Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
Oh yeah now that you've told us what we know we're all happy go lucky... was that what you were hoping for? To most of us who were serious about this took more than that failed 30 minutes of our time out. It made 7 days of raw practice null. Refunding tickets isn't compensation I want my 7 days back. Giving us back a ticket doesn't unfuck us.
: UPVOTE not sure if it counts because we aren't paying for the game
Yeah it's a gray line considering some people pay for tickets through RP to get clash tickets to participate.
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: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
This actually seems like something I'm willing to get behind. Unfortunately this is happening while I'm low on money and plan to buy the new star guardian skins but I'll probably end up donating whatever I have left.
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: Skin Concept // "Orianna Reveck"
I'd say this would fit well as an ultimate skin because it's lore based similar to Spirit Guard Udyr which will also add a bit more depth into Orianna and might encourage me to play her until I get her out of Mastery 4. XD
I'm a weeb so I'd like to hear the Japanese voices Xd
iPatch (OCE)
: The Fall (or Awakening) of Zed (Legendary or Ultimate Skin)
*Gets made into a skin* -> *more zed mains* -> *more rage quits* -> *less people playing game*
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: what about a viktor like thing. how he gets his unique item same with this you upgrade it x amount times for x amount gold and start with it free and has the 2 branches for build path and can be swap to the other item at anytime in store for free like how the hydras work
I did think about having special interchangeable Items but I just thought it was a bit much. plus it would make the champion a bit too unpredictable in the sense that one moment your fighting a melee thing next thing you know they have range. However the champions attack style depends on surprise so that wont be so bad at all.
Horizonn (OCE)
: We could try something together if you wanted? would be cool C:
: New champion need thoughts. Control two champs Taiyo and Tsuki.
maybe the Q can toggle who you play as making room for an extra ability?
: NEW CHAMPION IDEA!!!!!! Mid lane, JG, and ADC!!!!
A new idea for the ability to change between a bow and daggers is an item that you spawn with that gives you the choice to either use dual daggers or your bow and also changes the gender of the champion, Male When you choose the bow. Female When you choose the daggers. and in choosing the bow instead of your W turning you immune to skills shots or point and click attacks you can gain vision over a wall when close by. this will mean in ADC you can see over a wall without having to ward to allow pulls over walls and or JG invades easier. This would compliment champions with skill shots and point and clicks. The idea of the changing genders was initially an idea that was cool but didn't think it would work until Little Wolff mentioned multiple personality disorder.
Horizonn (OCE)
: Holy damn that's an insane idea!! Would you mind if i try'd to make something of it?
I wouldn't mind at at all so long as you didn't steal all the credit XD I just wanted to share this Idea keeping what would be his rabbit like movement and hunter techniques (But i'm just saying that. All I want is a champion with rabbit ears and high mobility like sivir but with CC)
: I'm sorry I could be retarded but how does the bow or dagger system work? I feel the ult could be how she changes from weapons? Sorry how he* On that note, why not he be a elvin warrior or somthing within runterra that has a voided split personality where the acher with the bow being a female and the daggerd assassin being male. It is a concept that is unique and there is no champ that is both genders would be something that could get looked at
You know how in the store Gangplank can trade in SS to upgrade his ult in three different ways? Well I was thinking of having a system similar to that, but that would mean possibly changing or adding this to his passive.
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Whaitesy (OCE)
: Can not connect after champion select
I'm having this problem too it was working fine until I tried to make a custom game then after champ select I just dc from the server without getting the loading screen. I looked at tech support and all it said is that I'd have to wait for it to work eventually.
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
I honestly can't forgive Jihn because of his _involvement_ with Sona... However because I play marksman champs almost as religiously as I do support I highly doubt I could refrain from Playing him. Finally you just had to make a Champ who is useless against Yasuo thanks Riot you have made another meal for the already broken Champion Yasuo. TY ILY


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