodge in ranked game
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Number of new players
league of legends isn't a MMO (massive multiplayer online) its a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
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: Duo partner season 7
sure np if u dont mind a bronze 3 player
: Thanks Riot :D
i got the icon but i got except for alpha on the day it ended seems weird but a free icon is a free icon :D
: LF Adc to duo with
im willing to play with ya but im only bronze 3. I am willing to learn more about the game tho.1
: Jg/Sup main looking for duo/team
ill play with ya ill just add you right now
zïppy (OCE)
: lf duo and team
i would like to play too i just added you
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: i agreahg with barlke. U SHUD NOT HARSSA PPL ONLIEN k?!?!
: Well his lack of basic grammar and spelling makes it possible for his question to be taken two ways. 1) Do you get to keep the borders forever. 2) Are you able to get the borders forever. I assumed the fact you kept the borders forever would be a given and most people would use their common sense to work that one out.
y do u take time out of ur life to harass people cause they just dont care about making everything they say make sense. most of the time if it doesnt make sense u still know what they are saying. so plz can u be considerate of others before typing of the internet
: I wish people would read the question, he meant do you keep the border skin forever. Also the answer is yes.
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: Why do you do this riot
u know mystery skins are pretty much gambling and when your gambling almost every time you do it ends not good for you
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: Hey, I need help
i may be only b2 but ik alot about champions mechanics for most champions so ill be glad to help
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