: To begin, I think you understand what got you punished, but we can get more specific if you feel it would be helpful. I'd like to commend you on taking steps to reform, it can be hard, especially with ingrained behaviours and that effort deserves acknowledgment. The bad news for you is that permanent bans are just that, and are only ever removed if they are made in error. Since this one was not, there is no way you are retrieving that account. You are not in any way restricted from creating a new one, but that account is gone. There are a few reasons for the unforgiving nature of permanent bans. The major one is that reform rate after the 14-day ban tier (that occurs prior to permanent), is so low that it's not worth allowing most of those players to negatively affect more games, in exchange for a tiny percentage actually reforming. Past that, it's also made very clear in the 14-day reform card that next punishment will be permanent. It's a very clear warning of what is to come, and there are no surprises. As for situation like yours, a 2nd chance type system was attempted some time ago, and it failed quite spectacularly. Players were given the chance to retrieve their account if they could level a new one to a certain point without negativity. The result, unfortunately, was that the vast majority of those players who retrieved their accounts went right back to being negative. It undermined the weight of permanent suspension, and the effort expended and negativity reintroduced was huge, for a tiny, and only very rare payoff. If you'd like any more context, I'm happy to help, but that's pretty much where you stand now.
Thanks Seras Dragon for the in detail response, So what you are saying is that i cannot regain access to this account but i could create another account that i would have to re-level up?
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