: Remember that sites like op.gg use their own calculations for mmr, not Riot's, so they will always be inaccurate, and in some cases wildly so. The initial matchmaking was completely broken, and very few people got placed where they should have, you appear to be one of those few. However, even though you spent time and effort on climbing to Silver 5, you did so while the matchmaking was still broken and inaccurate, so those games cannot accurately reflect you skill, hence the reset. It sucks, but this was the least painful way of fixing a colossal problem.
Inaccurate? I think beating diamonds and plats prove I'm a little better then bronze 3 :/
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: RANKED - Corrections to placement results and ranks
I finished season 6 at Silver 5 35lp. I go to ever website to check my mmr, and all say I am above silver 5 level. Now I know these website are just predictions but it still has to calculate it from somewhere. I was placed in bronze 3 before flex reset (which I was annoyed but dealt with), I climbed all the way back to silver 5, while having to deal with the trolls, afk's and feeders. **It was not fun. ** Now after the flex reset I got put back to bronze 3, and your asking me to deal with them all again? It's stuff like this which will lose players from the player base.


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