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Nightjar (OCE)
: depends on what type of 'most damage' jungler you're looking for. most single target melee burst damage would probably be Xin Zhao most earlygame snowball magic damage would probably be Elise most AoE magic damage would probably go to Fiddlesticks most overall melee dps damage would probably be Udyr most lategame dps would probably be Master Yi. most earlygame physical damage would probably be Pantheon most lategame magic damage would probably be Ekko. In general though you're probably looking at Xin Zhao as your highest damage jungler option.
Full AP Amumu has a lot of AoE magic damage with his ult. Also, a full build (or fed) Evelynn can one-shot tanks, and can kill squishies with just a single Empowered E.
: Didnt sona get a nerf? Like legit question, i thought she did.
She did, but she's still really strong. Got one-shot a few games ago by a 0/5 Sona who bought Lich Bane and another AP item. At least her healing isn't as oppressive anymore.
: Who dares doubt my skill at this game?
Well... I'm Bronze V and I keep getting Challenger scores... Something tells me this app isn't too great, and all it's doing is boosting the ego of those people stuck in low elo "because of their team" and give them even more of a superiority complex.
: And just so we are clear, you aren't going to get the average amount of BE.
That strengthens my point even more! It's just absurd!
: The new system is rigged - Part 2
Someone worked out on Reddit that to unlock all champions, if you end up getting the average amount of BE, then it would take you 200+ levels.
: So spectating Challengers is all well and good.
Generally, quite a few of these Challenger players also have streams on either Twitch or YouTube, and generally stick to a schedule, making it easier to watch when they play. Midbeast streams most evenings from 9pm NZDT, if you want to know a particular time. Unlike other Challenger streamers who play in Plat or Silver or something on stream, he streams on his Challenger account, the exception being when he is doing an *Unranked to Challenger*. If you're into Top or Sin, there's Tilterella. If you like Mid or Annie, there's Panda Annie (#1 Annie OCE), who explains every little detail of what he's doing. He's not Challenger, but is high elo. But I agree. Having something in the client that expands from just the Challengers is a great idea!
: Champions are always released like part way into the patch, they are never enabled straight away.
Then why is she in the collection section, with the *Unlock* button?
: Heavy damage supports
Sona, Annie, Zyra, Vel'Koz, Karma.
Wean (OCE)
: Just buy more Rune pages. 20 pages should be enough, one for each path combination will do, and the combination of every two paths has a Set Title, check them out in league of legends wikia. What else do you expect? 138 Rune pages, one Rune page per champion? No way, not to mention that there are new champions getting released every year. Even if Riot allows you to buy 138 rune pages, some time later, when you purchase a new champion, you will find that you still need to change Rune pages in champion select anyway. I don't think Riot can afford adding the number of Rune pages you can buy based on the number of champions released, not to mention some champions share the same runes anyway. I highly doubted if Riot would allow you to buy unlimited rune pages.
Not to mention several champions take the same or very similar Runes
It honestly only takes 10 seconds to edit a page. As for what Runes to take on certain champions, either use your commonsense, use the 2 mins of Champ Select to Google the Runes, or don't play a champ you don't know (especially in Ranked!).
: Are Riot employees racist?
There's banning because of a person being an idiot without a brain saying stuff, and banning because of this. There's a line and Riot definitely crossed it. If Riot were even slightly decent, they would revoke the ban and give you back Honour 3. But let's be honest. They're not. They don't care about the players, so the best thing to do would be to */mute all* and hope you don't get a single minor infraction that will perma ban you.
: League Ranking
Because your MMR was low enough to demote you on one loss at 0 LP (instead of the typical 3 losses). In fact, 7 of your 9 last Ranked games were losses, so that's probably what had the effect.
: I mean... riot has issues with the client AND issues in game (Everyone getting FPS drops in random games) and you want to assume that running the client in low spec mode will do something?
Dagina (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Akkordian Zoeve,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Zygc2pwp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-17T05:15:13.057+0000) > > Is there a point? Literally only takes 10 seconds in champ select to edit one. What else are you going to be doing? Browsing the Boards? Watching YouTube or Twitch? or have a reallllly shitty laptop that freezes due to the animation the runes make every time you open the page or change them...
Then run it on Low Spec mode...
Slowdownn (OCE)
: Hey Riot, Not enough Rune pages?
Is there a point? Literally only takes 10 seconds in champ select to edit one. What else are you going to be doing? Browsing the Boards? Watching YouTube or Twitch?
: I heard you get x amount of rune pages depending on how many you bought on the old runes system . I.e if you bought 6 with the old system you can have 6 custom ones. Correct me if i'm wrong.
00shots00 (OCE)
: dear rioters can you please explain why im banned for calling someone toxic
Typical Riot... If your border isn't Silver/Gold with round things in the corners, they couldn't care less about you. And even then, it's a stretch. At the end of the day, all they care about is money.
: Looking for some guys to play with
You'll have much more success on the NA Boards, not the OCE Boards.
: Make Rune Pages Free?
1. We get 5 default pages, which eliminates the need of making an "autofill" page. Even if they aren't editable and may not necessarily be 100% correct for that champion, it's better than having AP Quints on Draven. 2. You can edit Runes in Champ Select. It literally only takes 10-15 seconds to edit a page you already have.
: Evelynn has a lot of viable keystone runes though.
I'm not saying she doesn't. I'm just saying Dark Harvest is among them.
Jason (OCE)
: Communication VS Multiculturalism - Why our "English speaking server" isn't that simple...
> There's an ethical and moral dilemma known as the "Trolley Problem", where two train tracks exist, four people tied to one, and one person tied to the other. You can save the lives of 4 people by swapping tracks, but then you'd be directly responsible for one person's death. The best solution:
: Dark Harvest should be repurposed as a keystone for on-hit reliant farming junglers like Yi or Udyr
: Twisted Treeline Queue Time Live? (ranked) :)
**3pm - 1am AEDT, Thursday - Sunday** There was a Riot post a few days ago. Here is the link <3
: Yo. Where's Zoe!?
She literally just came out on the PBE a week ago. It will be at least another week.
: Not even a chat restriction or a pre warning for ONE sentence
Using that particular word beginning with "f" that you used is an instant ban, no matter the circumstances.
: What is the point of turning ip to blue essence ?
This new change makes Riot more money, and because money is more important to them than a happy playbase, they aren't going to revert it.
: Knightgaming PREMADE Teams Tournament almost closing Today!!!!
You will have more success posting here:
: Ranked season
I mean, the season ended on the 7th, so you are a bit late.
: Blue Essence! Ideas as to how to get it faster and much more efficient, riot please read!
Good idea. Too bad Riot care so little about the players they won't implement it, because the current way makes them more money.
: Broken Azir
On the one hand, it ruins the experience for players. On the other hand, Riot do not care about the players. Either way, the players always lose. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Requinox (OCE)
: The levelling is wrong.. BE after each game would be good. But the levelling takes forever
BE after each game would be amazing (and shouldn't have been changed)! For leveling, at the very least change it so that it's quicker to get to 30 (like Riot said they would, but clearly didn't). But we all know Riot care more about money than the actual players...
: Looking for a bronze duo partner to climb some ranks
By communicate via Discord, do you just mean listen to your calls or that the other person should have a mic and talk?
Swolefy (OCE)
: Did i deserve this 15 day suspension
You were a lot more toxic than I was, and I got banned. So, yes, you deserved the ban.
: Negative LP
If you dodge a game (leaving Champion Select), you lose 3 LP and get put on a 5 minute wait for the first incursion. After that, you lose 10 LP and get a 30 minute wait per incursion. Dodging is what gets you negative LP, however this caps at -100 LP (testes it myself xD).
: Looking for applicants for eSports Division! Seeking talented players
> This only applies to players in Australia. Why? Will the players have to frequently come to LAN tournaments? Why is NZ excluded? Does this have to do with time-zones? What about Tasmania?
GraKham (OCE)
: Lol Why so Noob & Troll Players
He wasted Yasuo's Flash, Pantheon's ult, 2 Lux ults, and an Ezreal ult.
: the guy i was speaking with, not shown of course because that would be advantageous to my case, was a complete and utter negative CRETIN. Seriously, he ganked 0 times. in 25 minutes. Followed by refusing to engage in teamfights. I do realise that i was perhaps a tad heavy handed for the more delicate in the community, and for that i apologise (the frustration of being a grown ass irish man playing in OCE cannot be described...) but judging by my general behaviour and what can only be described as REACTIONARY response to comments, i really dont believe i desereved the ban i received. this guy, legit, TROLLED. REFUSED TO TEAMFGHT. but 15 day ban for me for calling him out on giving up at 10m in a ranked game? really? lets talk about this. verbally.
Only 15 days? I got banned for much less, without any swearing or any foul language. Also, Junglers aren't "required" to gank. Technically speaking, you aren't even required to have the lanes the way they are. It's just how the mentalities of the community and Riot have developed over time. I've had games with duo Mid, or ADC/Support in both Bot and Top, or even two Junglers. Heck, if you really want to, you could just ARAM it. In hindsight, I should have just used */mute all*. On the bright side, because I'm Bronze V, it's not like I'm going to miss out on rewards anyway.
Hanryo (OCE)
: Melee, Hybrid Damage, Champion Concept
Good, except Riot hates hybrid champions
: Galio had like 2-3 levels on almost everyone he killed... any champs with that kinda of lead will be one-shotting people.
I've even done this with AD Soraka when I was ahead.
Frost1c3 (OCE)
: Plz revert Galio changes
Case in point... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: 4 man going around trying to get people banned
It would be much better to post it here: XD
Fitzky (OCE)
: I would rather these missions then the 5 man premade ones, please don't ever bring those back Riot.
Oh, gosh... The 5 person premade missions were horrible. I hate people, so just ignored them.
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: Show Us Your Replays Contest - Winners!
How is the Bard Escape one a "Not-So-Pro Play"? It was actually a good play distracting the enemy and leading them to their deaths.
Easley (OCE)
: unbind your enter key
Hmm... I might actually do this myself :D
: Honor Level Bugged?
My bug is that I got a notification telling me well done for achieving Honour Level 1 and to keep up the good work, her when I checked my profile, it still said Honour Level 0.
Fitzky (OCE)
: You're just writing a whole lot of unnecessary information, you don't need coaching to become a pro player, nor do you need to stream either. You're right that you need to work hard, but that can be done through simply playing the game and learning. Watching guides on YouTube, watching higher level players and what they do in each lane and on each champ, *having a diverse champion pool*. Just climb to high Diamond/Master and if you don't get noticed just apply for a team and show off your skills and what you're capable of. Not every pro player is some disabled girl with no arms who conquered the damn world with her determination, aside from all the well known pro players like Faker/Bjergsen, the rest of the pro players are just a bunch of normal everyday guys who love to play League.
OP asked a question, and I answered to the best of my knowledge and effort, based on the way I view things.
: How does one become a pro player?
If you are truly passionate about being a Pro player (not just saying you want to be one) then you need to be willing to prove your parents, the replies to this post, and society wrong and *work hard*. No pro is where they are without hard work. A girl I went to school with has no arms, but wanted to be a pro swimmer. What did she do? She trained for years with specialised coaches and spent hours before and after school, as well as her weekends/holidays, practicing. You know what happened to her? She became a Paralympic swimmer at the age of 14, and got Silvers and Bronzes at the World Championships and Pacific Championships. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want to put in the effort to go Pro, here are some things to follow: 1. If you land in Bronze/Silver, *get coaching immediately*. You want to get to AT LEAST high Plat/Diamond as quickly as possible if you want even a remote chance to go Pro, and coaching is the most effective way to do that (provided you apply what you learn). If you land in Gold/Plat, good on you. You will still need coaching, but this will be more in-depth stuff. 2. Once you're mid-Plat/Diamond, start looking for a minor team. You will most likely be able to find these on the Boards. These teams will help you improve your skills in a team environment (a must for Pros). You will also receive team-orientated coaching for free (if an actual minor team, not a group of friends). 3. Look for Official Riot tournaments (can be found on Battle.fy or in particular regions). You want the Official Tournaments over just Discord/Friendly Tournaments for one main reason: exposure. Official Tournaments will likely be streamed on Twitch, where other players will get to see you in action. There may even be recruiters or scouts watching, and looking at those with potential. Here in OCE, we have the OOL (Oceanic Open Ladder). I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but it's a Riot Tournament open to all teams, with the team coming first place given a chance to qualify for the OCS, the Challenger Series. 4. At around Diamond level, you would want to consider part-time streaming. This will give you more exposure than just Tournaments, and give you practice for when you go Pro (since Pros earn a substantial amount from streaming, not just winning games). 5. Naturally, your eventual goal is to get to Master/Challenger Tier. You would need a professional coach to get this far, so save up A LOT and either contact pro coaches or pro players. Some good coaches would be Danyon Togia, LS, and Wickd. I mention a lot of money because one session won't cut it. You will need quite a few. *In fact, LS even offers a 6-month in-person coaching with him in Korea*. Just let one of his Mods know in chat, and they will provide you with info and help set up accommodation. **But you need to be REALLY dedicated for this**. 6. Once you're high Master/Challenger, try getting into the OCS. For Oceania, this is basically winning the OOL, but may be different for different regions. I believe you need to be in a team of Masters and Challengers, and attempt to qualify by beating a relegation team (but not sure about this). 7. Once you're in the Challenger Series, you will be getting lots of exposure and attention. Scouts from OPL will notice you, and may recruit you as a sub or even as a replacement. You could even win the OCS and move up into the OPL (although you would need to be amazing, since there is a big difference between Challenger teams and Pro teams). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ However, you also sometimes need to know your limits, and realise some dreams aren't attainable. **But that doesn't mean you can't slightly alter your dreams!!!** If you really want to be in the eSports scene, but don't have the skills to be a pro player, then perhaps study business and set up your own eSports organisation and get others to play for your team. Or perhaps study sport analysis, become a Twitch Commentator for lesser tournaments, and later move on to Pro eSports. Management could also be good, leading you to become the manager for a team. Art could make you a logo designer or the designer of a team's merchandise. Studying film could make you the Editor for an eSports team. *Sometimes we can achieve our dreams a different way*. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Whatever happens, I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck :D {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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