: Hey Alex! One of my favourite pieces centred around games that utilise the main character as a blank canvas, and the storytelling possibilities/constraints that come from allowing the audience to project their values onto said canvas. Another one focused on the monomyth (or 'Heroes Journey') and how games like Dark Souls are able to both align themselves and subvert the age old structure by splitting the narrative. I also wrote about a dog beer once. How about you? What's the best thing you've ever put to page?
Interesting -- I'm an RPG diehard so I always pay extra attention to games with 'blank' main characters. I don't quite vibe with contemporary criticisms of game that still choose to encourage players to project their personalities and values onto their main character -- Square Enix might make more fleshed-out characters than Atlus, but both are valid. I don't know about 'best', but the piece I'm most proud of is the SKT vs KT preview I contributed to with ESPN's Fionn back in 2013 when we were both scrubs: http://www.liquidlegends.net/forum/lol-general/427484-ogn-summer-the-finals-skt-t1-vs-kt-bullets The actual writing is all over the shop -- the voice is inconsistent and it doesn't read very easily, but it came at a point in time where I was super invested in OGN, and I think I managed to communicate my depth of knowledge and pure passion. Writers only improve technically with time, but passion comes and goes. If we can hold onto our passion as writers, we're doing fine I reckon!
: Heya! The Hanshmear here — Content Editor for Riot OCE — Ask Me Anything!
: Hey Riot, are there any more champs like Morderkaiser in the pipes?
I love experimenting with different kinds of champions in bot lane! Note how the position is called Bot in Ranked now, not AD Carry :P As for whether there are any champions like Morde in the works, I can't really comment on that, but [here's a game](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaCnOX7Tz1U) from last year's CBLoL (the Brazilian OPL) where Matsukaze and Espeon played a Yasuo/Janna bot lane against brTT and Dioud's Jinx/Thresh. Yasuo is heaps of fun with either a hard-peel support like Janna or a hard-engage support like Leona :P
: Jhin - I'm a bit lost Riot
He hasn't even been out for 24 hours so I'm sure people are still figuring out his build! But it's important to note that his autos scale off both crit and attack speed. The more crit you build, the more mobility you get off your autoattacks (since if you proc a crit, you get a short speed buff). Attack speed increases the strength of that speed buff, and also contributes some damage to his autos. I think he'll be fine if you build him with the standard crit build, but let us know if you find anything more potent ;)
: Tips for a Dota 2 player?
The lategame right clickers in League tend to be ranged, not melee. That's because League doesn't have turn rate, so it's pretty easy to orbwalk with champions like Ashe and Caitlyn when you'd struggle to do that in Dota with Drow or Sniper. League doesn't have a lot of overlap with Dota when it comes to split pushing carries, though. Most high-damage carry champions are either good in teamfights (Jinx and most other marksmen) or good in 1v1/split pushing scenarios (Jax, Fiora, Tryndamere), but rarely both. Based off what you're saying, Quinn might be a good free rotation choice! She can dominate most top laners because of her superior range, and her Q is really good for 1v1s. Plus if you spot trouble coming your way, her ulti makes her move fast enough to escape most ganks if you can get the channel off. Shyvana's also a decent choice for starting out since all her abilities are pretty simple. If you find her fun I recommend you try other tanky bruisers like Volibear, Olaf or Darius.
: Just played him. Yep... Jhin and i are gunna get along just fine! :D
What's your take on him? Haven't had the chance to play him yet but the Champion Spotlight was so awesome. Do you think he works better in mid or bot?
: I've seen this kind of thing before. We must attack its weak point for massive damage.
Now that's a meme I've not heard in a long time...
p3rp (OCE)
: scam alert
Thanks for calling it out mate, I've deleted it :) Stay vigilant!
Statik (OCE)
: that free rp thing is spam right?
Yep, all those big Facebook links are scams. Stay safe on the web everyone!
: OPL Rewind!
Let's go Legatree eSports! {{champion:57}}
: Are we allowed to use this music as background music for YouTube videos or is it all under copyright? Wanted to check before I use it.
It's 100% whitelisted [according to Riot Wenceslaus](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/40xoyr/new_league_of_legends_music_album/cyxzsod), so you're free to use it in your videos. Good on you for checking, though!
: I don't know why but i got a really good feeling this is a scam, maybe because i see it deleted on every thread
Yep, it's a scam. Stay secure everyone!
: ***
Hey Toph, it'll be January 20 at midnight. All servers will start the Ranked season at 00:00 local time. Thanks for asking, we could have been a bit clearer in the announcement. I'll make an edit so people don't have to scroll down to be sure.
DIG Raz (NA)
: {{summoner:2}}
Dignitas #1, don't listen to these frauds
: Jake "Spawn" Tiberi - AMA
What needs to happen for OMG to become a competitive team again? They blew it with one of the most stacked rosters in LPL history and they've just picked up TBQ -- does the 'Chinese players only' philosophy need to end?
Vannex (OCE)
: Wait where is Swiffer?
Swiffer's on break at the moment, which is why Chiefs brought in Cheese.
: is all the teams already been selected? or can we still try to enter the open ladder?
Yeah, you'll be able to enter the Open Ladder. It doesn't start until after the OCS starts, so not until mid-February. Full details haven't been released yet.
camsmith9 (OCE)
: Hey Alex, Cam here. What's the deal with Paul Gallen? Why is he always starting my team mates when we play state of origin? Thanks
Hey mate, I'm honoured to talk to you. I think he just realises the best players are from NSW...no matter where they end up playing NRL :)
: how do you figure out who's in the first OCS split?
We've invited the teams that participated in the previous OCS split to join Split 1 in 2016.
: instead of deleting{{champion:107}} StabbyKitty what will you do to make him more balanced?
Jeez, that's a hard one. I'm not a game designer so I can't really give a proper answer (and certainly don't take my word as gospel), but here are some of my thoughts. * Rengar's power spikes and troughs are too sharp. If his ultimate is off cooldown, you're basically incapable of farming a side lane in fear of getting instagibbed. But few champions team fight as poorly as Rengar, especially a Rengar without his ultimate. I'd shift the power of his ultimate to his other abilities. Invisibility (in my opinion as a Rengar main) is the core identity of his ultimate. I don't know what it would look like in practice, but I'd like to see the mobility or even target detection on another ability. * Rengar's lane matchups are too volatile and reliant on Level 2 cheese. There isn't a single lane in the game he truly wins (maybe squishy, immobile mages in top lane? Kappa), and much of his lane strength was hurt when Bola Strike was changed to a skillshot. Restore some of his laning power at the cost of the benefit he receives from lane gold? There are a lot of Rioters who are much more qualified than me at answering this question, check out the [gameplay and balance boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance) :)
: Actually its better for top Rengar then jg, most toplaners have high base armour anyway
Armor pen tends to be stronger in the late laning phase than AD, you just struggle with last hitting a tad more. Flat AD is actually MORE effective against big tanks than flat armor pen, because of the way armor scaling works.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Manisier,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EtN5fLb6,comment-id=0007000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-06T05:01:41.342+0000) > > Yep -- I actually use all of them equally, but my favourite is SSW Rengar in honour of the greatest jungler to ever play League of Legends. You're referring to Zahe right there...
If he wants to believe that, he's more than welcome ;)
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Can I be your friend? Who owns League of Legends?
1. I'm up for a game every now and then, sure! 2. Riot Games owns League of Legends :)
Tele (OCE)
: Here's a few questions: 1. Not to be an asshole or anything, but it's very common on OCE to see wrong dates on champion sale schedules and events (e.g Snowdown reveal). It can come across as unprofessional at times. As a content editor how does this happen so frequently? 2. There's been a big push from Riot HQ to give the competitive scene more exposure and attract more players to watch matches. What are you doing right now to get OPL into the mainstream within OCE? 3. Will you ever invite other non-Riot journalists or analysts to write articles? (Thooorin, Montecristo etc.) 4. Why do we get champion skin sales announcements at American time, which makes them late for us? (i.e I wont be told about the new sales rotation until Tuesday in America, making it Wednesday here) 5. Do you think Stealth Rock over-centralizes the Pokemon metagame? Thanks for doing this on the forums BTW, we really appreciate it.
1. I'm sorry if you've had a negative experience with our sales and events. I localise all of those posts from NA and I do my best to make sure all the dates translate well across time zones, but from time to time, a few things slip through the cracks. This is especially true of massive pages like Snowdown that have a tonne of dates to change and crosscheck against our sales schedule. But that's not a good excuse -- I feel really bad whenever a mistake like that happens, because it means that I directly affected a lot of players' experience. That's something I never want to happen. 2. What do you mean by getting the OPL into the mainstream? If you mean mainstream media, I'm of two minds about it. On one hand, esports has never needed the attention of MSM to succeed, and I certainly don't believe it needs big newspapers and TV stations to succeed in the future. On the other hand, I can certainly see how some MSM love could serve to push some sponsors into the scene. Overall, it's not something I've thought about too much -- you'd have to ask the esports guys about it. 3. I would absolutely love it if we had some well-known content creators or analysts writing for us! The main problem is getting them interested in OCE in the first place :P In theory, it would be cool if some quality writers like Emily Rand got involved with OCE, but they all have their own things going on (which is fine, have you seen the awesome content created around Brazil and Japan?). I'm looking for good writers who are passionate and knowledgeable about OCE, because I don't think it's fair to OCE readers if their articles are written by someone who isn't invested in the region. I used to dip into EU LCS content a bit, but everyone could tell I wasn't really an EU fan. 4. Sales announcements occur at the same time worldwide, and the sales (for the most part) run simultaneously. That means that no sale announcement is ever 'late' for OCE. To give you an example, if we post a sales announcement on Friday morning (2AM), that's 7AM in NA. The sale switches on at 7PM on the same day (12AM the next day for NA). What this means is that there's a 17 hour gap between a sale being announced and being made active, no matter where you are. 5. One of my main peeves with the Smogon community is the sudden rise of discussions centred around 'overcentralisation' that popped up in Gen IV with the introduction of Stealth Rock. I've never believed that overcentralisation is innately a bad thing. I can think of a few examples where a heavily centralised metagame was truly harmful (Gen VI Rayquaza-M, Gen IV Latios, Gen V Blaziken), but for the most part, I actually enjoy metagames where there are a few premier threats. (As an aside, chess is an example of an overcentralised game that is perfectly viable and competitive). As for Stealth Rock, I hated it. I liked the idea of a catch-all hazard that made switching a less safe option, but I did not like how it drove certain Pokemon out of the metagame (Yanmega out of OU, for one). The fact that Moltres was only a containable threat in Gen IV UU because of Stealth Rock was absurd in my opinion. I think Stealth Rock is in a healthier place now that it's easier to remove (and more risky to set up), but I think it was an example of poor execution. Thanks for asking some tough questions, I appreciate the feedback and I want to be as open about it as i can.
Turono (OCE)
: Is there a way we can see the current OCS teams seeing as the oce lolesports website isn't updated?
At this point in time, we haven't finalised the OCS Split 1 participants, so you can't see them just yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.
: what is your preferred build on ol knife cat?
Depends if I'm playing him top or jungle, but the idea in both positions is to try cap CDR at 45% ASAP. I run 12/18/0 masteries with armor pen/armor/scaling mr/armor pen runes. Top: Doran's Blade > Caulfield's Warhammer > Boots of Lucidity > Tiamat > Youmuu's > Ravenous Hydra > Triforce Jungle: Skirmisher's Sabre > Warrior enchant > Boots of Lucidity > Tiamat > Youmuu's > Ravenous Hydra > Triforce After Triforce I swap the Hydra over to Titanic, then start working on Death's Dance. I rarely alter my build at all, unless I need Maw of Malmortius for some reason. Games rarely last past Death's Dance, but if they do, I get Mercurial Scimitar (selling my Warrior enchant if I'm jungling), then trade boots for a Black Cleaver if I reach full build. [Here's a neat play I did with top Rengar earlier](http://plays.tv/video/568d1ca856b1d1facf) (careful, volume warning)
: If you're the owner of Riot what will you do to league?
I'd start by deleting {{champion:107}}. Even if he's my main.
Wuks (OCE)
: Full-time Rioter and student. Kudos to you! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9i6kb05rjnU/UoLuQl-Q1_I/AAAAAAAAA3I/ACwErtWA248/s1600/header6.jpg I have a lot of respect for you and the balance that requires! Cheers, and keep up the great work!
Thanks for the support fam, I'll try!
Fitzky (OCE)
: Know any info on the new champion? Come on I think you know something :)
From the teasers so far, I can tell that his name is Jhin and that he shoots people! I try to avoid spoiling myself on new champions and such. The only time where I'd come across something that everyone else doesn't is if it's part of my job -- say if there are patch notes or a champion reveal to publish.
Lonjanis (OCE)
: Why wasn't Riot at Pax aus this year, and why is it your fault? Actually I know why. A more pertinent question would be other than the return of competitive play is there any content coming out that you are aware of in the next few months that you think will be super cool?
Of course there's always cool content coming out! I can't share any specifics unfortunately (that wouldn't be fun or fair). Out of all the stuff that's already been announced, I'm extremely keen for the new Champion Select and dynamic queues. I'm keen to climb the ladder with a bunch of my Plat buddies, hopefully OCE gets the update soon! :)
Grit (OCE)
: Yo, Long time listener, first time caller (on the boards). Who are your players/teams/regions to watch in 2016? If I wanted to relearn League (haven't played much recently) which region/casters would be best to learn the basics from? Aside from money, what are some important things the OCE scene needs to grow? Any guesses on how the meta may "play out" this year? Love, Twitter stalker and full time {{champion:25}} ~~main~~ lover
Hey hey! I see your name a lot in my notifications -- glad to get the chance to talk! 1. This is a massive question and would require a full video to answer! But for OCE, my shortlist is Legacy and Hellions. Legacy made some cool changes and I'm extremely excited to see k1ng (or YB as he now calls himself) playing with a strong leader like Carbon. I'm looking out for Hellions just because I'm a KR fanboy. Bomb is the real deal. In other regions, I do think my first love LCK will be an exciting league this year. Longzhu have an incredible roster on paper, and they might be the first superteam to truly be super (rip OMG). Out of all the regions, here's one player to watch from each: CJ Bdd, VG Easyhoon, NRG Moon, ahq Chawy, FNC Spirit. I just find mid laners and junglers more interesting to track in terms of the evolution of their careers. 2. I think the NA LCS cast is absolutely superb in terms of delivering information at an easily digestible level. For individual casters, I like Rusty, Kobe, Phreak and Deficio for their deep knowledge of the mechanics of the game and individual decision making. Jatt, Monte and Froskurinn are awesome if you want to understand macro-level strategy. 3. The most obvious answer to this question is more endemic sponsors, but that's a different kettle of fish in itself. Growth needs to be organic, and I'm not sure if OCE is ready for investment on the scale of the NA LCS (Rick Fox owns a team? And Froggen is on it? WHAT?). But I strongly believe that we have some great teams in our region that deserve to be noticed by sponsors! 4. The meta's always evolving -- we saw Cinderhulk hamstring a large number of junglers when it came out last year. Chaser went from the best jungler in Korea to one of the worst just because he needed to adapt to the new jungle meta. In broader strokes, I think there will be an increased focus on mapwide team play this year. More intricate wave control, simultaneous attempts at objectives, early 5-man pushes -- that kind of stuff. Rift Herald is underutilised in the games I've watched so far, so I'm keen to see how it all plays out.
: Are you trying to pick a fight? I don't care what /r/anime says, Yui is best girl of Oregairu.
No, you know what? Yui is best girl of all time.
: I have 2 questions! What do you do? Who is your favorite Rioter?
I explained my job in my answer to Saturok! Although that's probably not the answer you're looking for... Here's the answer you ARE looking for: my favourite Rioter is Benji :)
Timstan (OCE)
: What's up with your unusual love for TSM?
I have never cheered for TSM in my life. I only have the TSM summoner icon because I bet Sephyre that Faker would beat Froggen in the 1v1 at All-Stars {{item:3073}} Although if I had to cheer for TSM, now would be a good time. I've been a Doublelift fan since the Epik Gamer days, and I do want to see him succeed!
Smite (OCE)
: Wait can you elaborate on the mince thing. Do you put only a little mince in at a time to avoid all the water escaping?
The water still escapes, but instead of sitting at the bottom of the ban and gently boiling the mince, it evaporates quickly because of the increased surface area. You get less moisture and more browning when you cook in smaller batches. Of course, there's something to be said for the juiciness of a slowly-cooked sauce. Sometimes I do half-and-half -- a watery batch of mince flowing with meaty juices, and a crispier batch of mince that's well-browned.
Smite (OCE)
: Which generation of Pokemon have you enjoyed the most? Also what is your favourite non-legendary Pokemon? (I also always read your name as Mannister)
A Mannister always pays his debts. For Smogon's brand of Pokemon, I enjoyed Gen III the most. Maybe that's because it was the generation where I really started playing seriously. Other highlight eras for me were: * Late Gen II, when the meta was figured out and every game was a huge test of skill with little-to-no RNG influence * DPPt, when Smogon unbanned Latias. I'm a stall player by trade so I really felt empowered in that era. For VGC, I'd say Gen IV was my favourite. My favourite non-legendary Pokemon is Bonsly!
Erøse (OCE)
: atm how many wins do you have with rengar in ranked?
Since S5 ended, I've played and won one game in Ranked with Rengar. I'm not sure how many I have all-time -- it wouldn't be a helpful thing to know anyway, since I rarely play Ranked. But I'm planning to play a lot more once the season starts. Check back with me in a year ;)
: Who is your favourite shoutcaster and why is it Rusty? _Probably his lack of bias right?_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I guess he's okay. Thankfully he's a lot better at casting than he is at the Leona vs Caitlyn 1v1 matchup.
Dian (OCE)
: How do you cook a mean bowl of spaghetti bolognese?
Okay, two key tips here. First, don't overthink the spaghetti. Throw it in a pot of boiling water for 11 minutes max. Add a pinch of salt. No oil -- I know it's tempting to get the noodles nice and slippery, but if you add oil, the sauce won't stick to the pasta. Secondly, brown the mince properly. In my younger days I used to throw all the mince in the pan at once, but what that did was cause the water in the meat to escape into the pan and essentially boil the underside of the meat. Once I learned to take my time and cook the mince in even batches, I was able to achieve that dank Maillard reaction and get some nice, crusty, browned meat.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Manisier,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EtN5fLb6,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-01-06T04:36:28.465+0000) > > I regret to inform you that I am a filthy {{champion:107}} main. > > I don't actually enjoy jungling all too much -- I just love playing Rengar, and the best place to play him just happens to be jungle. I probably have the most fun when I'm playing support, which is why I've been playing it so much in the preseason! do u have every rengar skin?
Yep -- I actually use all of them equally, but my favourite is SSW Rengar in honour of the greatest jungler to ever play League of Legends.
: Why did you change your name from Riot Pulse and why do you no longer shout-cast? #Memed
~~In my last journey to England, I met an old sage sitting on the bank of the Thames River. I don't know why I was drawn to him, but I couldn't take my eyes away. He looked back at me, and at once, I felt exposed. Like he was gazing into my soul and knew all of my thoughts. My motivations. My dreams. My fears.~~ ~~And he said one sentence.~~ ~~"This is not your path."~~ ~~I fell to my knees. I knew it the whole time. Years of hard work casting amateur tournaments...a place on the EU LCS casting desk...these were nothing compared to my true calling. Content editing.~~ Pulse is a great caster and I'm honoured to even look similar to him.
: Why is Yukino so much better than Iroha and Yui?
Are you trying to pick a fight? I don't care what /r/anime says, Yui is best girl of Oregairu.
JimmyBoy (OCE)
: Hello Manisier Do you think OCE could this year/one day be contenders for Worlds?
I think the Chiefs' performance at IWCQ last year was pretty good proof that we have a chance to make it to Worlds one day -- maybe even this year. As an OCE fan I'd be happy enough if a team made it to Worlds and receive the honour of losing to Faker...but seeing Brazil take games off some pretty strong teams makes me believe that OCE teams could do some big things one day.
: How much work do you intend to do with pros and organisations in the OPL for content creation and brand building?
I'm always happy to work with players and teams to create content and help build their brand. Part of my job is actually generating these ideas and approaching the teams for interviews. But I'm not as heavily embedded in the scene as I used to be (esports is only a portion of my job, not my entire focus), so it's entirely possible that I'm missing out on some really awesome stories. You can always tweet me if you think you have a cool story in mind!
Erøse (OCE)
: What is your favourite champion to play and what lane do you prefer the most. :D
I regret to inform you that I am a filthy {{champion:107}} main. I don't actually enjoy jungling all too much -- I just love playing Rengar, and the best place to play him just happens to be jungle. I probably have the most fun when I'm playing support, which is why I've been playing it so much in the preseason!
Saturok (OCE)
: Welcome Manisier What a great journey you've been on. What exactly does the role of content editor entail? Kudos on the effort into doing a bachelor of business while working full time, I am currently doing something similar!
Yo! As a content editor, I'm in charge of making sure news gets onto the website and client on time. There are also a lot of writing and editing tasks involved, and they're all different. For example, one day I could be working on an esports article about Raydere, and the next day, I could be writing some promotional copy for an event. Think of me as the grammar ninja of Riot Oceania if that helps! (And let me know where you end up with that degree!)
: Do you love Scavarelli?
Out of the few TF2 players I actually talked to, he was one of the coolest. Although I always preferred his Soldier play over his Demo...sorry mate, but Demo just isn't for you.
  Rioter Comments
MrPine (OCE)
: Why does LW feel so weak?
Filthy Rengar main here. As the others have said, Last Whisper got retooled to be an anti-tank measure rather than a unilateral damage boost. I'd definitely go for flat armor pen reds and quints on Rengar now. Combined with the +20 armor pen on Youmuu's and Warrior Enchantment, it should be enough to still destroy most squishies. My typical Rengar build is Skirmisher's Sabre > Warrior > Boots of Lucidity > Tiamat > Youmuu's.
: The link from the client (http://oce.lolesports.com/content/2016-opl-season-coming) directs you to a different version of this page where the log in to comment button doesn't work, Will the new lobby be running before the new season starts ? in normals if not in ranked ?
Hey dude, the login to comment button seems to work fine for me. If you're wondering why there are two versions of the page, we initially constructed it for oce.leagueoflegends.com before porting it to oce.lolesports.com. Esports stuff fits better on the esports site, wouldn't you agree? :P
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