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: umm... hello? it's this S2? the League of tanky{{summoner:21}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:7}}
Read the notes better? Most of them are NERFS to tank items, meaning tanks will fall in power. Assasins are getting buffed, ADC's are a bit nerfed, so you'll see champs like Zed and Leblanc come back to power.
Archyroof (OCE)
: It's now a tanky bruiser game.
Im surprised you'd think that. They nerfed a lot of tank items, and buffed a lot of burst champs, I think it'll be the return of the assasins.
ghanaone (OCE)
: Hello riot is it possible that you could put an option in the in game settings that you can use the old hub {{champion:161}} {{summoner:13}} {{item:3151}}
I'm pretty sure they won't. I'd probably agre with them too, it seems more of a getting used to thing for people. It's not really ideal having the community split between the huds as it differentiates it gameplay. Either way, of all the things riot does and doesn't do, this is something they shouldn't do. The community has a lot on their Wishlist, just look at reddit if you need confirmation. this should be one of the things riot doesn't do
: [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Patch 5.13 - 10/07/2015
: Introducing the new Mid-Season Invitational
Real nice that they're creating more hype
Kanide (OCE)
: Actually there was going to be an ultimate skin, likely called DJ Sona, however it was cancelled due to poor feedback from the community
Logged in to downvote. please dont make up bs. DJ Sona was a legendary, and never got canceled (if it did, there was no announcement about it). It is likely to still be released because the files are still up on the PBE.
: i can guarantee im better than you. Your logic is flawed.
He was just asking a simple question. Why you gotta be a %%%%% to him?
: Professional Girl Gamer Team
By the way, this title is misleading. You can't say you're looking to make a proffesional girl gamer team when you aren't looking to even be in any proffesional league.
: How so? Why don't you say the same about all boys teams? (Which make up 99% of ranked teams) Double Standards lol
Not really. It's their attitudes lol, just look at Team Siren. It's called being ignorant, by you feminists
: 4.20 Patch Bugs Megathread
Yep. {{champion:429}} isn't available. Enable plz
: Can't buy Kalista?
Oce staff... I get that anyone makes mistakes but could't they atleast keep us informed as to what is going on?
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Scheduled Maintenance - Patch 4.20 - 21/11/2014
Ready to instability Kalista... Just got 7800 ip last night. :P


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