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: Can't tell if this is a joke or real problem.
I know it looks sarcastic but there is a major difference in playing with 50 and 30 ping
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: What's wrong with you, RIot?
IT happened to me as well, wtf is going on
ZFearik (OCE)
: Ping Issue After Update
Yea I agree, I went from 35-39ping to 80+ ping
Zaps (OCE)
: Patch 5.7 Bugs Megathread
played a few urf games with normal 35 ping and then decided to play a couple games in the next hour to only get 170+ ping, did everything in terms of restarting client, computer and even modem and still stuck with this ping. I never get this ping, but for some reason I am stuck with it. any ideas?
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