: 14 day suspension
I was toxic 1 game and got it too :) Now im afraid to play anymore cuz next ban is "perma ban" :) If that happens, goodbye $300 :)))))))))))))))))))))))) I was thinking tho, if riot do that thing what CSGO is doing which is the "overwatch" system where players watch the suspect and see whether or not they're cheating, and if you do a lot you get a reward. So something like that, allowing other players judge instead of bots or rioters banning you and getting a reward if you get some successful bans and help out a lot. Just an idea tho :)
: One game 10 game chat ban!
man i wish i had that, i got 14 day ban, just 10 game u dont talk, better than not playing for 14 days and missing all the events if there are
: this is beyond a joke
back at it again with riot, i swear they need more and better support team
: Getting 1 Refund token every season
I like that, people come up with many ideas for refund token but lots of people disagree saying we have to e careful. But when you think about it, riot did state that whatever we buy on league just UNLOCKS the content and it is NOT ours, so what if we accidentally buy something? (whatever the reason may be) Or get banned... It would be great if there was some way to get those refund token :)
esp (OCE)
: I'll just leave this here :) https://imgur.com/a/8fO3a youre doing a good job riot :)
ive been in worse, 1 time i was in massive losing streak and had a record of 9 lose in a row along with 20% or less win rate :) fun
Ingénue (OCE)
: Yeah, its the PBE placeholder image. Most skins/champs get them while they are in the works. You can check out some of the other "recent" ones [HERE](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/02/before-theres-splash-art-theres-feeney-art/). (Ivern is my fave :D)
Oh wow thats amazing lol XD looking forward for more! Thanks for letting me as well as others know about this :)
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Mozzie25 (OCE)
: Yeah I was just agreeing with you. Like seras said it means something like spot on
jesus i really do have to work on those kinda phrases bit more, sorry about that
: Harsh? All he said was he agreed with you that the reason is so that people don't try to subvert punishment by just not using particular words.
nah on the part where he said hit the nail on the head, unless that means something else then my apologies for mistaking :)
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I’m guessing you probably hit the nail on the head. They may be worried about people abusing others but avoiding any of the words. That’s the only reason I can think of. And it’s similar to there stance on third party programs. Not sure if I agree or disagree with it though
i may be dumb but dont have to be harsh there fella :)
: Rito Plz (chat bot and no-no words)
I can somewhat agree to this, with this idea we dont get unfair and ridiculous bans as they say (i was one of the victims but i learned my lessons) and not have a post every single day about this "bs ban" stories. But this will make the toxic players to 'bypass' and without using those list of words im sure they can somehow tilt and make others really pissed off. With that idea and develop on it as well as the system, would be great :)
: Suspension and honour interaction?
Im in same position, i have 4 days left until the unban. But i reckon its not so bad if you think of it like this; since you start below level 2 you will get 1 more key for leveling up from dishonorable to level 1 :) progressing and getting level 5 is depended on how you behave and act in every game and getting honor for that. Wish you luck to get that level 5 :)
: Why be positive when there is only specific word triggers?
Well then, this game is busted... But so i can keep the team going and not tilt and not fight over dumb shts as usual, why do we have to fight or be toxic and tilt everyone so we lose a game? Even if we lose ill be happy with it if everyone is also happy and calm which some games it did happen and got some friend request because of the positive act. But jesus if there is specific word and banning people unfairly, sometimes i really dont like riot (especially rn) but at least its not broken and dead like some other games cough* csgo cough*
: This is bullshit.
Ayy lol, im in the exact same position and im getting unbanned in 4 days, if my assumption is right your next ban should be permanent ban which i got as well. (IF MY FRIEND DIDN'T REPORT ME AAAAAAAAAA) I know how bs this is but from this i now will get even more positive than before (well maybe a little otherwise people will think im trolling) You don't want your main to get permanently banned probably, so lets keep it more cautious :) But seriously 14 ban on my first time and i wasnt even that toxic compared to others :( and now im super anxious to play League cuz im scared to get banned... But if i dont get toxic and keep up positive attitude hope theres no reason for another ban. Lets actually ban the real toxic players tho riot :)
KaynMid (OCE)
: Literally fuck you riot.
I understand what you are saying here, I mean you need your team and league is one of the most team base game. People should take it little more serious there. Theres nothing wrong to make a post about it, i reckon its good to spread out but getting mad and posting like this makes people as well as riot to ignore. Let's just calm down a bit and post it more sensible way. But I do agree on some points there, it can be really frustrating when you have a troll that messes up your game to climb the rank ladder
esp (OCE)
: Zed has to be my fave, He's so mobile and strong it's not funny. Make good plays with your shadows too.
I agree, Zed sure is fun and I reckon auto is quite satisfying. But personally im a supporter and my play style is early support late carry such as building 2 support item and ap rest on sona{{champion:37}}, that was good times until sona nerf ;-;
: The thing is.. Just like tyler 1 I didnt care because if I was ban I can just go buy another account for like 10 bucks and I am back into it. Ban me now 10 mins later I am playing. Thats why I never cared about my accounts. But lets take what you said thou. > If you just ask them to unban you because Tyler1 is unbanned and stuff they won't listen to you. Its like a child whining for a toy because his friend got one (Not comparing you to a child its just an example so don't get mad :) ) That there is the point of it. What you do for one you have to do for all. Lets take Blizzard. They have zero-tolerance stance on cheating. If you bot your ban, Map hack your ban.. Do anything they think is unfair your ban. Simple as that. I have never seen anyone ever that was caught cheating be told " You know what.. Because you have so many followers. We will lift the ban " But Riot has done just that. Think of how many people Riot has ban for being toxic. Think of how many accounts that have been taken away from a player because they said and I quote this from one of my bans " How much is 1 CS worth? Thats right you and your little butt buddy have no idea how much 1 CS is worth all you worry about is what your dumb little stats say on some web site " To Riot.. I am toxic and I needed to be ban for saying this. But yet Tyler 1 has said and I quote yet again " I hope you and your family get raped by someone with aids " So for Riot to come along and say " Hey you know what tyler.. Because QT / Scarra / Gbay and all them have jumped on your little ban wagon of unban tyler 1. We will. " But because I have 89 sub's on Youtube and not 100,000,00 I cannot get the same thing. Riot is all about being fair.. Being nice to people.. Up holding the summons code. Then fair is fair Riot. UNBAN MY ACCOUNT AND OTHERS. Only fair you give us a chance to say " I have changed. I can go an month with clean record. "
I can see where you are coming from, I don't watch many streamers so I don't know about Tyler1 but if that is true then it is quite unfair and bs. Just like Youtube defending the mighty Paul brothers! But really, should be banned or all unbanned. Even non toxic players gets banned, im not saying about myself but im sure there are some who got banned for no reason. World now is all about money and popularity isnt it.. smd
: I want to be UNBAN!
If you just ask them to unban you because Tyler1 is unbanned and stuff they won't listen to you. Its like a child whining for a toy because his friend got one (Not comparing you to a child its just an example so don't get mad :) ) Try to fix your attitude and be more of a nice person and more people will like you in game and in real life. Im sure the support team is dealing with a lot of people's ban and such and this kind of message will probs get ignored so maybe try writing a sincere message. If you have seen my post I was quite toxic in the chat and that was my VERY FIRST time being super toxic and it is my very first ban too and i got 14 day ban and next is permanent ban... so i feel really anxious to play rn and learned never to be toxic not even once a while :) wish you luck on your account ay
: Mmm if it had just been that line on it's own, or that and some other real minor stuff I'd say no, a 14 day would be way too harsh. Personally I'd see yours as borderline assuming there wasn't any in game shenanigans to go with it, but it's hard to get a feel for the game without having been in it. You typed a lot, which creates a pretty oppressive negative atmosphere, and with a slur on top of that it all just adds up. Don't have rights to report? Do you mean because you were toxic you felt you shouldn't report someone else for it? You can report anyone you like, if the report is valid it's valid, doesn't matter where it comes from. As for the other guy, one players negativity doesn't negate the other player's. It doesn't matter who starts it. It sucks when other people are negative in game, but it doesn't give us a license to be assholes as well. You're not wasting my time, I volunteer as an Emissary because I enjoy this stuff (most of the time), and I like helping.
Thank you so much this made me feel much better, I won't let this happen again. Your work seems to really help out a lot, please keep this going I reckon others really find you helpful in many ways :) have a great day
: Not for the punishment, but likely for the escalation (14 day ban instead of chat restriction). It may have been something the enemy said first, but it doesn't look like it was a quote in the sense of "you said this", more that you were throwing it back at them, so basically the intent was still negative. That's what it sounds like anyway.
Sorry for keep on and dragging but was 14 day and permanent necessary? In the game there someone who had toxic behavior, "gg" spam binding and so. I didnt report them since i dont have rights to do so and i barely report. Again, im sorry for wasting your time helping me and I really appreciate it
: I had a closer look and I suspect this line in particular was why you were escalated instead of just restricted: AlexDotP: OooOOoooOOoo nICe uLt %%% Riot has taken a no tolerance policy on hate speech, slurs and suicide encouragement, and coupling that with the pretty excessive and consistent toxicity you were escalated to a 14 day. Just remember that next punishment is permanent, so you'll have to watch yourself pretty close.
So that line especially was the reason? That was from another player on enemy team said and repeated by me. And I dont understand and seems a bit odd. But anyways thank you :)
: Everyone has their bad games, the best advice I can give if you're getting frustrated is to move chat off screen (if you can't just mute a troublemaker) so you aren't tempted. Saying it out loud often helps too. If my adc is being an ass I'll damn well say so but I'll say it irl instead of typing it. Fuelling the fire doesn't help anyone. The fact that you seem to be reflecting and recognising you had a uhh..bad game is the ideal scenario here. If you just keep it in mind then you shouldn't run into trouble again. If this is the complete log and you've had no previous punishments, then you may have an argument to have your punishment reduced to a chat restriction, but you'd have to go through support for that. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Thank you :) I did contact the support but I've been told to use the current time/punishment to change my behavior.
: That is reality kiddo. Mouth off like that outside and that is what gonna happen. You're safe from where you are, behind the screen to put on your tough act.
I dont try to except this time, my apologies. Ill keep my friend and myself to resist this.
: So, defs not the kind of chat you wanna play a game with, but some more context helps as well. You mentioned this was your first punishment? Usually only real severe behaviour (hate speech, suicide encouragement etc) gets escalated to 14 day, so unless there is something missing from your log or you've had previous punishments or a significant history of toxicity that never quite got you punished, an immediate 14 day would be strange. Don't get me wrong though, the chat isn't great, and even if your friend hadn't reported you, someone else on your team more than likely would have.
Not that i remember of getting ban except leaver buster years back, which i dont think i was toxic there either. If there was previously then my mistake. Yes it isnt great nor did my friends (not bringing him into this nor blaming) but Ill control myself as well as my friend/s to make this community more friendly :) But i do sincerely apologize and sorry for that
esp (OCE)
: They call it an extensive chat and a non constructive use of something that should be encouraging strategy. TheDemonEmperor can always say you wouldn't talk to people like this in real life, and literally said he wants to assault you. lol!
I act same in real life and online lol, loud and happy believe it or not, but I can see where hes coming from. That point I did sound cocky and i would have nothing to say if someone did smack me lol
: ***
Yeah I can see, but play a game with me and I'll prove you wrong! thats 2 weeks but trust me I'm nothing like that. Im a good support :) And no no you are completely right it was wrong of me there and didnt wanna sound too cringy but I should have really sincerely apologized even though it sounded cringy. But thanks for the reply
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: go to my progile and look at my post i got a chat restriction for comunicating with my team but something needs to be chnaged because riot are banning people left right and center for 0 reason at all
Thats really unfortunate :( I've seen much worse every day. Like the other guy said in your post, I guess its all luck... Dang if my mate didnt report me >:( But what kind of ban do YOU think I deserve? GL on your situation btw :)
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: Find your name on the reef!
Feels bad man, I swear I earned like 20 points and I dont think my name is inappropriate wake me up inside, cant wake up
AlexDotP (OCE)
: Help wat do i do..... losing a lot
The thing is i usually do fine and win my lane but the others. I know blaming and stuff is bad but i dont blame them I know my mistakes but it doesnt mean its always me that done something wrong. Plus I dont break their mental saying its all their fault and blaming, instead i tell them to play safer but its too late, they fed them already :/
AlexDotP (OCE)
: Help wat do i do..... losing a lot
Wat if my team feeds and stuff
: you git gud
Thnks m8 helped me a lot but seriously i do fine in my lane mostly
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Miamza (OCE)
: Log in issues???
Dang woke up not long ago and wanted to have a game of league, but nah it ain't working :/ Time to play MIIIIIIIIIIINECRAAAAAAAAAAFT
: Honestly if they did Gender bending skins they'd probably have to be legendary worthy (the 2k RP sort of skin) as they would have to get another voice actor in to do all the cross gender voicing. I doubt they would do a gender bend at a 950 skin (aside for the more macho female sort of ones like commando lux).
Ik ik, its just an idea and for us to imagine but would be awesome if they did make it
Blissed (OCE)
: I talked about this to my friend years ago, 100% would buy even for champs i didnt main, its a great idea and i love it! BUMP! Edit: Though if they did that they would have to redo voices and in that thinking it would be limited few who get genderbent because of the money that would go into it. (Also if you look up Genderbent league of legends theres HEAPS of art).
Awesome! Sweet I'll check it out, thnks :D Btw just thought of female Teemo's laugh...{{champion:17}} oh nose
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AlexDotP (OCE)
: Illaoi Unbalanced
I dont know about other lanes but how about bot lane illaoi? support, adc Illaoi? Thats only Illaoi i versed in lane and we lost like real hard. I just really dont like her E that grabs you and when u go out it spawns tentacle near you where ever you are and thats really annoying
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Zorphiax (OCE)
: In any game against heimerdinger it is really hard to win early and how you suppose to push tower when you have 3 enemy turrets taking out your minions while protecting your enemy champion. Well here are 2 ways. 1) Wait till late game. Unlike most AP champion Heimerdinger doesn't scale as high with AP so he will be weaker late game and his turret well let the minions take the bug blast then jump him with hard cc. 2) Roaming. Just because you were assigned mid or top doesn't mean you stay there if you can't push your lane and there are no minions try to go bot and if it works out well you can normally turn it into a dragon if you jungler is there.(By the way Heimerdinger won't push your lane hard because he has low ad and his AP isn't as high as other champions so unless he has like loads of minions and stacks of his turret your tower should be safe.)
Wow thanks for great tip :D
Zaps (OCE)
: I'm a pretty big fan of playing Heimerdinger, because in general he's asking really tough questions of your opponent that are difficult to answer unless you're used to fighting against him. The core of Heimer's power is going to be in the turrets pretty much always, so pretty much everything relies on dealing with that: * **Stay ahead of the curve and destroy his turrets as he puts them down** - This is something that strong early game champs can do pretty well. If you're able to do this, you're also just getting extra free money from killing them. Champions that have done this pretty effectively vs me when playing Heimer - Lee Sin, Cho'Gath, Orianna (thanks to the power of her passive) and Karma. Basically, anyone with strong single target burst and decent sustain can do this for a long period of time. If you're able to consistently do this, you're going to be able to pressure him pretty hard and stop him from playing the normal Heimer play-style. Heavy AoE damage taking advantage of not-so-great tower positioning is really strong at this as well! * ** Make his turrets not as useful. **You can do this by trying to manipulate the lane away from wherever space he is trying to control with the turrets. This is pretty damn tough to do, and is only really possible for some champions. * ** Stay away from his turret's zone of control and trade harass back.** This is only really an option when laning a poke-mage against him, and is going to be pretty tough to do thanks to his pretty strong sustain passive and ability to build sustain early. That said, he only has his rockets for poke, and if you're able to dodge that effectively, you'll win a poke game, if slowly.. * **Don't play Heimer's game**. By this, I mean, Heimerdinger really wants to keep you in lane, and keep you pinned down unable to farm or do anything to help your team. Not playing his game can be tough to do - because as soon as you leave lane to roam, Heimer is able to push pretty quickly and suddenly by placing turrets.... But if your lane isn't giving you any farm, and you're going to lose your tower anyway... why not try to get something else out of it? * Also, it can be effective to pretend that you are going to roam, wait for him to move his turrets out of position from the normal laning stance into a pushing stance, and then return. In general, you want to make Heimer have no certainty over what you're planning on doing, so he can't plan his turret positioning effectively. Like I said earlier, it's a tough match-up for most champions until you get used to playing against a Heimerdinger. My suggestion for most of the time when you're uncertain of how to counter a champion is to try-out playing them - nothing gets you to understand a champions weakness than having to deal with others exploting them! :D
Thank you soooo much for this great info and tips, hopefully I'll be able to lane against Heimer and not get harassed like before
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: An official memo from the Dean of the Academy
One of Ahri's thing should be looking and texting on her phone or something cuz of how sassy Ahri looks
: Battle Boss Blitzcrank sends skins into hiding!
Wait so the badger teemo is gone after 27th of August? {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
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