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: > [{quoted}](name=Amber Baby,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=V7gOAJZE,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-01-02T13:42:49.390+0000) > >** I told Riot I play in an Internet cafe pretty often and people could have downloaded something without my knowledge, but is that my fault?** Depends on a multitude of factors but even if we say it isn't your fault that still changes absolutely nothing. If your ban gets overturned because "Hey Riot it was someone else that did it not me!" then that sets a precedence for anyone else who gets banned for 3rd party to say the same thing and also try and get unbanned. Riot have absolute knowledge of what information the LoL client/accounts send so if they say 3rd party was used on your account then they are indisputably correct. They don't however have complete omniscience or omnipresence, they have no idea what person is behind the keyboard. I am sure this isn't hard for you to understand. Even if it wasn't you per-se they can't lift your ban because they don't know whether you are telling the truth. Lets say, to drive the nail even further in with another hypothetical. Even if Riot had some kind of way to tell specifically who made the offense and it wasn't you they still can't let your account go unbanned. If they did everyone now has a way around it. Everyone could just tell someone else to cheat on their account for them then give an alibi to get their account unbanned. For what its worth I think you're lying (statistically speaking this is most likely) but even if you aren't then that makes your case a necessary causality to uphold the lines of law Riot has put into its game terms. The world isn't fair kid sometimes you get screwed whether or not you did anything to deserve it.
If they want prove that I did went to an Internet Café I can try and prove it. But it is hard for me to understand, do they always ban innocent people? Even if you don’t believe me, I rarely can put much effort into doing anything because I’m just that lazy, but this time my account got banned and I really do like my account. I’m just confused, even if they just want to ban me then at least they can tell me what I did wrong, because I don’t even know what I could have did wrong. I was just casually playing the game. Many of my friends in the past got banned as well but I helped them submit tickets because their English isn’t good and they got it back and they are very grateful to me and I am happy to help them anytime. Right now I’m just trying to think of any causes that might trigger the system, I’m wondering if deleting ‘lockfile’ in the folder will trigger it because I need to delete it in order to start the client. And lastly, I didn’t lie at all considering I really do want to get my account back.
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: What champs are similar to Talon?
I really like Akali. Try her too.
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: This Broken Scripts person basically typed what I would of (well more because I don't care enough about boards to post something that long). Every single time I have seen someone claim they incorrectly got banned for 3rd party it either ends up with them not having evidence to back up their claim and them eventually giving up OR a rioter comes in and posts the undeniable evidence and the OP gets btfo (seen this at least 20 times). You know what I have never seen? I have never seen Riot make a mistake in detecting scripts or client modifications. That system is automated and only has a set list of exploits that it sweeps for (no it wont ban you for a regular ass program). They update this list of exploits by monitoring exploit sites. To put it simply if you got banned for it then you had 3rd party in your client (or used on your account) at some point. Now you can say that you didn't but this is pretty much an undeniable fact. There are ways 3rd party programs could of been used on your account without your knowledge. Someone could have logged in elsewhere and cheated. You could of downloaded a bodgy LoL related scam program that infected your client (one claiming to give you RP etc) or someone you know could have scripted on it at some point. But none of those factors really change anything. Riot has a no tolerance policy and for good reason. Also I wouldn't be surprised if the people supporting you here are just your smurf accounts (or I guess they could just be betas you have orbiting you).
If I wasn’t desperate I wouldn’t bother coming here to post a thread that will make me feel sad just by reading comments like yours. I told Riot I play in an Internet cafe pretty often and people could have downloaded something without my knowledge, but is that my fault? And I really want them to post the evidence because I want to know what I did wrong, I was just playing like any other day, that’s because I like the game a lot and I just want to play it everyday. And I don’t have smurf accounts, Amber Baby is the only one, and now I have none. And please don’t talk bad to the people supporting me, they make me feel better by a lot.
: Let me tell you this to relieve you. PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. OR DO something else. The reason you're playing this game is probably to chat with other people any way. Yes you've spent money, but you're not going to get it back. Dont bother with it, bring your friends and play something else. Or just go out and have a good time instead. Years from now looking back, you will probably wont give a shi-t about this game any way. Just like clothing that is out of style.
Yea that makes me feel better.. Maybe I should go play PUBG, many of my friends is playing it and abandoning league, but I really do like playing league... :(
: Hi Amber Baby, I have some questions that could help resolve the issues you are facing. Try to answer them honestly. In your league career, 1) Did you ever get an elo boost? 2) Did you boyfriend ever play on your account? 3) Did the computer you played on ever have a 3rd party skin program? 4) Are you a support main? 5) Is GLFM banned also? As for the guy above: > [{quoted}](name=Broken Scripts,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=V7gOAJZE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-01T21:48:49.624+0000) > > You're currently Plat 2 with high Master mechanics yet retain that Bronze/Silver decision making. Apart from the rest of your assumptions, this one is the most striking. Do you think that more than 1% of the OCE server ranked under Diamond 1-2 has better than Bronze/Silver decision making? If you do, you are fooling yourself. OCE has the worst macro out of any server on the planet. And **most** platinums got there via mechanics/duoing/dynamic queue only. Edit: On OCE Platinum = Silver but with better mechanics and farming.
Thank you so much for replying to my thread. :D Here are the answers: 1) No, I know that will get my account banned. I even leveled my account by myself. 2) Yes, a few games when I was at his place, but he will never script. 3) No, I use Mac, I don’t think I can use custom skin on this system even if I want to? 4) No I’m not a support main, I can play all the role. Support relies on teammates a lot and I want to carry. 5) GLFM is not banned, I just asked him. Amber
: Hi, I'm really sorry that this has happened to you but what most likely happened was somebody under the same wifi in that internet cafe was running some or those no-no programs that triggers the ban. My suggestion would be to submit a ticket and try as best you can to get talking with a REAL person, whether it be through the ticket system or maybe even just call them up and ask to speak to someone! If you have spent $700 it's definitely worth it going to lengths to get ur acc back. One last thing - riot has a tendency to not even talk to people who have been banned for "scripting", so if you get a copy + paste response from the people in support, make sure to keep trying elsewhere. I really hope this helps and feel free to add me as a friend if you get your acc back! Max {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thank you so much for believing me, I’m so glad someone is actually helping me QAQ I have submitted various tickets, they just reply with: “our anti-cheating system detected your account is malicious, and we have checked several times manually, and we will not lift your ban. We won’t reply to your emails on this topic anymore.” I wouldn’t write this thread if I wasn’t desperate. I will add you as a friend as soon as when I get my account back :D Thank you so much! Amber
: >Hi, I’m just an ordinary girl that loves league No one reading this thread really cares about your gender. Your obviously feminine name already screams that you're a girl and that you want attention, but please do not be so ignorant to introduce yourself as such. You're not going to get any sympathy from us by being like, "_Oh my God, guys! I'm a girl! Hi_!". We're not Twitch chat. We don't care about your gender. Stop using it to garner sympathy. >loves league as much as any of you reading my thread. Pointless introduction to your topic. No one really cares how much you enjoy playing this game. Get to the point. >Recently my account was banned for using 3rd party programs (scripting I suppose) The fact your assumption was instantly scripting just proves that you're guilty. It's the classic excuse for anything. "_No, teacher, I assume they did this and that, but I didn't do it. Just a wild guess. Haha_!". There is more than one reason to be banned for third-party programs aside from 'scripting'. Macros can get you banned, certain things that inject into the client can get you banned. Next, I assume you'll throw out generic programs millions of people use and add on a quick, "_But that can't have got me banned_!" >the only program that I use when I’m playing league is Discord and QQ (a Chinese app I use for chat), I don’t know why that would count as malicious. There it is. Classic. Neither of them are malicious nor are they the reason behind your ban. >And I was just playing like any other day for the past 2 years since I started... Doubt it. I watched a few of your games. Sadly, I cannot watch those from when you were bronze, but I got enough. You're currently Plat 2 with high Master mechanics yet retain that Bronze/Silver decision making. Your Vayne is insanely good, far better than mine and my peak rank was Diamond 1. Granted, I am an Annie one-trick, but I can play most champions with considerable ease. >This is the only account I have, it’s become a part in my life now Then why script? >i am legit bad at computers, there’s no way I’d know how to script). Ask anyone on my friend list and they will confirm that I am telling the truth. Amusing that you're 'bad with computers', but you manage to play League at a high mechanical level. You can attack move really precisely for someone being so bad with computers. Don't give me that nonsense that it's not the same because it is. My mother, who can't stand computers, can hardly play League, yet my buddy who is a professional I.T techy person and he grasped it easily enough. Regardless, hardly an excuse when those sites have step-by-step guides on how to set them up. No knowledge required. >Ask anyone on my friend list and they will confirm that I am telling the truth [scarra laugh] >I have spent more than 700AUD on this account And? I've spent close to $6,000 on this game. Only now have I grasped the sense that I am wasting money when I get perm banned every second week. No one cares. If you didn't want to waste $700, don't cheat. >I have submitted tickets to Riot, but they don’t even reply now as they think I am just lying. Because you are lying and you're wasting their time. >Can someone please help me? I did. :) >Why did I get banned? You cheated. Spacebar is not your friend. >I want to play league again ASAP but I’m afraid to start a new account... :( Don't script on this one and it won't be banned.
I don’t know how to quote like you did, so I will just reply with the order you wrote. Thank you for your even-longer-than-the-original-thread reply. I’m sorry my introduction doesn’t please you but I can’t help that my English is very bad and can’t write any flashy introductions. I didn’t know third party programs can mean other things until know, but from the emails they said it’s because of scripting. Thank you for telling me my Vayne is good, I was at my bf’s house and he was telling me how to play. It is my only account that’s why I will never consider scripting because it’s like my baby. I am really bad at computers, the only game I play is league, I just practice a lot in custom games to get better at league. I use a MacBook that is 6 years old to play, if I install one more software then my computer will probably be broken, I already get a loading time of 5 mins. Thank you for telling me that you are rich. I didn’t lie and I didn’t script.
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