Ingénue (OCE)
: LF pals for flex/tournaments/clash ❤
I can look up your IGN but cant add you :(
: World's Finals Viewing Party in Brisbane?
Would like to know too but for NZ Was expecting a post like this
Gehirn (OCE)
: Those are the split rewards. Each split will have new variations of these rewards, and there will still be yearly Victorious rewards at the end of the season.
do you have to play in all 3 to earn Victorious stuff
Gehirn (OCE)
: REMINDER - Ranked 2019 Split 1 ends this Sunday 21st April
about the armor upgrade, will I not be gettting this specific part or just the stage of upgrade from these images seems like there will be 3 upgrades for 3 splits, A: The main wings, B: The side wings and C: The sword I know for certain that if I dont play this split I wont get A: The main wings But I only start playing the last split will it be A: The main wings or C: The sword
: For the OCE program we've made sure there are a few more OCE-centric codes (so this doesn't include the NA codes) in our partners' hands than the usual allotment in order to ensure Oceanic players aren't at a disadvantage when it comes to the chances of them receiving a code (as we have a smaller list of content creators giving out codes here). So while the pool of content creators you can go to for codes are smaller, the percentage vs server size of codes that are available to you are the same.
wow nice, I think letting bigger channels/streamers having codes for other regions overall would be pretty cool, maybe you guys are already doing that but that would be nice cause often they say their codes are NA/EU only so it feels really bad not being able to enter/not getting anything even if you did or even win
: Nope! Codes are region locked at this stage so they can work on each individual server. The way these codes work is that the % of OCE codes in the wild (per server number) is the same as that of NA, so the same % of players will receive codes.
ah ok cause one of them was saying that theyve got codes that work for OCE/NA only, so I thought they were the ones that worked in both. Thanks for clearing up the confusion! But does that mean that their quota for OCE codes is less cause they also get NA codes to split over the total amount of codes they receive? eg: OCE streamer gets 30 OCE codes and 20 NA codes as opposed to NA streamer with 50 NA codes straight, assuming they have the same channel size/codes given according to that
: Oceanic League Partnership Program Roster
so their codes work in both OCE and NA when we only have 1/10 of number of partners compared to NA? NA better codes better work in OCE too
: Boards Community Odyssey Contest!
wow just saw this too late now?
Gehirn (OCE)
: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 4 feedback
lol autofilled protection is just bollocks? Been getting filled 4 games in a row
Gehirn (OCE)
: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 4 feedback
can Kayn not get locked out of the other transformation? or at least shorten it
: Is blessing of cait meant to be permanent?
: Patch 8.12 notes
Will I get the animated MPengu if I bought PoroSnax with gemstones during Snowdown 2017?
: OPL Split 2 Skin Giveaway!
Thank you for linking it in the client this time, missed the Jax skin last time because I knew about it too late :(
: Yes, it can be a highlight clip that you have saved.
: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech
Can it be a highlight clip from before? or must it be a clip during this contest's submission period?
: The full Pentakill store lineup
Surely one of the icons was meant to be available for 1500 IP?
: Does it have to be an existing skin? meaning doing something like god fist Annie (please make this a thing) isn't allowed.
Yea wondering about the same thing
: When you don't have any friend so you gift your smurf account :)
Hello fellow Dark friend, I could use a champ :^)
: help me lol 3
Yes! Through your purchase history, they are listed as 0 IP for the 'Amount' column


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