: You mention you think he has no identity, but then you remove his identity and just give him utility buffs. He has always been the anti mage/DOT/bulk ap comp champ. Giving him armor scaling just makes him another walking bunch of free stats. I think a better idea for his shield would be to remove the heal and the defensive stats and instead give a damage reduction vs DOTs and magic damage. This further solidifies his identity. I'd like to see his Q have slightly reduced damage and a brief silence. I'll note at this point that galio does not need str8 buffs. So any added utility should be met with compensation.. His E.... I don't know about his E. Maybe something comparable to Lux shield. These changes would certainly destroy his damage and thus kill his full ap mage niche, but give him much more utility and solidify his 'identity'. Perhaps he could have a small buff to his passive if he felt underwhelming but I wouldn't see that necessary considering how devastating he would be in and against the right teams
Primarily he is supposed to be a tank and I meant move some damage and focus more on his defensive and disruptive capabilities and put him into a supporting role. Since lore wise he is intended to be a guardian.
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